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Thursday 7th

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  • Thursday 7th

    Morning all, opened the back door for Shiloh and freezing, got shut quickly and he did not stay out long.

    Starting the day with a coffee in bed, very civilised, lol.

    More card making today have 10 boxes coming and the plan to fill them all instead of storing stuff. Okay got to store as stock but not in my work room. Concentrating on these before I head into something else and tidying up each time I have finished for the day you would be proud of me Linda.

    Waitrose delivery today no email yet.

    The 12 is fantastic took a photo of the ****ens village in the and picked up the going people and the street lights. Just hope the sim arrives so I can make calls. Need a nano sim for this one. Then have to ring O2 again to get a sim for Lee he does not have a phone but can use the 4S in emergency, that is if I can teach him. The 12 updated so easily with all my contacts etc just put side by side. Happy bunny.

    Better get moving, HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Flippin' cold here - think it's the coldest day of the season so far. However, I don't recall hearing any rain during the night and from what I can see outside while it's still more dark than light, there's little breeze.

    Yesterday - one of those "it happened (I think)" days - usual clearing done, dealt with the chicken for the cats and set the bones off cooking for more stock. Went to do some work on books, but really wasn't in the mood so left it (sorry Caroline, didn't clear my desk, but I did tidy it before I walked away ) and cleaned the stairs and dining room floor instead - what is the world coming to! Did a bit on the canvas work then decided what I really wanted was a long soak in the bath with a lightweight paperback - so that's what I did. Managed a couple of rows of knitting in the evening but the arthritis in my hands is playing up in the cold weather and had to leave things after a couple of rows.

    Today - realised I have a birthday card and gift to get ready and get in the post (to get to the very north of Scottish mainland by Tuesday), but not sure what else. May have another go at the book and probably a bit of the canvaswork or the blackwork. Tea is leftovers so it will be a case of see what's in the fridge and decide what sort of spuds to do.

    Caroline - well done on the tidying the work area after use - not an easy habit to get into and stick with. I'm sure it won't take long before you have your new boxes filled with more stock - have you decided where they can be stored yet?
    Dave - sounds like a great bargain on the BSL courses Dave - you'll be having a second (third?) career as a signer - will we be seeing you on BBC4 programmes in the early hours of the morning?
    Clare - hope you are feeling better this morning and the worst of the cough/congestion is past. It sounds like you've got plenty of projects in the planning stage so lots to keep you busy. Where do you source the books you use? Presumably, in normal circumstances, car boot sales and charity shops are the "go to" places?
    Shelley - wow! what a busy day yesterday, I hope you're not feeling any bad effects from it this morning. Agree with Caroline - be careful not to overdo it as another hospital stay would definintely not be good.



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      Morning all.....everything is frozen over here today, trees, spider webs, the lot, not stopped the mole invasion though 😂😂.

      Day in of waiting, Got an Iceland delivery coming, I’m a bit low on ink so ordered black and colour, coming today.....then Amy contacts me, has started a lockdown course, needs 60 sheets printing off. I’m sure this one is telepathic. She’s got a printer “I don’t buy ink....I hardly use it”, because she uses mine 🙄. I moan but don’t begrudge, she can’t work now until lockdown is over so got no income.

      Cutting in between deliveries, need to walk the dog at some point.

      Started the course day before yesterday, very good, small units so you don’t get overwhelmed by info. Its a case of mixing and matching a few as many words have quite a few different signs due to regional variations so some are different to what I’ve already learned but it all adds to the colour. I known the alphabet for a few months, need to throw a load of words in to smooth out the signing of them. Vowels are left hand thumb to little finger...just need to get those more automatic instead of thinking about which finger is which, they are the only learny bit, the other 21 are automatic now.

      That’s my day sorted, haveca goodun all, Shelley don’t overdo it.



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        Update re George

        Just had a call from the vet's re George's thyroid blood test results - he's gone to the other extreme and is only 0.1 higher than the lowest point on the "normal" scale (normal = between 10 and 60, he's 10.1). Vet concerned but not particularly worried and doesn't plan to change the dose at the moment - it will take some time for his systems to rebalance themselves, especially now we're cutting down the sodium in his diet. Got to do the full range of blood tests for thyroid and electrolytes in another couple of weeks, so that will mean sedation again.



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          Afternoon all,

          Dry, bright and cold here.

          Caroline, perfect start to morning after the coldest night since 2019 (according to weather person). So glad you are so pleased with your new phone, excellent plan to give your 4S to Lee, thats how I got Simon into using a phone, although he did lose the one I gave him, he has managed to hang on to his new Motorola I got him last year for his birthday and can text, phone and take pictures and a few other things.
          Good plan with the new boxes, get things made and stored.

          Linda, hope you got the birthday card and pressy sorted. I don't clear my desk, there are machines and things that live on it but I do put away the current project, I have some Wham boxes of varying sizes and I put things away in those ready to get out and carry on but safe from cats and leaving enough room if it has to go into office mode.
          Poor old George, first one way then the other, hopefully it will balance out and he gets on an even keel.
          We have leftovers for tea too, macaroni cheese.

          Dave, very good of you to be so understanding and print 60 pages for Amy, I don't think I have ever printed 60 sheets of anything at one go.
          Well done on getting a good deal on the course and you do seem to be getting to grips with it. Hope the dog walk wasn't too icy and deliveries all arrived safely. Enjoy the cutting.

          Clare, all ok today?, hope you are on the mend and had a negative result.

          Today got woken up by the amazon delivery chap at 8:30 am with my parcel, I had ordered some new bath and pedestal mats for the bathrooms, the ones we had were way past it but it has taken some months to find exactly the colour and what I wanted. It was supposed to arrive tomorrow so thats why I was caught out by him early this morning. Unpacked and very happy, need to wash them first though, they have that new rubbery smell. I like to wash most things before I use them.
          I also order a bain marie yesterday, that should be here tomorrow.
          Sorted the laundry this morning, so its a week of washing for me, need to catch up from before my last hospital stay. Another laundry mountain has appeared

          Spent the afternoon trying to get my head round my scan n cut. I have worked out several things and unexpectedly cut myself two perfect circles which is not what I wanted, but have figured out what I need to do. Circles always useful So more this evening.

          Off to put macaroni cheese in the oven and see what the washing machine is doing. Dishwasher had another load today to so caught up with that. Needs emptying though.

          I got a reply from the chinese app guys, they are very nice, had dealings with them personally through the chinese forum, have a code now for 50% of any package

          Thanks for your concern about my activity levels, I do need to do things, its not good for me to just sit, so its do things, rest, do more. I have a stool in the kitchen and it sees regular use

          Take care all,



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            Hope you have all had a good day. Personally I have done very little. I made a pattern for my first twilight book so going to get that started soon. Other than that i spent the day sleeping, reading and playing some games. Still no result yet but starting to feel better.
            Another thing I like to do is bake and decorate cakes. I don't do it often as I don't really know that many people. I always make 2 a year, for 2 girls that I used to look after, who are as good as family. Because of lockdown i won't be able to travel to deliver a cake for the eldest (12) so I have given the job to the youngest (7)! Tonight we have had a litle planning session, and i imagine i will have a few calls between now and the 25th.

            A pretty uneventful day really. just resting and trying to get energy up. I think tomorrow I will start work on her birthday card.

            Tree is still up - going to take it down on Saturday with OH's help.

            Clare x


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              Glad to hear you are feeling better Clare, rest and plenty of fluids will help. Mmmmm baking cakes, such a great thing to do, when I bake they don't last long, sometimes feels it takes more time to bake than to eat

              Take care and stay safe.



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                Dave, help

                I have been trying to add my Folksy shop to my signature but can't work out how to get it to just say Folksy but it be linked to the URL.




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                  Originally posted by Lilly42 View Post
                  Dave, help

                  I have been trying to add my Folksy shop to my signature but can't work out how to get it to just say Folksy but it be linked to the URL.


                  I tried to do that with mine years ago, gave up in the end but seem to remember that Caroline just had three words as three links in hers before. Whether you can’t do it with this new useless forum template, I don’t know. I can’t see anyones signatures unless I look at their profile via the mods page 🤷🏻‍♂️



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                    Click on your user name
                    Edit settings
                    Scroll down to Conservation Detail Options
                    Edit post Signature
                    Post say the name of your shop, highlight and insert the url on the link icon