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Happy New Years day

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  • Happy New Years day

    Happy New Year Folks. Please let us have a better year for 2021 think we all need it. Just grateful did not have to go 'out' to work at a 'proper job'.

    Started my 50% off sale, set up a new userid on Ebay for when this sale ends to move across to there and then end of February anything left, either charity or break down the fabric if I can reuse. This year trying to be more business minded and use social media more, start off okay then get bored but done a crib sheet to ensure I post something every day.

    Off to start some cards for my new section on Folksy Amelia Roses attic, named after my Paternal Grandmother.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Happy and safe New Year everyone.
    Weather - dull slightly less cold, dry but heavy rain expected for most of the morning, not much breeze, temperature less cold than yesterday - just!

    Yesterday - everything went to pot with George's refusal to cooperate with the blood testing at the vets and I spent the time when I wasn't travelling back and forth to Barton in the chair waiting for a phone call to say he was ready for collection. They must have been busy as I ended up ringing them mid-afternoon to see what the situation was. Went a few minutes early to nip to the supermarket for some milk - what a mistake! Never seen the car park so full, they were queueing out of the door like I've never seen since April and the "traffic lights" at the entrance were red. We have enough milk to last for a day or two so I figured I'd rather drive into Barton another day for the milk than wait in that queue. However, around all the toing and froing I did manage an hour or two on the blackwork and a bit of knitting in the evening.

    One last bit of excitement for the year - fireworks had been going off earlyish in the evening and at one point there was a very loud bang which sounded not quite right. I went through to the front room a bit later and discovered flashing blue and red lights along the road - one fire engine and a few emergency workers outside next door but one. Goodness knows what has happened, but as far as I could see there was no ambulance/paramedic attendance so no human injury/emergency. This was reinforced by the fact that I heard more bangs coming from the same source once I got to bed.

    Today - had another disturbed night sleepwise and didn't wake until about half an hour after usual getting up time so did everything *rse about face in order to get George fed and a reasonable gap between breakfast and forcing the medication down his throat. Situation made worse by the fact I didn't clear up last night so had the dinner stuff to sort out and wash up. All done now, cats fed and dosed and I'm on the second cuppa.

    Caroline - we, too, are grateful that we haven't had to go out to "proper" jobs during the last 12 months and have sufficient income for us not to have to worry about paying essential bills. Everything else we can cope with. You're very efficient with your admin and planning ahead, I hope the sale goes well. I'm still looking at the Folksy T&Cs etc and trying to get my head round everything before I think about taking the plunge.
    Dave - hope you had a good time with the visitors and manage some sort of a celebration. Another day or two and things should start getting back to what became normal and maybe you'll be in the mood for a bit of cutting.
    Shelley - George is back safe and sound (currently sulking after the morning dosing), but I didn't hear the results of the testing yesterday - assume they were very busy but if there had been any problems I'd have heard. I will need to get some more medicine next week, so I'll ask them for the test results at the same time. Your "not done much" sounds like plenty to me, but glad you found time to put your feet up and indulge in some yarn engineering.

    HAGO & stay safe


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      Evening all,

      Cold, damp and misty here again.

      Caroline, you are on the ball with sales and plans for shedding stock, hope it goes well. I need to think about re-opening my Folksy shop, maybe do a christmas card sale and push the Valentines ones.

      Linda, glad George is ok if sulking, I am sure you are right - no news is good news. Hope your neighbours are ok, have the jungle drums given a clue as to what happened? I am so glad I don't have to go out, a number of staff (single figures) at our Sainsburys have tested positive, its going to be online for me for the foreseeable future.

      Dave, recovering from the whirlwind and too much vino?

      Today I woke up feeling much better, I think the diuretics have kicked in. I was able to cook our bit of beef with roast potatoes, parsnips and onions. Some carrots, brussels, cabbage and gravy. It were loverly Properly stuffed. I also managed to tidy up the kitchen after dinner and now sitting here.

      I finished the square yesterday and started a new one today, this one is a single colour so should be quicker, but stopped to spend time in the kitchen. Tomorrow easy supper and for the next couple of days so will be enjoying being a cat cushion and crochet. May also have a go with my new machine if I continue to improve at this rate.

      I hope everyone had a pleasant new year's day.

      Take care all,



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        Evening all....dark here, probably because it’s night time and I’ve only just realised todays post is up in the ether somewhere πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

        Yesterday was good. Bit of Jools Hootenany to see the new year in. Little Daniel dropped off at around 8:30 so we could relax a bit. We got that carried away that we only had a couple of glasses of wine and a G &T or two....bed at 3am, up at 7am.

        Tomorrow, back to the cutting, order to fill, mounts to cut, BSL course to find...busy old life innit’?