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Thursday 17th

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  • Thursday 17th

    Morning all, dark morning and only saw a glimpse of light about 8am.

    Up in my workroom, making cards another 2 done may do some more or something different, maybe some tags!

    Waitrose delivery this am and apart from their Beer Battered Haddock everything in stock. Lee will have to have salmon fishcakes instead tomorrow. Stir Fry today, prawn for Lee and just veges for me.

    Not much else planned, miss the knitting but could not get enthused about any ideas apart from an ear warmer for me. By the time I got the wool would have moved to something else, lol.

    Hope Shelley is okay no movement on FB either. If you are reading this Shelley hugs and miss you.

    Linda what have you got planned and did you get a rest yesterday?

    Dave busy cutting as usual. How does your back survive, mine always struggles why I have to limit what I do.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Seemed to be extra dark this morning, but brightening up now. We are promised some sunshine today and warmer than normal temperatures.

    Yesterday, fortunately the afternoon of heavy rain turned out to be a couple of light showers. Spent most of the day in the chair being a cat cushion and support (both moggies determined to cling to me!). Pottered around with the various craft bits I could reach from the chair, watched last weekend's Strictly programmes and a couple of educational/history programmes I'd recorded.

    Today, hoping to get down to the bookbinding for an hour or two - I set a piece of cross stitch in heavy card to make a front cover on Monday so hoping that has glued in properly. Not sure what else - slightly better night last night but still feel extra tired this morning.

    Caroline - glad to hear the blood tests went well. Hope you manage to settle to some crafting whatever you decide to do, and enjoy the stir fry later on.
    Dave - how goes it? Any progress on the toy shop cut - or too many interruptions to life to be able to settle to it? How is the sign language learning going? You must be nearly at the stage where you can hold a reasonable conversation with another user?
    Shelley - missing you and your lovely newsy posts, just hoping that things are OK and you'll be back with us soon.



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      Morning all...bright here but frosty.
      Not got a lot on today. Went on a bauble hunt, everyone sold out. Not that I need any directly, I can always take the middles out of last years and use the cases from those if any odd ones come in.

      Various interruptions yesterday, Amy turned up with Daniel. I made the mistake of buying a small radio controlled car so when he comes we have to spend about an hour driving it all over the house plus the guys are digging the road up outside so that fascinated him too.

      Yes Linda, I did get some of the shop cut, hopefully a fair bit more today as Sue is out to lunch with one of the girls that worked for her.....that’s usually a drawn out affair 😁
      Sign language....yes, I’m up to probably 150 words now, I keep recapping then adding a few each day, trouble is each region might have a different variation for the sign, I have a BSL app that I use, like a dictionary with videos for the words, each word has about 5 vids. I put the word in then see how many do the same sign and use that. Sue gets annoyed because we’ll be talking and without thinking I’ll throw in a sign or all of a sudden, I’ll be watching TV then just do a sign for something 😂...,repetition is the key. Retail is the next section to have a go at, getting by in shops. It is surprising now how many colleges, universities etc have clubs for hearing people to learn sign language to assist and communicate with non hearing pupils, it is very popular addictive and fun to learn once you get into it, plus for young adults going into the workplace, it can open a few more doors.
      I remember going on a work away day seminar thing where all of the region met up at a venue, stadium, etc and did a days customer interaction workshop. I remember seeing one of the lads who was one of our lot but did services only so not part of my section, talking to one of their staff in sign language. I asked him later why he learned it, he said he had a deaf cousin and had picked up enough to get by, plus there are many non hearing people around, never know when you’ll need it. He said everyone was talking to this guy with raised voices, common for people who don’t understand, so he just had a few pleasantries in the chaps “Own language” because he probably gets treated like that all the time. None of us knew he could sign, we’d known him ten years, I bet a few deaf customers knew ...that was pretty profound for me, I thought about trying it then but one thing and another, busy work life, it all just goes away another reason why retirement was a good idea, mental breathing space!

      Caroline, I can cut for a good few hours straight if I get the angle of the table right, the lens in the right position etc, I sit in a big comfy office chair that can go up or down, its just a case of adjusting the environment to me instead of me to it I suppose 🤷🏻‍♂️.

      I’m sure Shelley will pop up soon .

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