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Wednesday 13th

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  • Wednesday 13th

    Morning all! Cold, light frost on the grass, dull, little breeze, rain due to start mid-afternoon and go on for 24 hours, with about 12 hours heavy precipitation.

    Yesterday, pottered around, finished off the experimental book that was on the go and deemed it a failure, but I have learned a couple of things. Otherwise, did an hour or two on the canvas work, reverted to knitting when the cats had to be on the same chair as me - the hat is going OK at the moment, but I decided to pull down something else I was doing (there was nothing wrong with it except I don't need a knitted scarf as I have plenty already). Thinking ahead I'm working on the assumption that if craft/hobby events are allowed this year they are likely to be outdoors, so if I'm going to do any I'll need a couple of hats and pairs of fingerless gloves for the colder weather, so planning on knitting some.

    Today, another load of laundry in the machine, still got kitchen to clear up, but the four weekly excitement is done (I changed the filter in the water jug!!! roflmao!). Not had the best night's sleep so still feeling sluggish and lacking enthusiasm and no idea what I'm going to do today.

    Carline - snuggling again? Not sure who is the biggest softie - you or Shiloh! How are the project plans and creativity doing? No doubt the worry about your BIL is affecting things at the moment. Hope there's some encouraging news today.
    Dave - What's on the cards for today? Weather forecast looks like there's some serious rain over your way this morning (heading to us later), so outside work unlikely.
    Clare - have you progressed the star card, and had some good results from your photography?
    Shelley - poor Meimei, hope it's nothing serious and she's soon sorted (George and Bert do this from time to time but generally better within 24 hours and we assume they just twisted or overstretched something as they jumped somewhere). G & B are both playing silly b's with the food at the moment - but I am trying to switch them over to a lower sodium diet to accommodate G's raised sodium level.


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    Morning all..bit misty and damp here at the minute.

    Just got back in from taking the car for an oil change, pick it up tonight. Its only done 7k miles over the last four years.
    Don’t know what is in store today, all depends on the weather which as Linda says looks rainy all day according to the forecast.

    Probably cutting and BSL later. I have an app called “ BSL Zone” which has all sorts on there for deaf people but also documentaries about deaf people and the school system in the 50’s/ 60’s, deaf clubs in later life etc. Not surprisingly the education system didn’t give poor hearing or profoundly dead kids an easy ride at all...virtually no ride! Very interesting. I think its important to fully understand something like BSL and how it came to be used to appreciate it fully before you go into learning it.

    Probably cutting later, cutting the windows detail at the minute.

    No craft fairs on the horizon here until at least summer I’m thinking. Hopefully the outlets I use should be open before then.

    Have a good’un all, be back later.



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      Morning all, yes snoozing Linda so warm and cosy could not be asked, lol.

      Made some tags and bookmarks yesterday and today images on CC. So have not been idle exactly. Will ring sister later to see if any news about Paul, he did manage to ring her yesterday as the oxygen has helped.

      I fancy some doing some knitting a headband to keep my ears warm, will have to have a look at my suppliers but everyone is short of yarn atm.

      Oh I had fun on Sunday and changed the water jug filter Linda kept flashing red so had to do, we lead such exciting lives!

      I have my doubts there will be any fairs this year Dave, especially as the idiots are still not obeying the rules, so stupid.

      Off to plan my next project have not got a clue what but have a load of lavender to use up.

      HAGD & BBL x


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        Hey guys,

        Today it is very wet, just had a weather warning for snow/ice so sounds like it is going to get very cold again. Yesterday was pretty much a non-starter. I ended up taking a very long nap and then going to bed very early. After a very late morning I'm feeling better and getting ready to start work on this card. I am running low on time to get it done. I did manage to make the patterns for my twilight books so hoping to get started on them as soon as the card is done. I also did a little practice of colouring a book fold so eager to get going on the colouring of my marvel book. I am hoping the rest of the week can be far more productive. I have set up an area to get decent pictures so will start with the next set of books.

        So sorry to hear about your BIL Caroline but glad to hear that the oxygen has helped. Hoping for a speedy recovery.
        Linda, I do hope the fairs come back this year, but only when it is safe too. Good plan with the hat and gloves!
        Dave, BSL is something I think should be taught in schools, even just the basics. Learning it must be so rewarding.

        Have a great day guys.
        Clare x


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          Update on bil not sepsis but pneumonia he will not be allowed our for some time the Doctor has told my sister he is very poorly.


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            Originally posted by Caroleecrafts View Post
            Update on bil not sepsis but pneumonia he will not be allowed our for some time the Doctor has told my sister he is very poorly.
            Still not good news about BIL, but I think pneumonia is slightly more receptive to treatment than sepsis in many cases. Fingers crossed for him and hope the antibiotics they prescribe start to work very quickly, along with the care he gets in the hospital.



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              Hi Clare

              It sounds like you've turned the corner now - obviously your body needed the rest it got yesterday and is fighting off the bugs now. Don't go too mad with thinking you're back to normal and take a rest if you need to.



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                Caroline, Sorry to hear about BIL’s diagnosis, here’s wishing him a speedy recovery.
                Glad you are on the mend Clare. Yes, I’ve raised the point in a few groups that it should be taught in schools as it is recognised as a second language plus it helps deaf people to be more included in society. Hearing children love learning it. You are right, it is a very rewarding thing to learn, very easy too.



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                  Evening all,

                  Grey, damp but mild here today.

                  Linda, glad you had an exciting day changing water filters, we have one in the kettle, the little display thingy has stopped working so I just wing it and change every so often, averages about once every 6 weeks I guess. Shame about the bad night's sleep, hope its a better night tonight. I don't know what it is with cats, one day's favorite is inexplicably poison the next but back on the menu next week.

                  Dave, sounds like you are really enjoying the BSL, I have rekindled my passion for chinese and am thoroughly enjoying it.
                  I have heard that some parents won't let their children learn BSL as they say it alienates them from the hearing world and insist they learn to lip read and speak. One of my stays in hospital I met a very nice profoundly deaf lady in her 60s, she was very open and receptive to questions and was happy to share her story which was one of having to learn to lip read and speak. I have to say she was very good, as long as you looked at her she could keep up with busiest of conversations and her speech was totally understandable.
                  I don't know all the pros and cons but it was very enlightening being able to hear things from her point of view, she was very glad to have her skills, she felt more part of the hearing world.
                  I am sure both have their place in the world.
                  Glad the cutting is going well.
                  I don't think fairs will return til next summer along with most of the things banned now.

                  Caroline, glad you had nice snooze. Sorry to hear about your BIL, pneumonia is more hopeful than sepsis. Hope he has a speedy recovery. A nice scarf out of all the oddments of wool you must have, crazy wool scarf
                  Saw the tags and bookmarks, very pretty. Did you come up with any plans for the lavender?

                  Clare, glad the sleep did the trick and you are feeling better. Hope you get the card done in time and all your other projects go well.

                  Today had to be up at 9ish to be here to receive a parcel which eventually turned up at about 12ish. I spent the morning shuffling laundry from machine to drying rack to other machine and filling washing machine again. Get the best of the laundry mountain now. Pottered round the living room tidying up the weird assortment of things that accumulate on the coffee table (which has never seen a pot of coffee) all kinds of tools, bits of wire, magnifying glass, dead lighters and other oddments that need putting away or in the bin. Finding all the remotes (about 10) and putting them back where they live and so on.

                  In the afternoon spent some time working out how to glue my mandalas together, not convinced yet.

                  At about 4:45 got Meiei in her basket and went to the vets. They are running a skeleton crew and it all takes longer, my appointment was for 5pm but had to wait till 5:40 to be seen. The outcome is nothing sinister ie no breaks or torn ligaments, maybe just old age arthritis in her hip aggravated by a bad landing or misjudged jump, we can't be sure as no one witnessed what happened. Painkillers and anti inflammatories administered and more to be given once a day starting tomorrow.
                  He also cut her nails as they were quite long and she was getting caught up in things, maybe how she injured her hip? She is now fed and sleeping peacefully in her bed (a chair she has claimed as hers)

                  An early night for me, before 1am need to try and swing my clock back to normality, I don't want to sleep my days away, lots to do

                  Need to get cracking on the sorting the craftroom this week, need to get at the filing cabinet to find Simon's birth certificate to renew his driving license.

                  Take care all,