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Sunday 20th

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  • Sunday 20th

    Morning all. A lot of unhappy people not far from us, we are about 20 miles from tier 4 but my sister is only 2 miles from Guildford. Scary. I can understand why it has been done though as this new strain is far more virulent. Will not stop the moaning though.

    How did you get on with the wip Linda? Feels good when things are completed.

    Dave pleased you got your parcel sorted. Noticed round here JL small vans are delivering instead of RM. I suppose if a lot of packages makes sense.

    Completed 2 lavender sachets and photographed, posted as draft to Folksy.

    Cleaning starts today, upstairs. Changed the bed, washed and dried all in the linen cupboard now. Then rest.....

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning few! Daylight is out there somewhere, breeze not too bad at the moment, dry and no rain forecast for today.

    Yesterday - played around with book stuff - progressed the sketch pad (cross stitch birds cover) and started an experiment with some left over paper and a piece of the leatherette from Scrap Store (phase 1 has worked ok). Soak in the bath in the afternoon for a bit of peace and quiet, bit of knitting in the evening and that was it. Didn't actually manage to finish any of the WIPs, but have progressed a couple of them.

    Today - will pop into Barton for some milk when the supermarket opens, got another chore I can do while I'm there, but otherwise no specific plans.

    Not sure the late change in rules is going to be really effective - people are so fed up with the constant changing/superseding rules, recommendations, and boundaries no one knows where they are with things any more and they'll just ignore everything. Doesn't help with seeing public figures breaking rules and getting a little slap on the wrist for it when they say "sorry, I shouldn't have done it" or even denying they've done anything wrong. I've noticed people are not following rules at the supermarket now - shopping in 2s and 3s, ignoring the entrance/exit signs, blocking aisles, standing close to others.

    Caroline - glad you're still in creative mode, and also glad you've factored in rest period(s) in your day
    Dave - No doubt the latest rule change will have an effect on your family - hope it's not too drastic a change and everyone copes well with it.
    Shelley - situation improving I hope? Still sending positive thoughts x



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      Morning all. Bright and breezy here.

      The new CV measures are a bit severe but necessary. I was going to do the usual trip to visit all of the kids and grands but not this year. I’ll see them all in the new year instead. Don’t think its gone down well with all of them...unfortunately that’s just too bad! We live in tier 2, they are in tier 3, new virulent strain, safety first. Unfortunately, being younger I think they just don’t see the risk or need to be more careful that we do. The only thing we are doing is having mom over for a day or two. She is 84, 45 miles away, on her own, poor vision and hearing, can’t walk very far, the people who support her won’t be able to, my sister has a houseful living at hers so we are the lesser risk, she may stay here a while, it’s certainly safer than where she lives.

      Starry Night was sold Friday...the customer paid half of it in £1 coins 😂😂...who cares, money is money.

      The girl came for her mounts etc yesterday, gave me a present of a bottle of single malt for helping her out through the year. An unexpected gift but nice to be appreciated 😁

      The village was heaving yesterday. Car parks all full, roadworks from our end right to the top at the other end because they are replacing the main electric supply, so the road is closed to cars, double the amount of people, half the space to move around in. Makes you wonder why they did social distancing measures to start with then allowed it to be less space than before measures due to roadworks. Its either needed....or it isn’t 🤷🏻‍♂️.
      You are right Linda. The change in rules probably won't change a lot of people because they will just do what they always have at this time of year, especially tier 4’s who should be the most restricted....who enforces it? No one.

      Hope Shelley is getting better.



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        Funny but round here everyone is behaving but only tier 2 atm. May be different for the youngsters but they have not worked out yet that they can carry and infect others.