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Wednesday 30th

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  • Wednesday 30th

    Morning all, very cold no snow but did have sleet. Today the forecast is hit and miss may get the white stuff then again may not. Waitrose coming today, everything in stock apart from medium eggs getting large instead which is fine.

    Made up the mini books yesterday, very tiny about 1.75” high. A bit fiddly but got there. Have made some fabric envelopes with ribbon wrapped round and ordered some book charms which you never know may come today, if we get post have had nothing this week so far and no sign of a Postie.

    Now debating for my next project!

    My elbow was killing me yesterday and by the time I got to bed pain up and down the arm. Ordered some gel stuff without Ibrupofen as cannot take that hope arrives tomorrow, if not will have to take some Panadol Extra.

    Will be back later to check up on your news, HAGD.

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    Morning all! Daylight attempting to breakthrough and it's freezing cold, but otherwise little breeze and no water in any form descending from the skies.

    Yesterday, shopping done and pleased to say was done fairly quickly as not as busy as I'd expected, plus nearly everyone keeping their distance and appreciating it when you move out of the way for them. After that, had a few hours with books - starting yet more (4 blocks punched, sewn and glued) and progressed one project to the next stage. Rest of the day spent internet mooching, knitting, being a cat cushion and watching The Repair Shop repeats.

    Today, OH says he's going over the river - needs to get a couple of bits and will pass by his mate's house to drop off something and wave from the roadway, so I'll get the vacuum cleaner in the "OH area", then probably going to head down to the books again. Expect the rest of the time will be in the cat chair again.

    Caroline - still busy with the creativity; looking forward to seeing the pictures
    Dave - saw the tree picture - recipients will be over the moon with it, it's gorgeous Next project?
    Shelley - sadly, George's medicine is a liquid administered by oral syringe and to be given outside of food so there is no option but to get him in a half nelson and stick the syringe in his mouth - would be OK if he'd keep still Glad you managed to speak to the GP and hope the restarting of the diuretics does the trick. Hope the household stuff gets done OK and you finally get that time to create something with the new craft machine.



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      Afternoon all...
      Been out for a long walk today, bit muddy here and there as part of it was along the railway walk, but no too bad, no snow.

      Amy and little Daniel are coming tomorrow to stay overnight, her other half is away so I’ve made a curry today for tomorrow

      Yes Linda, the tree cut did come out rather well, it’s a lovely design. Nothing else doing so back to the toy shop cut I guess.

      I joined a sign language group today, lots of info on online courses, all at rock bottom prices due to Covid. Might book up for one in the new year.

      Caroline been in the wars again....

      Shelley sounds like she’s almost back to her old self.



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        Evening all,

        Cold and dry here.

        Caroline, hope your elbow has eased off and you get a decent night's sleep. We had our first post yesterday, first for days. The tiny books sound intriguing.

        Linda, glad your shopping trip wasn't too stressful. Hope the mucking out went well.
        I can't decide if a liquid might have been easier than the pill I had to give Pepper, once a day and not crushed. I had to swap and change the tidbits around every few days, I would have had to put on a full set of armour to try and shove anything in her mouth. We did it though and came up with a system that worked. A friend of mine had liquid they rubbed on their cats ears twice a day, seems the easiest but apparently quite expensive.
        I have been turning into a cat cushion lately, after dinner I put the chair in feet up mode and Meimei has taken to sitting on my lap for a couple of hours, very nice too. Flo does to me when I go to bed she will sleep on my chest/tummy for a bit.

        Dave, online course sound good, so much more learning online nowadays. Have fun with the whirlwind, enjoy the curry.

        Today I did the kitchen and the bins. Did the office paperwork, paid bills. Sorting the laundry and washing tomorrow. Roast for new years day so it will be tidy in time. The hibernation is going well, day 2 and still sane
        I think the water retention is going take a few days to shift, hoping my breathing will be better everyday.
        My plans for anything crafty went out the window as I am trying to keep my feet up and when I did I turned into a cat cushion.

        Take care all,