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Monday 4th

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  • Monday 4th

    Morning all, still cold and mizzle.

    Woke at stupid o’clock, had a bad dream tried to get back to sleep but kept coming back, so given up.

    Taking down the main decorations today, will leave the village until Purification day on the 2nd February but remove the Christmas bits.

    Part way through a card hope to finish that and sort my order with Apple.

    Getting into the habit of tidying my craft room each time it is used. Must admit nicer to walk in there and the decks are cleared. Made one Birthday card, will try to get another one done for the 9th April. Have also loaded a design onto the machine to start a Birthday gift for Christine, this theme is baking biscuits.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! More rain overnight so very damp outside, flippin' cold when I opened the door to let cats in and out, very dark and no sign of daylight yet.

    Yesterday, spent some time sorting card and paper, cutting the very large pieces into something more manageable and determining and marking the grain on each sheet. Tidied the pieces of board but not got them cut into manageable pieces yet. Quite a bit of time spent on the wool/canvas work project and a bit of progress made - not least of which is changing the background colour completely as it's too close to one of the other colours - somewhat ironic as it was the original background colour that made me decide to do that project in the first place! Also got a bit more knitting done and now have the cardigan back to the stage before I discovered I'd made an error and had to unpick some of it. Background to this was various episodes of Repair Shop and Salvage Hunters.

    Today, need to ring the vet's for George's test results and order more medication, got mince out of the freezer to make cottage pie for tomorrow's tea. Will try and get the book board sorted and cut where suitable, need to vacuum the floors where I've been chopping up the paper etc, then going with the flow for the rest of the day.

    Caroline - still forward planning on the crafting stuff Yes, I agree it is good to tidy the work area before leaving it. I'm quite good at that, partly because of years of restricted/dual use space, and teaching and practice in my secretarial job where so much of it was personal and/or confidential it had to be packed away from prying eyes (many places I worked had people who would wander around offices they had no reason to be in when buildings were quiet and sift through stuff on desks).
    Clare - how did you get on with the folding and cutting? Hope you made some good progress and are happy with it so far.
    Dave - any creativity yesterday? Hope the mount board cutting/frames etc aren't taking over too much of your time and you still have time to concentrate on cutting. Any future projects planned?
    Shelley - it sounds like life really is improving for you finally - getting up early, sorting out crafting stuff and still doing hw, business stuff and creating Just don't overdo it and set yourself back.



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      My book is almost finished. I wanted to finish it last night but didn't want to rush it. I'm going to start on it again soon.
      This morning was an early one, my partner works in the office 2 days a week (his boss doesnt believe they are working when they are work from home, even though it is what the government advise and it was fine for the majority of last year). so rather than public transport i drop him off. I then came home and took a nap! I'm not good with early mornings!

      Today is going to be mostly comprised of housework and taking down the tree.


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        Tree down, shattered village left until Feb. All put away feels empty now but will soon get used to it again.

        Have you had George’s results yet Linda, hope he is okay.

        Still have a card to finish but watching Lewis, love this series so thought would start over again, lol.

        How are you going with the book folding Clare?


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          Afternoon all....cold and clear here. Just got back in from a tramp through the woods with the dog.

          Busy day today.
          Caroline, the side I cut in is always a bit busy but the cutting table, scalpel box, lens covers etc everything is clear and tidy when I finish and where I actually work.
          Need to sort the storage space area in the loft conversion. All of the craft fair stuff is up there, crammed away from when it was plastered. I’ve got about 35 framed cuts that I might take back out of frames and cello bag them instead. Did some more of the shop cut, still cutting bricks out yet but getting down to the painted facade bit now. It’s editing with a pencil that is taking the time.

          No Linda, the mount cutting is no problem at all. To cut one to size and working out the aperture/ border takes no time at all. I cut seven mounts and four boards the week before Christmas all in one go in around 90 minutes.
          I told the chap who works in the supermarket down the road about the shop cut, he follows my work, his partner owns the shop opposite the Toy shop, she sells second hand books. He wants me to cut that at some point, probably snap it springtime for the best light on that side.

          Clare, I’ll be feeling your pain soon, our tree is coming down but it is huge widthways and seven feet tall. Sue will strip it then I’ve got to wrestle it out (I dragged it in still in the net 🙄) then chop it up and bin it. It is wider than our double doors to outside, not my best idea 😂😂



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            Have you had George’s results yet Linda, hope he is okay.
            Partial report Caroline - the thyroid level test has to go to an outside laboratory, but result should be back later today or tomorrow.
            Unfortunately, the vet is now concerned about his raised sodium level and has recommended a low sodium diet. I've been spending time on-line trying to research options but it's not easy as they don't list the ingredients the same way as is done on human food. Additionally the most recommended types of food are beyond my financial reach so I'm still working on it. I'll drop into the pet shop in Barton tomorrow and see what they've got after I've picked up his next batch of medicine.

            (Clare in case you are wondering, George is my 20+ years old tabby cat who has just been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism).



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              Carole: The book folding is going well. I am 25 pages away from the end of the 499 page book. I have some plans to decorate the cover with some techniques I havent really done before so looking forward to that, albeit a bit nervous.

              Dave: My house isnt too small, but we have too much furniture! We dont normally put the tree up as we go to my parents for Christmas, but this year had to stay at home. So we put the tree up in kitchen. This was the first Christmas I have stayed away from my parents so didn't feel very Christmassy. We didn't even turn the lights on since Christmas day!

              Linda: Sorry to hear about George, 20 years old is incredible though! If the vet is recommending a different diet then they should be able to make suggestions of what foods you could get.

              Clare x


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                Sorry to hear about George, 20 years old is incredible though! If the vet is recommending a different diet then they should be able to make suggestions of what foods you could get.
                Even more surprising since he was a stray (at least 6 years that we know about) before he broke his foot and we got him sorted at the local vets; after 8 weeks cage rest he decided he'd stay with us but was fully grown by then. He's been with us about 8 years now, but we know he was around and foraging for himself for several years before then.

                The vets have been very helpful, but I also like to do my own research for stuff like this although I do get confused with so much information on the internet. I'll have a word with the vet nurse when I pick up his medication tomorrow



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                  Afternoon all,

                  Dry, cold and grey.

                  Caroline, I enjoy Lewis too, but I have seen them so many times its hard to watch them without knowing the story, not so interesting, wish there were some new ones or a new version. Liked Morse too.
                  I always tidy up my desk as it serves dual purpose and I don't like to mix the crafts with the office stuff and also the cats like to sleep on it too.

                  Linda, poor old George, low sodium, thats not going to be easy, they don't tell you all that stuff on the tin. If he drinks more that should help dilute the sodium. I have to be careful of my salt intake becuase of water retention, I am always being told to drink more which seems counterintuitive if you are trying to lose water
                  I am trying to be careful and not over do it, honest)
                  One of the boys Bernie, also had to have cage rest for 6 weeks with a broken leg after being hit a glancing blow from a car when he was 10 months old and then another 6 week stint some 8 months later after his curica ligament had to be repaired, a sort of knock on from the broken leg. He did eventually recover 95% and went on for 14 more years.

                  Clare, its always good sometimes to just step away and finish it when not tired and rushed. Have you finished it now?
                  I am like you, not good with early mornings nor is Simon, one reason we have our own shop and don't open till 10am. We also live above the shop so my commute (when we are allowed to be open) is just down the stairs We have celebrated 43 years in business, 40 of them here. It works really well for us, I mind the shop but can spend the time doing what I would like during the day which is when I do a lot of my crafting, HW and office paper work.

                  Dave, I think January is going to be busy for most sorting and tidying after the hols. Ah yes the expanding tree syndrome, know it well

                  Our tree has been coming down in stages Simon has been "trimming it" and starting the fire everyday with the trimmings. We will take the lights and decos off today and it will stay in place as Simon uses it up until there is only the trunk left, then take it outside and chop it up to burn over the next few days. it has been a really low needle drop one, not much at all on the floor.

                  I did an online shop but once again didn't get a slot til Friday, but we have a plan, Simon will be 70 this March and has had his invitation to renew his driving license which means he needs a photo, so tomorrow we will venture out to Sainsburys to pick up a few bits to tide us over til Friday and use the photo booth there to do his pictures. I feel we need to get it in early as they are working with a reduced staff level and it could take awhile.

                  I went to do my first scan n cut project only to discover cleaning the mat didn't restore the sticky as much as I hoped, so used the stencil glue they recommend and gave it a new layer of stick, had to leave 24 hour so will go and have a look in a minute.

                  As I couldn't use it last night I decided to pick up my Chinese again and made a start with my character flashcards and writing, thoroughly enjoyed, must put it on the list.

                  Bubble and squeak, beef and gravy for dinner, yummy can't wait. Might go and make a start soon. Then spend the evening crafting.

                  Take care all, have a good evening.