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  • Christmas Day

    Happy Christmas to you and yours, hope Santa has been good to you, have a wonderful day x

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    Seasonal greetings everyone.

    Todays weather forecast - sunny, a bit breezy, dry and bloomin' cold!

    Yesterday - I spent time among the paper and glue again, but some of it was sorting and clearing out a few bits for the recycling bin. I finished a mini notebook using left over paper, board and cover paper and put together a project pack to use another of the pictures from the 1920s ladies calendar (except it's a picture of a black cat). Kitchen floor got washed and upstairs had a merry dance with the vacuum, then I had a couple of hours reading, and a few rows of knitting were done in the evening.

    Today - is going to be another of those "go with the flow" days. No major hw to be done and very little tv of interest so I could be back with the book making again.

    Best wishes to you all and I hope whatever sort of day you have planned you find some joy and something to celebrate.
    Shelley - still thinking of you and hoping life is improving.



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      Morning all.....Happy Christmas to one and all.
      Housework all done yesterday, I’ll be honest.....just got up 😂 kids any more means a lie in on Christmas day instead of being dragged downstairs at about 4am 😆.

      Cup of tea, walk the dog, open a few pressies, job done!
      Hope Shelley is on the mend.



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        Happy Christmas everyone,

        I hope you are all having a whale of a time, eating and drinking too much, opening presents and enjoying the company you are with.

        I will spare you all the details of my hospital stay, suffice to say no surgery was involved. It appears a common side effect of overactive thyroid that is not under control was the cause of my woes. Unhappy and uncomfortable procedures were employed to - ahhem "unblock the digestive system." my dignity slightly bruised but intact I returned home to recover fully on Tuesday afternoon.
        Now under the correct thyroid treatment, all seems to be improving, no longer continually tired and nauseous, I am eating well and hope to regain the 7 kilos I lost since the beginning of November.

        I have had to forgo our beef roast christmas dinner, just not up to cooking a full blown roast dinner. So second best, roast beef sandwiches.

        My christmas morning started with 3 things that could go wrong - first Meimei threw my full glass of water over my lap - jeans in dryer while I froze but rewarded with hot out of the dryer jeans, second inhaled water while taking my pills, coughed and splutter and wheezed for a bit, third thing tripped over the little stool and hit the floor twisting my ankle so now hobbling around.
        At least thats over for the day.

        Happy Christmas

        Caroline and Lee,

        Linda and OH,

        Dave and Sue,

        Mo and Pete.

        Enjoy your day everyone.



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          Welcome back Shelley - I am so pleased to see your post (I've just sent an fb message as I saw you were online).

          Something of a relief that no surgery was required during your recent hospitalisation, but the various procedures you had to cope with sound rather revolting. However, hopefully the root cause of your continuing problems is now identified and correct remedial action is in place.

          Christmas dinner can be had any day you choose - just go with what you can manage to deal with for now and don't overdo things. Things going wrong this morning seem to have put the cap on your recent troubles, but hopefully you've passed the low point and things will improve from now on.

          Best wishes to you, Simon and the felines for a much improved new year, with health, happiness and peace.


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            Thank you Linda, yes all I can think is that the only way left is up. So glad have a solution as I felt very down, listless and poorly. maybe my crafty mojo will return in the new year. Can't do anything even if I wanted to, Simon bought a monster of a xmas tree and can hardly move or get to anything. it must be 8ft tall as its only a foot from the ceiling and thats 9ft, its very wide and round. Mind you I might do some colouring.

            I didn't see the tree before I went to hospital so it was a big, Ha, surprise when I got back and could hardly get through the door.

            Take care and enjoy.



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              Welcome back Shelley, glad you are on the mend. Mom had an underactive thyroid, Sue had an overactive one, Sue’s sister diagnosed this month with an underactive one....tests galore but none for that until other doctors got involved 🙄.....anyway, you know what what it is now at least.



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                Thanks Dave, hope you are both having a good day.

                Apparently its quite common in women over 60, Bah humbug I say. Worst birthday present ever.

                But upwards and onwards, as you say, at least we know what we are dealing with.

                Take care,



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                  Welcome back Shelley, have missed you, hugs xx


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                    Thank you Caroline, its good to be back. Hugs back.

                    Hope you have had a lovely day.