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Sunday 27th

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  • Sunday 27th

    Morning all, Storm Bella wreaked havoc last night, I slept through it Lee did not lots of bangs he will check for damage later.

    Finished the eye masks and sleep sachet done. Decided against a fabric bag as would have upped the price too much. Ordered some rose gold organza and ribbon instead. May still do a matching bag which can be bought separately. Have to think of the price point all the time.

    Today making the first Birthday card for 2021, early Feb but have to be organised. Got to send an email to my friend in Glos, spoke to her yesterday but said I would get her organised this year as she always leaves until the last minute and then panics.

    Must email Marcia another friend and crafting buddy in the next village as had a long spiel yesterday. Lee does not know what we have to talk about as email every other day. He would be surprised.

    Pleased you are getting there Shelley just rest if you need to, so funny about the Hiding-up. Told Lee but for us he is the one that moves and hides things!

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Definitely very wet and blowy overnight and kept me awake until past 3.00am. Still dark outside but forecast is for no further rain during the day, winds gusting strongly but not bad overall and flippin' cold all day. Once it's light I'll nip outside and check water levels in the well and the dyke, but I think they're still at "not causing concern" stage.

    Yesterday, spent a few hours putting together some book project packs but no actual making done, then most of the rest of the day going through the Ancestry hints and watching the recorded episodes of Salvage Hunters The Restorers.

    Today, not had much sleep as was awake by 6.15am so its going to be another day of "see how it goes". The big project will be thinking of something to have for tea as we had the Christmas dinner leftovers yesterday - egg and chips is looking good at the moment
    We have friends in Essex so I have messaged them to see how they are doing after the stormy weather.

    Caroline - hope you have escaped any damage from the storm and nothing is damaged from the weather to come. Your energy levels exhaust me, you are so busy creating your wonderful things.
    Dave - hope you enjoyed a quieter day yesterday. Any effects of the Welsh weather being felt locally, or does it take a bit longer for everything to work its way through? Hope you're all OK.
    Shelley - tidying up - "tidy" is a four letter word in this house and if I tidy anything I get into trouble for "always moving things", even if it's been there for months and not been used. If it's not directly in front of his nose he can't find it, and very little gets put back where it was once he's finished digging through stuff. Glad to hear you are feeling so much better and it sounds like you're getting back to some sort of routine and some of your crafting mojo is resurfacing. I hope you've survived the stormy weather and everyone is safe.



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      Morning all....
      Bright sky today, last night the rain was torrential with high winds. So glad I got the roof fixed in the summer. Yesterday in the park at the end of the road, the river had swollen and flooded half of it. Don’t know how much rain they had in Wales but we usually get the knock on effect over the next few days as the water runs off from the fields and causes a swell. Luckily the flood defences are still up.

      Mum is still here. She gets itchy feet after a couple of days usually. She thought she may be in tier four after Boxing day where she lives but it hasn’t altered. Where she lives is busy, noisy, scared to go out and about very much, the complete opposite to here but that’s “ Home”. We’ve told her she can come to live here but she won’t budge. Poor eyesight, mobility, hearing, lives on her own, it is a bit worrying but it’s what she knows.

      I’ve done the tree with names. Just need to nip around the outline to free it from the sheet and get it mounted. It can go as soon as the post office opens, I need a postal bag first.

      Hope everyone had a nice Christmas break from it all, back to it now. I’ve a feeling the two year old whirlwind and his mother are coming here today again....talking about tidying up.......🤔😆



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        Evening all,

        Well Storm Bella raged and blew last night, I too was still awake at 3am with Flo curled up next to me, I don't think she was impressed. We have a fireplace in the bedroom (rarely used) it has a metal flap to keep out the draughts, but it bangs and crashes in the wild wind. Rain lashing at the window and the inevitable wheelie bins blowing down the road.
        Calmer and sun shining when I finally rose at about 11am.

        Caroline, you have found those extra wow batteries again haven't you Sewing and card making keeping you busy. Nice to know you are keeping up with friends and family in these odd times, for some it has been very lonely.

        Linda, hope you are not too tired and you managed to go with flow and had a lovely tea of egg and chips - one of my favorites with a nice bit of ham. More similarities, could be brothers, yes I moved his baccy tin from balancing precariously on the arm of the sofa - threatening to slide out of sight between the chairs and put it 2 ft from his chair on the coffee table right in plain sight, but oh no - hiding things. You should see his work bench or maybe not Every so often I insist and tidy it up and put all the tools away, throw away the rubbish and clean the bench. His reaction? Oh wow I didn't realise it was so big

        Dave, glad you came through the storm unscathed, how did the toddler whirlwind go? More devastating than storm Bella? Always tidying up after kids, just the way it is. You too have managed to be creative, well done.

        Storm Bella didn't do too much damage but all the tv aerials and dishes are now not pointing where they should, Simon will have to get up on the flat roof again and sort it, till then watching Sky go on my pc.

        Feeling itchy to do something, maybe some crochet, I should do some more. Feet up in front of fire, some movie or something on the tv and crochet in hand, sounds good for a winter Sunday.

        Take care all,