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Monday 28th

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  • Monday 28th

    Morning all! Finally got light but mist encroaching rather than receding. Fortunately very little breeze and not raining but it's extremely chilly with a frost on the paths and roads.

    Yesterday, I went to make a start on another book but ended up starting something that wasn't part of the project packs I'd created on Saturday. However, it will use up some more bits and bobs left over from previous projects. Most of the afternoon was spent wasting time on the internet and watching old episodes of The Restorers and The Repair Shop. I did find another facet to book making that I want to try, but it will have to be when I've hopefully got a couple of hours where I'm unlikely to get too many interruptions and can concentrate. There was one point when there was only me and George in my chair so my lap was free and I started a bit more on the wool work, but Bert decided to join us within 15 minutes, so I didn't get very far (no room for needlework when you've got a 5.5kg lump on your lap!). Struggled to stay awake long enough to give George his evening med.

    Today, very dark when I got up, but I've had a walk to the post box round the corner and got a stew on the go in the slow cooker. Need to dig all the wellies, boots etc out from under the kitchen table and give the floor a thorough clean, but apart from usual clearing and tidying I'm not planning on other hw. Did manage to get a few hours sleep last night, so I might be awake enough to try and get the next stage of the little notebook done.

    Caroline - no early post, but assuming you're OK and either snuggling or fuming at the gremlins again. Hope you got the necessary tasks done yesterday and had time for some creativity too.
    Dave - How is the water level in the area? Did you have a whirlwind visit yesterday? No doubt he's still full excitement from the last few days and is wearing out everyone who comes into contact with him
    Shelley - ended up with fish & chips last night - OH's suggestion and he cooked it, so fine by me. I just clear up the mess afterwards Daren't go near any of OH's "work" areas, that would be big trouble: annoying thing is that he knows exactly what he's got and where it is. Really pleased to hear your crafty mojo is returning - did you manage to do anything last night or is it still in "planning" stage? Hope the aerials and dishes are all back in position now.


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    Morning all, got up late well late fire us.

    Yesterday had to put things upright in the garden, Lee has just been out a cleared a load of felled thin branches, swept the paths etc. Very cold out though a frost over the cars. Due for some sleet/snow today as classed as high ground. We are just a bit lower than Hindhead but on the same path so to speak.

    Started my cross stitch a sampler and loving it. Far easier than Poldark and told Lee not attempting another one of those until 2022, need a break as takes so much time.

    You sound busy Linda, I have cleaned upstairs but that is it for me today. Back is aching so resting in the armchair but without anyone on my lap. Keep feeling I should be making something but really cannot be asked at present.

    Shop all ready for the sale launch on Friday, fingers crossed. Have messaged my old school chum to let her know she can have first dibs on anything at 50% reduction, will post off to her next week is she can see anything of interest.

    Very quiet round here no movement of cars everyone is staying home. Did have a milk delivery this morning and got the right order after my hissy fit on Facebook.

    Not much else to report I lead such a boring life, lol.

    HAGD & BBL x


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      Morning all..
      Woke up to snow this morning. It is forecast until lunchtime, same again tomorrow but it is only fine stuff at the minute.
      Got back from taking mom home, on the way in, for the first time ever she remarked on how grey and scruffy the city is compared to here. She can come back anytime.
      Daniel and Amy were here when I got back, everything was out, bike, cars, train track, his mark was in every room as usual 😂😂.

      Nothing much on the craft front. I cut the tree free from the page yesterday evening, will mount it today, post it tomorrow then crack on with the shop cut I guess.



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        Evening all,

        Wet and wintery today, no snow, very rare we get any. Last time was from the beast from the east and we had proper snow for weeks.

        Linda, hope you slept better last night. Its sometimes nice to go off piste and do something not planned, besides at the moment there is always tomorrow. How is George doing on his new meds? Have you noticed any improvements?

        Caroline, I hope you enjoyed your late morning, it can be just the thing on a cold,dark winter morning - that extra 10 min under the warm duvet snuggling. Glad you are enjoying your cross stitch and thats making something

        Dave, liked the little library, glad people have the respect to not damage it. Looking forward to seeing the tree. I take it you mean the toy shop next.

        Today was also a late one for me, probably becuase the storm kept me awake and I was catching up. Finished the Sainsburys order, had to do a click and collect or we wouldn't be eating till Jan 2. Will be collecting tomorrow at 4pm. I thought it was at least better than traipsing around the shop full of post xmas people who have been visiting people they shouldn't have.
        I have ordered everything for beef roast dinner for New years eve...mmmmm.

        Feeling a bit better today, yesterday was very breathless and had a sore mouth, the doctor warned me of this and if it happened to stop the new thyroid pills and contact the doctor. So I didn't have any last night or today. Tried to ring the docs this morning only to find out its a bank holiday and they are shut so will try again tomorrow.

        I find myself not deciding to anything as I have so much to choose from, so my New year plan is to do a schedule of all the things I want to do and have a loose plan to one or two things every day. Might do it in excel. Might just be a list to choose from and tick boxes to show if I have done any of that lately.

        Take care every one,