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Sunday 10th

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  • Sunday 10th

    Morning all! Dull and very frosty on the roads and paths, but no breeze and not raining. Hoping the forecast milder temperatures actually materialise and are noticeable.

    Yesterday was another day in the armchair; got some more done on the canvas/wool work, getting stressed over online systems not accommodating people who don't fit into their boxes and not being able to speak to anyone with a brain cell to find a way round it - I will be resorting to a relevant facebook group for a long term solution.

    Today, is looking like being yet another day in the armchair with the canvas and wool. Just don't feel like I have any enthusiasm for anything else - I'm trying to do a bit of physical exercise and a bit of sunshine would probably help.

    Caroline - are you snuggling again this morning? Hope the creativity continued yesterday but with suitable rest for your elbow (don't forget that arnica cream could help reduce the inflammation and pain) - do you stitch with one hand or, like me, use one below the work and one above?
    Dave - that cut is so detailed, but coming along very well. Glad to hear the water levels are back to normal, but it does look like there could be more on the way during the coming days. Fingers crossed the Welsh effect isn't too severe.
    Clare - I hope your snow is nearly gone by now - seems strange that we are so close geographically, but here we have had only one brief, light smattering of snow. Hope you got the housework done and the tree taken down, and it's good to hear you are feeling better. Hopefully the improvement continued throughout the day.
    Shelley - it's not really a cold, just the usual winter season low level snuffles and sneezes - it'll clear in due course. Hope the laundry mountain has reduced a bit and you did get some time to play with the cutting machine.


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    Morning all. Another frosty one here today.

    We went out for a walk yesterday, only meaning to be out for about half an hour, we met the people who live opposite us and had a good old chat. They have lived opposite us for 18 years.....we’ve never spoken, just a passing “Hi, you ok?” Really nice people. We talked for about half an hour, we seem to have a lot in common as myself and her husband come from the same neck of the woods.
    We are a bit like that, we say hello to everyone but we don’t “Neighbour” as Sue calls it, we keep to ourselves pretty much, don’t go in neighbours houses etc, I don’t even know the names of half of them.....I know who to go to for the gossip though 😉😂

    Shop cut. Thanks all, its coming along, I never say they will work until the last bit is out, still a lot of question marks over it yet.

    Bottom of my back was giving me gip yesterday, my hips felt like they’d been nailed on, feels better today though.

    In reply to your question Clare, I have never actually taken payment up front or deposits because I’ve never needed to.....yet 😬
    I tell people I only give four weeks to ensure a payday has passed, if they don’t contact me before then, I don’t chase them, they go into the craft fair stock. The ones still here are for people I know really well so I don’t mind. Uncertain times, I give a bit more latitude.

    I see the moles are mound all of last year, five last week alone!😩😩

    Have a good’un all.



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      Good Morning,
      It is very cold again here today, no new snow but some of it remains. Linda, I spoke to my mum, who is in Hull, and she said it doesnt even feel like it could snow. We live North Leeds, just before West Yorkshire meets North Yorkshire which I think is why we have so much. South Leeds is largely unaffected by it!

      Tree is down, hands covered in wounds from the battle to get it into its box. Did a little housework but still feeling wiped out when i do too much. Took a walk, very cold but glad i did. I finally finished the final book in the Twilight series, lets just say I am looking forward to cutting them up!

      I think my plan today is to carry on with the birthday card. My new light just arrived. it seems pretty good. hopefully it will make crafting a big easier on my eyes!

      Have a great day everyone
      Clare x


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        Evening all,

        A late one from me. It has been cold and damp all day.

        Linda, hope you had a good chair day, its supposed to be warming up this week so maybe that will encourage more activity

        Dave, know what you mean, not big on neighbours either, as this is a parade of shops most are 9-5 business neighbours so a different sort of thing. I just ignore the people in the flats above, they are always changing. Sometimes we get to nodding terms.

        Clare, your card is coming along well. You sound like you are on the mend, well done.

        Caroline, post gone in the ether? Or missed it today? Hope you are ok and your elbow is better.

        Today had a nice lie in, got up and pottered around, then got stuck in to my SNC and spent the rest of the day learning how to transfer, save and cut files. Weeding them and getting it sorted. Pictures in CC.

        Not done much else, tomorrow coal delivery, might be early so up with larks well 9am anyway. Might start my other mandala file I have. Then see how to attach them and what to do with them, a card? home decor? or something else?

        Take care all,

        Sleep well.