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Saturday 16th

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  • Saturday 16th

    Morning all, pouring with rain and cold looks as if set in all day which means it will be dark. Yesterday was quite good and got a long walk in.

    Made a set of 4 face pads, another 4 today then some organs bags to put them in, this is all part of the pamper and spa collection. I am flitting a bit I know but keeps me creating. Forgot also stitched out a cross stitch rise brooch, have another design to try as well. Would look lovely on a shawl on one shoulder. Happy in my vintage world.

    How was the excitement of cleaning the cloakroom Linda? Hope you did not get too flushed, lol

    Well done to Amy and well done Dave teaching them to work. Sadly my nephew has spoiled his two, Anya is not as bad as love baking and wants to start her own business making cakes, she is only 15 but kept it up for 4 years now. Marcus? Is a lazy blue coat brat, now at university but does not want to leave while Daddy is paying for everything. He plans to go on and do a phd and study for ever!

    How did you get on with the card Clare?

    You are a cleaning machine Shelley. Hope Meimei continues to improve.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Blowing a hoolie and has been raining, but stopped now. Very cold and not even fully light yet at 9.30am.

    Yesterday I did quite well: the downstairs cloakroom has had its annual spring clean (except for the top couple of feet of the walls as couldn't be bothered to fetch the wall brush!), ironed the pieces of sacks but managed to damage the old blanket I was using as a cover on the table - I thought it was wool, but turned out it's got some nylon in it and I melted a spot. Blanket came originally from MIL and goodness knows how old it is, but already had holes in it so I cut out the worn/damaged bits and made some small blankets for the cats. Did the next stage of the latest book then treated myself to a soak in the bath before tea.

    Today, no specific plans (what's new!), but getting more concerned about George - the weakness around his hips/back legs seems to be getting more pronounced, although he's bright enough otherwise. If he doesn't improve over the weekend I'll ring the vets on Monday for advice. He's due his next blood test on Thursday, but might have to bring the appointment forward. Pleased to say the additional rain hasn't brought the dyke and well water levels any higher than the other day so the drainage must be running well, or they've turned on the pumps to clear the flooding in the area.

    Caroline - hope BIL's improvement has continued. Glad to hear you are still managing to create more beautiful vintage items.
    Hope you did not get too flushed, lol
    Dave - glad to know the sales are still trickling in. Congrats on teaching the younger generation that things have to be earned and not expected - far too many think the world owes them a living and they don't have to do anything in return, these days. How are the water levels?
    Clare - how did you get on with the card? Is the end in sight - I'm sure it will be done in time to arrive for the birthday and am looking forward to seeing pictures of the finished version. Has the snow cleared?
    Shelley - you've turned into a houseworking whirlwind! You'll soon have everything spick and span and your crafting mojo will be in full flow. Sorry to hear Meimei had a bad reaction to the meds, but at least she's improving now it's been stopped and hopefully you'll hear from the vets very soon. The last couple of days I've given George two doses of Loxicom as he seemed to be so weak and stiff around his back legs. Can't do that again today as he's only supposed to have one dose, but he's not happy standing or even walking so I may have to give him some later on.



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      Poor George I do hope he is okay and good luck with doing a lot of nothing.


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        Morning all....

        Nice and bright here, the moles have had quite a party by the look of things. I resorted to using the thing I bought a few years ago, like four rockets that sink into the lawn then every 20 seconds or so they beep and vibrate, that makes the moles keep mound had a rocket sitting on top of it!

        The Harry Clarke that I posted off was delivered on time and in one piece, much to the astonishment of my mate Jacqui who is a fantastic decoupage artist and has huge problems with Parcelforce and sending her own work off..I’ve sent stuff here, USA and to Korrie in Aus, never a problem.

        Probably do a bit more cutting later after walking the dog and sorting out the mole hills.

        That’s about it from me.



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          Afternoon all,

          Finally the weekend, not that that makes much difference! The snow has stopped but it has been raining on and off all night and morning. A lot of the snow has gone but in its place there is a lot so slush forming.
          The card is going well. One more section to go then put it all together. I have never really taken this long over a card before but with feeling so rough lately I wanted to really take my time with it. I am so eager to get on with the next book fold though.
          My Grandma had her first covid vaccine this morning. I know it is still a long way to go, but it is one step closer to being able to go home and visit family. I think I saw my parents around 4 times last year and it was the first Christmas in my life that I hadn't been at home.

          Looking forward to next week as the OH is on a weeks holiday, not that we can really do anything.

          Have a good day
          Clare x


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            Evening all,

            Sunny first thing then grey and cold.

            Caroline, glad you got your mojo back and working on new and old projects. BIL still improving?

            Linda, sorry to hear George is not at his best, Loxicom is what Meimei didn't get on with. Hope he improves. Is the well water drinkable? I remember a friend's dad had a well and it was the most amazing water, cold like you could never get in a fridge (I don't know why) and tasted wonderful. He treated it like best champagne and we could only have 2 glasses

            Dave, doing battle with the moles again. Glad your parcel arrived safe and on time.

            Clare, glad to hear you are making good progress with your card. Good news about the covid vaccination, they are doing quite well I think. I have never been home for xmas since the day I left home, it was nothing to go home for, one of the dullest, most boring occasions you could imagine, have had much more fun and happiness with Simon and friends.
            At least you don't have to get up and drive OH to work even if thats all the holiday means, its a bonus

            Today the vet rang in the morning and suggested an alternative painkiller and some thing to soothe her tummy, they were not at the normal surgery being Saturday and it would have been an hours round trip, the vet volunteered to drop them off on his way home. Very nice of him.
            Only trouble is Meimei won't touch it. I am not too stressed as she seems ok, I will speak to them on Monday.
            No HW today, it was too cold to venture far from the warm living room, so made a start on the VAT and Tax.

            Made pizza for tea so some for tomorrow so may do some more HW or crafting or both

            Not much else happened, off to bed in a minute.

            Take care all,



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              Oh dear the moles Dave, we don’t get them but have badgers, foxes and deer. The badgers leave the lawn looking as if a rugby scrum has taken place.

              These animals Shelley. Our first Golden used to put pills in his wet food, after eating check the bowl and there was the pill with the food sucked off! They are little monkeys.