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Tuesday 12th

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  • Tuesday 12th

    Morning all

    Got woken at 5:50 by you know who, currently staring at me as he wants the dregs of my coffee, yes he loves coffee!

    Pouring with rain and still cold, washing day today. Started to do once a week instead of 3 times but not sure I will continue as so much. At least only a couple of things will need ironing. We have a large drum machine you can put a king size quilt in it.

    Rest of the day some more Jane Austen tags, maybe some bookmarks, cross stitch, reading and decorate some paperclips, all will become clear.

    Sales have now stopped but not surprised really as money has to be saved atm. Will leave until the 31st then swap over with the new items. Have to recategorise the old stock I can do on the iPad in front of the tv.

    See that Eve Branson, Richards mum has died of Covid at 96. Remember her well when I used to visit and play with Vanessa (R’s sister) in Shamley Green. We went to school together for a year, I left St. Catherine’s in Bramley and went to the convent, she stayed but still kept in touch during the hols. Then grew up and life changes.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Dull, little breeze and no precipitation, but it has been raining most of the night so it's very damp outside, and also cold - "feels like" temperature below zero again.

    Yesterday - pottered around, cleared up a few piles of stuff that had collected on tables etc "to be put away later", scrubbed a dozen glass jars to get labels and glue off so I can re-use for chutneys if my little hobby ever gets going again, did a bit of crochet - only a cat bed/basket but trying to use the yarn which isn't fit for anything else. I did start another knitting project (using the purple ombre yarn I got from Scrap Store) - making do again because I don't know if that yarn is equivalent to that stated in the pattern which is from the Pam Dawson knitting pattern book that went with the TV series she did in the 1970s, and I don't have size 6 needles so using size 7, plus I'm trying to knit the main part in one piece rather than the four to be stitched together as per instructions. Did also manage a bit more on the canvas work, but most of the day I had two cats for company so no spare lap. Vacuum didn't get used, but I did use the dustpan and brush on the worse bits of the floor. Tea ended up being "brown tea", ie, bacon, fried eggs, chips, beans, mushrooms - thoroughly enjoyed it

    Today - general rubbish bin emptied just after 7 (no predicting what time it will be as seems to be different every time and can be as late at 2.00pm), glass and metal recycling just done (8.15). OH went out for his beer yesterday and got milk and cat food at the same time; nothing urgent to get today so I might leave weekly shopping for another day. Thinking I might try and get back to the experimental book (leatherette cover) today, but it will depend on how I feel and how the cats behave.

    Caroline - not surprised the sales have stopped - January is always a slow month - hopefully things will pick up again in a couple of weeks. Re the JA stuff - have you thought about evening bags, shawls, hair decorations? Not sure how much of a market it might be, but as well as the JA society I'd think the Regency Dancers might have an interest (when so******ing is allowed again) for their formal balls, other social events and dance demonstration teams.
    Dave - good progress on the BSL and glad to hear you are still enjoying it. What plans for today? We thank our lucky stars every day that we no longer have to go out to work - in the 70s and 80s we both had a number of times with Council and Government organisations where we had to apply for our own jobs because of "reorganisation" (didn't work as they still couldn't organise a booze up in a brewery!) and very stressful.
    Clare - another early morning for you? Hope you're not too tired through the rest of the day. How did the photography go? Hope you got it done and are pleased with the results.
    Shelley - it won't surprise you to know that I have another load of laundry ready to go in the machine! LOL! Hope you've had a decent amount of sleep and feel more perky this morning. Looking forward to seeing the next mandala.



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      Morning all....
      Looking quite bright here today.
      Did a bit more on the shop cut yesterday plus had to sort out the mole mounds in the garden.

      Yes Linda, so glad I’m out of the work situation. The last CEO at BG did a runner, the new guy is obviously trying to do what BA tried, the GMB are having none of it. The lads have been out there putting themselves and their own families at risk, working in houses, helping the vulnerable keep warm, delivering food parcels etc from day one even with this threat looming. Hope it works out for them. The government are aware now and other unions are showing support....they could be next otherwise! Hope it all works out.

      Morella is at last going to its new home in two weeks time...I’ll be genuinely sad to see that one go, the absolutely most intricate one so far, hard act to follow.

      Caroline, sales drying up.....sign of the times at the minute..

      Catch up with Clare and Shelley later.



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        My bil has been poorly the last few days with a uti. Just had a text from my sister he has been taken to hospital with sepsis. He is such a lovely man and a bit she’ll shocked.


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          Originally posted by Caroleecrafts View Post
          My bil has been poorly the last few days with a uti. Just had a text from my sister he has been taken to hospital with sepsis. He is such a lovely man and a bit she’ll shocked.
          That's not good news Fingers crossed they can get control of it very quickly and he's soon well enough to be discharged back to home.



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            Evening all,

            Rain first thing this morning, dried up in the afternoon and definitely milder.

            Caroline, funny thing liking coffee, it so wonderful that they have their own personalities. Our dog (sadly gone for 20+ years but forever in our hearts) loved a good cup of tea, I think it was the milk. I just do as may loads of laundry as I can at the moment, usually 2 a week, one for clothes and one for bed linen. I think sales everywhere have slowed as people start hanging on to the pennies.
            Good to see you have got things to keep you busy.

            Linda, bins round here are barmy, never can make sense of it, bank holidays moves it all along a day, recycle one week, residual the next, glass seems arbitrary. I just put them out and hope, luckily one of our friends is council dustman and has got us slave bins, so one out and one to be used, works well.
            Not making life easy for yourself with the knitting, breaking all the rules

            Dave, mixed emotions with Morella going, its like that for me. Will they like it? Have I really done a good enough job of it to actually charge? Sad to see them go but also sort of proud.
            We have been very pleased with our work arrangement, no bosses, no stress. Lots of hard work but all for ourselves. Worked out today that we have been "working from home" for the last 40 years
            Hope you got the best of the moles.

            Clare, another early morning? hope you caught up with your sleep and had a good day.

            Today was all about the car, had to pump up the rear tyre, not sure why it went flat, not too much but not right. Then go and fill up with petrol, well half a tank. On the way back dash round Sainsburys for cat litter and a few bits.
            The main reason for getting the car sorted is becuase Meimei has hurt her leg, I noticed it on Monday, I didn't stress about it because often it is gone the next day and was just a bit of stiffness, she will be 17 in February.
            Today still limping and had gone off her food, but while out today found her old favorite cat food back in stock so got her some of that and it went down without touching the sides, so glad as that worried me.
            I needed the car becuase I am taking her to the vets tomorrow at 5pm, I haven't driven my car since before xmas, Simon took me shopping as I needed his help while I was still recovering and we had deliveries.
            It was nice actually to go out for drive. Still crazy busy for a lockdown but I stayed safe.

            I didn't really do anything else today. Some laundry shuffling from machine to rack to machine A bit of general pottering about and faffing on FB.

            Had some delicious soup for tea and now watching silly bond, Simon is watching a program about Ivor Cutler, hilarious poet, comedian, musician. So worth a listen if you have never heard him.

            Take care all and have a good evening.