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Tuesday 29th

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  • Tuesday 29th

    Morning all, sitting in bed with a cup of coffee. Let the dog out and freezing he could not get in quick enough.

    Grocery orders done, Waitrose 9-10 and Sainsbury’s 2 to 6. I know 2 deliveries but we always stock up on some JS things once a month.

    Our surgery start the vaccines from the 4th so not long now. May be as early as February. Then will be free, lol. Well sort of.

    You sound very chipper Shelley, long may it continue.

    Linda a cat cushion and Dave cutting again?

    Getting along well with my sampler and dug out Sense & Sensibilty to start reading. Lee bought me a box set. Not read since school days and had Northanger Abbey for O level and Pride & Prejudice for A level. The year read NA stayed in Lyme Regis for the school holidays, so rather apt. Normally visit the cottage at Chawton once a year, sadly this year not possible. Let’s hope 2021 is kinder to us.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all. Cold and dark here.
    Sue is just getting ready for the off for a morning shift at the Sams shop.
    I’ve got to walk the dog first then go into the village to the post office for a postal bag to send the tree cut on its way.

    I love a good book Caroline but I never actually got into reading them as a pastime until Sue and I got together. She bought me “An evil cradling” by Brian Keenan about his seven year imprisonment with John Macarthy. From then on I only ever read classics, autobiographies or biographies and travelogues...true account stuff. School curriculum reading held nothing for me, hated it.

    Shelley sounds brighter, catch up with Linda later.



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      Morning all! Dull, wet and very chilly.

      Yesterday - good job I hadn't made firm plans as it didn't happen. Yes, Caroline, I ended up as cat cushion for most of the day and by the time I wasn't I couldn't be bothered to adjourn to the book making area so I did some knitting and some more on the wool/canvas work project. I did get the floor under the kitchen table and the recycling boxes scrubbed, along with the area around the cat food dishes (they are so messy!). Obviously the cat food area gets cleaned daily, but I don't always get the scrubbing brush on it. Had a couple of hours solitude in the bath in the afternoon with a trashy paperback.

      Today, household stuff sorted for now, have even decided on tea. Weekly shopping to do, but as it's rather wet and still cold out I'm going to wait until a bit later in the morning before I venture out.

      I'm not one for reading most classics - think I might have been put off by having Chips With Everything and Animal Farm as my O level books (twice as had to re-take, and still failed) - didn't enjoy either. I do like historical stuff that's based on fact and well researched though - always enjoyed Jean Plaidy and Ellis Peters type but not keen on Georgette Heyer (too airy fairy).

      Caroline - glad you're enjoying the sampler - I always liked doing them and have done several personalised ones for weddings and christenings in the past.
      Dave - hope you don't get too wet on the dog walk and post office visit. What are the water levels like at the moment?
      Shelley - George is like a different cat - it's getting harder to get the medicine into him as he's started fighting it, and he's even started trying to get away before I get to him! His muscle power is improving slowly, coat has improved no end and we usually have a game of feline footy at least once a day - George plays goalie and we get the exercise fetching the ping pong ball. Hope you can get through to the GP today and get advice on the (probable) medication side effects. It would be a major shame if you can't tolerate it after the initial improvements.



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        Linda, yes got soaked out with the dog as it started to snow so I drove to the post office instead.
        I’m not one for English or British classics very much, Catcher in the rye, Jack London, John Steinbeck, Kerouac, that sort of thing suits me fine, much more punchy.



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          We were given a long book list at start of term and expected to read all of them. Me being a loner during the school holidays as miles from friends did not mind. Not that keen on the Brontes though have read them and things like Anna Karenina, Catcher in the Rye, Charles ****ens etc. The school was big on classics.


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            Evening all,

            Cold, damp and wintery, snow a mile down the road for 30 seconds, we didn't see any.

            Caroline, sounds ideal, shopping done in bed with coffee Reading is a great thing, both Simon and I are are big readers, he likes Sci-fi and fantasy and I do too, but also read other things, the chinese classics (in english with some in chinese) I have a lot of reference books and how to manuals from leather craft to wood burning, to crochet and more. We each have a library His is all on one wall of the little hall and mine takes up a lot of wall space in my craft room.
            In school I had to read Of mice and men and Nevil Shute - No Highway, I enjoyed those.

            Dave, Hope your walk to the post office was pleasant. A good book is a wonderful thing, I remember reading Kerouac in my rebellious teen years

            Linda, sounds like a nice day with the cats. Hope you got the shopping done and the weather wasn't too bad. So glad George is so much better, Pepper was like that once she was on meds for her thyroid, a whole new lease of life and lived over 2 years more till she was 18. You are going have start hiding the meds in tasty tidbits.

            Today managed to talk to the doc on the phone, no change to new meds but have to restart the diuretics. I had 7 left but the doc prescribed me some more and they arrived at 4 o'clock less than 6 hours after I talked to her, brilliant, shows what they can do. I expected to wait a couple of days. I am looking forward to feeling full effects in a day or two. Still feeling fine and looking forward to the new year.

            We went and collected the shopping at 4:30, no problems, no subs and nothing missing. Not quite as convenient as a delivery but much better than mingling with the covidiots. So we are now in full hibernation mode till after the new year

            Tomorrow is bin day, Simon will help and we will fill and put out the bins, a job we missed the last collection as I was hospital, so a bit of a backlog to clear. More laundry and a kitchen tidy will see me prepared for new year day to cook our roast beef and trimmings. Also need to do a bit of office paperwork and pay some bills.

            Then I plan to concentrate on creating something with my new machine and finish the big clear out in my craft room I started in November during lockdown.

            Have a good evening all, sleep well