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Friday 18th

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  • Friday 18th

    Morning all. Keep thinking it is Saturday but then every day is a weekend, lol.

    Pouring with rain and very windy, woke me up at stupid o’clock.

    Made 3 more cards yesterday now onto tags, found some lovely images on some card all vintage. They have glassine pockets and have added lace and ephemera.
    Have also been good and photographed all the cards, posted on Folksy ready for publishing end of January. I am being so good.

    Gave up on the puzzle took up too much room, may hunt for a 500 piece one at some point. Have loads of new 1000 piece ones left over from mil. She loved her puzzles. I have not got the patience.

    Blood test results: liver normal, bones normal but need Vitamin D. Got to collect the prescription on Monday and talk to the Doc again! On the 5th. Why will he not leave me alone, lol

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning few! Dark, wet, windy, warm.

    Yesterday - nipped out to Barton for a couple of chores and more milk. Later on went to transfer some tools from one box (broken clasp) to another which I had to empty so one thing led to another and I ended up doing a mini sort out and reorganise of some crafting stuff and even managed to find another small bag of bits for the car booting pile. Then I went and spoiled it by starting yet another project - crochet this time! I did get some progress on the bookmaking but it's taking longer than anticipated and I had to leave another bit for glue to dry so not as much progress as I'd hoped.

    Today, clearing up done apart from waiting for some daylight so I can see my way across the garden to take the compost to the big bin, pleased to say George has definitely improved over the last week and clever boy that he is I think he's made a connection between the nasty stuff squirted down his throat and feeling so much better. Usual plans are to potter around, do bits here and there and cope with life in general.

    When I was working I never had a problem knowing which day it was (and had a calendar for weeks ahead in my mind because of organising meetings), but now I'm like you Caroline, and often have to refer to computer/phone or similar to find out which day it is! Worse this year because no craft events to provide a pivot for the week!

    Caroline - You're doing well on the cards, and what an effort to get the photos etc done! Very pleased to hear the blood test results are good
    Dave - Great stuff on the sign language! I was like that when learning shorthand - used to try and take down some of the speech from TV programmes - news was about the most difficult! Have to admit I've toyed with the idea of learning a bit of sign language over the years, but I am absolutely hopeless at learning languages in any form - always have been - and unless I can put what I learn to use I just lose it, so that has put me off somewhat
    Shelley - ? Getting concerned now but fingers crossed that whatever the situation you are being looked after by experts.



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      Morning all.....damp and windy....and that’s just me 😂.
      Sue is off for a new “ do” in a bit. Can’t go out, waiting on a delivery.
      Chris, our Hermes delivery guy told us the parcel was sent out but held at a centre because the door number was not on it, odd as it is one of those where you put the postcode in and then select your address. Anyhow, he told them he knows us personally, which he does, and to send it down and he’ll deliver it today.

      Did a bit more on the shop cut, It’s taking a while as I’m having to draw in the mortar on a lot of it as I go along. These old 19C shops have no cavities so the brick pattern you see is full brick, half brick, full brick and so on, that is what is taking the time plus cross referencing with the original photo, it’s also positive and negative cutting so where the mortar printed grey, bricks white, ordinarily the grey would be out, white in....then I’d have floating bricks not connected, further down it changes over to grey out, white in....that’s when the fun starts and my head gets hot 😆.

      Linda, I am the same. I tried picking French up where I left off but not a lot more was sinking in. I think it was because it was just lists of words, verbs in all tenses, nothing to mentally stimulate it to stick in enough for recall. BSL is very different and sinks in much easier because it in itself is easier but also because everything is video driven and mostly silent and just the act of performing the word as they do then doing it in front of the mirror, that is the interactive bit that verbal or written languages don’t interest factor. If you have a minute and I only say “If” just go on to Youtube and put BSL in the search box, a chap named Dan who is the absolute best teacher, very slow and precise is at the minute doing short 1 word Christmas vids, Christmas carol, tradition, tree, decoration etc so apart from learning “ Christmas”, you pick up other words to use anytime. Sue is absolutely hopeless at French etc, doesn’t get it at all, has no power of retention to use it again. I taught her the alphabet on the walk when I took those pictures of the town...she can still repeat 75% of it now....its just in there somewhere because the action is the mental anchor to the word. It’s pure mnemonics, written language doesn’t have that.

      Caroline, lovely cards, lot of work gone into those...yes, that retirement feeling is great isn’t it? 😁 good to hear the “ bloods” are ok.
      No Shelley again, hope she’s ok.