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Sunday 17th

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  • Sunday 17th

    Morning folks, still raining, dark and miserable. Saw a bit of the sun yesterday but that was it.

    My second dose of vitamin d today, not sure noticed any difference but suppose got to do the 6 week course.

    Finished the face pads and organza bags yesterday. Today? Have not got a clue, may stitch out another brooch but the time pansies.

    Treadmill later and must sort out the lunch. The boeuf bourguignon was delicious yesterday, Lee still does not realise used his best red wine, lol. Could top it up with water but then he may say it had corked!

    HAGD & BBL.

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    Morning all! Strange shiny thing in the sky this morning making it bright but not warm; nevertheless very welcome. Still very cold with a bit of breeze, but dry. Dyke doesn't seem to have gone down much - expect the system is waterlogged and there's no drainage capacity left, it will take a few days for it to get back to a safe level and weeks for the general level to drop substantially.

    Yesterday, I ended up spending most of the day in the chair with George, but I did get a few hours done on the canvas work, finished off the hat I was knitting (the change to knitting the crown in one piece instead of four sections worked OK), as well as more laundry and giving the wooden stairs a good clean.

    Today - had a bad night sleepwise, being awake for around three hours, then oversleeping by an hour. I had thought I'd have another session with the book and the rug repair, but I need to be in the extension for that. However, brother has said he has a couple of things to drop round so I'll have to stay at the front of the house until he's been, otherwise I won't hear him arrive as the distance from the doors is too great. George seems to be a bit less severe in terms of weakness and wobbliness in his back legs today, but so far he's declined breakfast (it would appear to be poisonous today ) and hasn't been outside (usually his first concern when I come downstairs). Update - the freshly cooked fish is very palatable this morning

    Caroline - the extra dosage of Vit D will probably take a bit longer for you to notice any improvement but I'm sure it is already getting to work in "the background". You're taking a risk using the best red for cooking! I'm sure Lee would notice if you watered down the vino - you'll just have to try and convince him he's already drunk it! Any news on BIL?
    Dave - mole hills sorted? Did you get any cutting done? Progress on the Toy Shop?
    Clare - hope the slush from yesterday hasn't frozen overnight and resulted in dangerously slippery roads and footpaths. Have you nearly finished the star card? Hopefully it will soon be ready for posting and I'm sure the recipient will be delighted with it. At least you won't have to get up early to drive into the city on Monday & Tuesday, so that will be a bit of a holiday for you
    Shelley - George is usually fine with Loxicom - he's had it before, the problem is his back legs have seemed very weak and wobbly for some time and yesterday he seemed particularly bad. Vet's initial diagnosis was arthritis, but that was before the hyperthyroidism diagnosis. As results of the last blood tests showed the thyroid medication had worked so well he was heading towards hypothyroidism I am worrying that there could be an effect on his kidneys and the muscle weakness is a symptom. He's due blood and T4 tests again this week, so I'll mention it when he goes to the vets. Glad to hear you had a more relaxing day yesterday, but not good that Meimei won't take the new medication. Hope you can get that sorted with a phone call tomorrow.



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      Morning all.....

      Brighter day here, no frost, just cold.
      Two payments for work came in yesterday without me having to drop any hints so that was nice, “Morella” goes on the 25th all being well.
      Got most of one side of the shop windows cut. Lots of reflections and shapes that mean nothing, then the odd doll, hot air balloon etc pops’s more about the building itself really.

      Yes, fixed two molehills, two more this morning. The dog diving into them and having a dig isn’t helping. Yes Caroline, we’ve had the badgers visit us they are armed with pick axes going over the lawn and I’m sure there is a fox run across it too, the dog follows the same sniff path every time she goes out.

      Had a mount board/ buffer board/ packaging order come through last night from my artist mate that I’ll do today and to tell me that she’s given me a bit of wall space in her new studio for free.

      Had an hour or two at BSL yesterday, watching fingerspelling, harder to understand if they are lefties, fingerspelling random words without looking and learned the signs for “Coronavirus, shielding, key worker, vaccine, lockdown” and general medical questions and answers etc as a set from a YT sign teacher that I follow, you never know🤔 “Washing machine, dishwasher and kitchenny things” from a girl sign teacher that I follow 😂😂

      Hope everyone and their pets are staying well or improving and any snow is now all gone.



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        Evening all,

        Sunshine and milder here today.

        Caroline, I would expect the vitamin D to need some time to take effect and if it is a 6 week course probably will notice something half way through. Did you make pansy brooches?
        They say you shouldn't cook with cheap plonk, your meal will drop to that level, so use good quality wine, not necessary the best but good. If it was that delicious Lee should be happy to donate it.

        Linda, yes we saw the shiny thing in the sky too, it was nice Glad to hear George is a bit better and the fish went down well. I saw the pictures on CC and yes I agree you have been busy, the book is very pretty and cardigan looks snuggly and the hat looks useful too. Shame you had another bad night's sleep, hope you get a better one tonight.

        Dave, its always nice when payments don't need chasing. Hope you got to grips with the moles. The shop cut sounds interesting. Well done on some free wall space for some mount board etc. Never thought about left handed signers, that complicates things, thank goodness it doesn't add any complications to chinese, I think my head would explode

        Clare, all well? busy finishing the card? or starting a new book folding?

        Today decided to tidy up the little stores by the back doors, it seemed to have got in a weird sort of mess, as I started clearing things I realised the rats had got in and torn the box of grass seed and spread it all over along with their usual horrible mess.
        I rolled my sleeves up, donned gloves and got a green bin near the back door and proceeded to sweep, sort and throw away everything they had tried to eat or chewed. Simon helped by taking the bins out to where they are collected and bringing me empty ones. A couple of hours, a load of disinfectant and a lots of rubbish gone, it was much better. Need to call the rat man again as they are back and now digging under the little stores and running around the garden.
        Some of us have moles, some have badgers, some have foxes, I have to have horrible rats

        Meimei is definitely on the up, she came out through 2 of the 3 flaps needed to reach outside, came and saw me in the little stores, had mooch around, could smell the little so and so's, popped out the door, had a wander round the garden, came back in and back through to her bed in the living room.

        So not much else done after sitting for awhile and recovering from the cleaning hit, we had dinner, thank goodness it was pizza from yesterday, popped in the microwave and ready to eat with no fuss.
        Now watching the great pottery throwdown, some fab pieces, its worth a watch. Simon is watching the snooker final so keeping an eye on that too.

        Tomorrow its clean the loos, then not much else planned HW wise but will fit some in sometime during the week. Plan to get on with my mandalas and start the tax and VAT.

        Take care all,


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