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Saturday 2nd

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  • Saturday 2nd

    Morning all! Daylight not appeared yet, feels very cold but not raining/snowing at the moment.

    Yesterday I managed to finish off the four books that were on the go. Took much longer than it should have done because I got something wrong somewhere (still not sure where) on one of them and it put all my measurements out so I ended up have to do extra trimming a couple of times. However, it's finished and looks passable, the other three went OK. A bit of time reading in the afternoon, a bit of knitting in the evening and the usual early night.

    Today - another day with no particular plans; might have a drive into Barton later for that bottle of milk I didn't get on Thursday, and I've got a small pile of board, card and paper for more books that I need to sort into some sort of order to see exactly what there is. Otherwise, I'll just see how it goes.

    Caroline - snuggling with the furry monster again this morning? How did you get on with the new cards yesterday?
    Dave - your yesterday's post is on the New Year's Eve thread (thought it was a bit odd to find it there, but put it down to your disrupted routine, the vino and late night LOL!) Back to business today?
    Shelley - haven't seen anyone to find out about the fire service visit, but everything seems to be running as normal. So glad to hear that you are improving and feeling better all the time. I hope that this time, finally, everything gets into balance and you can get your life back into the way you want it.


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    Morning all, late this morning overslept then had coffee in bed which delayed the getting up into the shower. Lots of cuddles with the fur baby.

    Does your local farm not do milk Linda, we are lucky as have a dairy farm just down the road, their milk is delicious and unpasteurised. Do not have too often as full cream at the top. Hope you get to do some more books.

    Made a card yesterday vintage style and will be boxed, photos on CC later. Have priced this sensibly this time as a lot of work and printing.

    My iPhone played up this morning, kept saying not enough storage and there was! Getting old and needs replacing will wait for Lee’s state pension to kick in then order the 12. The camera on that one is supposed to be excellent. Apple have it on interest free atm so may get sooner just have to add up the pennies, lol.

    Taking the photos eventually but had to keep doing them as not happy with the results, may get the Panasonic camera on charge and have a go, trouble with that was never gave a true colour always a bit yellow. Maybe with the light tent will be better and has an anti shake thingy.

    Washing and drying towels today, so boring. Cross stitch and reading. Done a 10 minute walk this morning on the treadmill as advised by medics.

    HAGD & BBL x


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      Hope you are well.
      Carole, with you camera you should be able to alter the white balance which should make the colour better and less yellow.

      Clare x


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        Afternoon all....had snow here so couldn’t get out this morning, too slippy.
        Got a few more mounts to cut, need to crack on with the shop cut today.
        Yes Linda, got into a bit of a lather with the posts yesterday, too many saying HNY plus one completely disappearing threw me a bit. Not vino induced this time, that will be tomorrows post 😂😂.

        Went to Sue’s lads house yesterday afternoon because it was his birthday, he’s gadget mad so it was great fun. Finally got home to an empty house which seemed to be busy for ever.

        Caroline, I have a Panasonic Lumix bridge camera, takes better pics than the iPhone/pad, they always seem dark or hued but as Clare says, you can balance them up again. They do have really good editing features on later models.

        Nice to see Clare joining us, welcome to the morning chat.



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          Afternoon all,

          Its been sunny, dry but cold here. No snow.

          Linda, must be very satisfying to finish 4 books in one day Did you venture out for milk? How was it? Enjoy the rest of your day pottering around doing whatever takes your fancy.

          Caroline, sounds like a perfect morning We always have Gold top, but recently gone over to homogenised so the cream is evenly distributed throughout the bottle. Simon likes it in his coffee and I don't really drink milk, just what I cook with. Simon's tummy couldn't cope with unpasteurized.
          Looking forward to seeing the card, I always use my phone for pictures of my cards, we have a posh cannon bridge camera that we got for Simon to use for his 3d rendering, tried to use it for my cards, what a palava, phone much easy and better colour.

          Welcome Clare, nice to see you here.

          Dave, you have been having a bit of social time of it Bet you are glad to be back home on your own.

          Today nice and relaxing no mad cooking in the kitchen for hours, roast beef sandwiches tonight Chest is so much better, as you say Linda getting back to my normal self and looking forward to getting back to card making.
          I have been watching ice Station Zebra and crocheting.

          I think I will start a Sainsburys shop today, probably won't get a delivery date at the right time if I don't start today.

          Take care all and hope you all have a relaxing evening.



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            Welcome to the daily chat thread Clare.


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              Our Panasonic is only the pocket type and not adjustable, fine if out and about for click and go but useless for photos of my makes. Looking on apple today at the iPhone 12 and may just take the plunge. My friends husband who is a photographer has all the big stuff but finds his iPhone perfect for close up or just out and about, he also used on a lot of his Safari shots.


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                Our iphones/pads are great for snaps outside but not inside, that’s what I use the other one for.