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Monday 21st

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  • Monday 21st

    Morning all, wet and wild again but should get some dry cold weather by the end of the week.

    So many moans & groans about tier 4 but only have themselves to blame as would not behave in the first place. Partying before the lockdown, crowding onto trains and planes already infected and taking it home! sorry have no sympathy with these covidiots at all no respect for anyone else but themselves, rant over!

    Cleaning downstairs this morning, some washing and maybe some more sachets. Made 3 yesterday another 3 to go.

    Not much else planned apart from a pillow for the dogs head on the sofa, okay if he does not drool in his sleep, then end up with a damp trouser leg, lol.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning few! Weather dismal, but could be a lot worse. Heavy rain forecast for this morning and definitely a drop in temperature.

    Yesterday - time spent on book stuff - finished the pocket diary (picture on fb) and also the sketch pad with cross stitch birds cover, but that's still drying out as the handmade paper I used for the covers is super absorbent and sucks up a lot of glue. Spent some time trying to figure out a best way to attach the book block to the leatherette cover and how to fasten the cover, but didn't actually do anything to it apart from punch the sewing holes. Watched the final It Takes Two and the Strictly final so crochet and knitting done at the same time, as well as being cats cushion and support (multitasking!)

    Today - more laundry on the go, usual clearing up, currently being a cat cushion and support (one on lap, one leaning against my legs). Sense of relief that it's finally solstice and we can look forward to lengthening days, although it will be a while before it's noticeable. Not had the best night last night so feeling rather tired. Will do some crafting at some point but not sure what or when.

    Caroline - I feel for you with the dog dribble - George has always dribbled and lately Bert has started doing so when he's asleep. I have covers on all the chairs and beds etc they frequent and I always wear scruffy jeans around the house! I bet your workroom smells wonderful with all these sachets you're making - do we get to see pictures?
    Dave - great news on the starry night sale - and as you say money is money (A couple of years ago at a fair a lady looking at my stall said she didn't have enough cash with her to buy anything and no one took cheques any more - I soon put her right on that, and made a sale ) Great customer for the mounts. Barton was like market day yesterday and the supermarket was worse - people shopping in couples wandering around like there was no one else there, blocking gangways, entering the shop through the exit - madness!)
    Shelley - hope your situation is improving. Thinking of you. xx



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      Morning all..dark, damp here, no rain.
      The Severn is going full chunder, it has risen to the earning point which is a dip in the path around the park. If it comes in at the dip and floods the park, its not far away from flood defence levels. Apparently it should peak today and not need them. We’ve already had a report of two idiots in speed boats flying upstream, Sue and I also saw a canoe with two people in it yesterday.....on a swollen river!

      Got a mate from BG stopping by this morning, he’s got a job to do around here, my old area 30 miles away now reaches here so last night it was a quick couple of bauble you do, for him to take back home for the tree.

      Nothing else doing today apart from posting a few cards etc.

      Have a good’un all
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