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Saturday 9th

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  • Saturday 9th

    Morning all! Temperature below freezing, daylight slowly creeping in through the trees, can see some redness in the sky, but one of the refineries is doing extra work to commission a new unit, so it's probably that causing the glow. Not raining but very frosty and white over outside.
    Yesterday, I did not a lot - finished the laundry, went to the post office then spent much of the day being a cat cushion and unpicking a piece of felted crochet. Didn't do any stitching or books until late afternoon when I managed a couple of rows of knitting and even got the buttonhole done (haven't looked at it yet today, but hope I didn't make any errors!).

    Today, having slept a little more during the night I'm feeling less tired, but still sniffling and sneezing so haven't shaken off the cold yet. I did clear up the kitchen last night so it's not too bad this morning. Not planning any major excursions into craft work today.

    Caroline - having another snuggle this morning? How did the creativity go yesterday?
    Dave - forecast for the next couple of days showing potential heavy rain in Wales so looks like you're due another influx during the week. How are the current water levels in your area? Any progress with the tidying/organising in the loft/craft room? Is the shop cut nearly done?
    Clare - very impressed by the constellation card. I recognise quite a few of the constellations, but it's been so long since I had any major interest, I've forgotten the names of most of them.
    Shelley - I'm with you - I'd rather be without electricity than without clean running water; we take it for granted far too much. However, pleased the supply was restored, and it sounds like you still managed to get quite a lot done overall.


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    Morning all. Saw you in the wings Lisa so went onto FB to while away some time.

    Off to the chemist to collect repeats in a bit, done up like an Inuit with mask etc. Back for coffee.
    Stitching out a design this morning for the JA reading pillow, muted colours. Have 42 minutes to go so the machine is earning it’s keep.

    Creativity is on the up Linda, still working on the cross stitch, although simple pattern my elbow has been bad and think to do with putting the needle up and down through tone frame. Doing a small bit each evening.

    Take it easy with the cold and rest as much as you can.

    Dave cutting agai. What are you working on now?

    Shelley shame about the water. Ours is pumped up and when we have power cuts no water gets pumped up to the local villages until they get the generator in.

    Clare busy crafting?

    HAGD & BBL x


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      Morning all....a real “pea souper” here, so foggy I can’t even see across the road.
      Shop cut is coming along, just needs a whole lot of thinking about and editing before I cut bits out. Hopefully the swapping of positive and negative cutting has stopped for now, soon be starting to cut the window detail.
      Interspersed with the BSL course, it’s coming along...slowly.

      Had someone pick up a piece of work I did for them last February “ Sorry, I’ve been a bit busy”....that’s absolutely fine, its still the same price 😁. I’ve got four from last year that are still here not collected, not personalised so still saleable. I’ll send the “needs to go now” messages in Spring, been lenient this year due to CV19 circumstances, normally I’ll only hold stuff for four weeks max.

      Water levels here are back to normal. I was in the park yesterday, water has all gone, never rule out the rainfall in Wales though. Usually not out of the woods until around April. Cutting room is tidy-er....say no more 🙄😆



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        Good morning all,

        Today is day 2 with snow. It is really cold, unfortunatly we need milk so OH is dragging me out in it later. Starting to feel better today though. We are planning on getting some housework done today and finaly take down the tree! Also ordering a new craft light today as mine has started to flicker which is really annoying. After housework I think I will work a bit more on the card as it has a lot of elements and do a bit of social media work.
        We have just watched last night's Gogglebox and my OH was introduced to Fanny Cradock for the first time. It was very funny to see his reation!

        Carole, I hope your elbow doesnt hinder your crafting too much.
        Dave, you are very generous holding onto work for that length of time, did they not pay you up front for the work?
        Linda, thank you, the card really took some work but I loved it! I love all things space and 2020 really made me love it more.

        Have a great day
        Clare x


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          Afternoon all,

          Cold, damp and grey for most of the day, a bit of sunshine first thing, didn't last.

          Linda, glad you got a better night's sleep. I didn't realise you had a snuffly cold, hope you get better soon. Take it easy, the crafts will be there when you are ready.
          Have to agree, rather no electric than no water, as you say we take it so for granted we are never prepared for it when its not there.

          Caroline, can just imagine you all bundled up like an eskimo, you need it out there. The cold probably doesn't help your elbow, maybe a hot water bottle on it.
          Glad you are enjoying the creative run you are on.

          Dave, well done on the shop cut. Very kind of you to be so lenient with the collections, we are in strange times. Glad you are not being flooded.

          Clare, that is wonderful card and a brilliant idea, well done. I am a big space nut too Glad you are feeling better, hope your trip out for milk wasn't too cold or slippery. A good working light is very important, I have a few.
          Fanny Craddock can be difficult to deal with if you have never heard of her before.

          Today, not much planned, not much done yet. Supper soon then some time with the SNC. Still climbing the laundry mountain, kitchen needs sorting after food delivery yesterday put all the fridge things away and most of the rest but need to sort the veg box and check dates to eat things in the right order. I should start another order to get a reasonable time slot for delivery.

          I have noticed it is much quieter here, much more like lockdown 1. I have to admit to being rather astounded and interested in the goings on across the pond. Everyday that goes by is one day closer to change.

          Take care all,