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Wednesday 16th

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  • Wednesday 16th

    Morning few! Dark, blowy, dry at the moment and warmer than normal for the time of year. Heavy rain forecast from late morning to early evening

    Yesterday - it took all morning to do the rounds of shopping, collections and deliveries, but all done now. Afternoon spent as cat cushion and/or support, but I did manage some of the canvas/wool work and a bit more sewing up of the cardigan.

    Today - didn't sleep well, so not planning on anything specific today. Usual clearing up to do but otherwise another go with the flow day.

    Caroline - no post yesterday - hope you are OK and it's the gremlins again.
    Dave - think your weather is what we can expect here this afternoon - looks like it's travelling east during the day. Making progress on the toyshop cut?
    Shelley - no post again I'm suspecting you have been hospitalised again and hoping that you are getting effective treatment.
    PS - just realised it's your birthday today; I hope you are able to enjoy it and have some sort of a celebration however small it may be.

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    Morning all, cold but dry here. Got out for a lovely long dog walk yesterday hope to do the same today.

    Blood test went well saw our original phlebotomist Kim, she uses a butterfly needle which is smaller and apart from a prick no pain. Should get the results today.

    Those Tomte up to their tricks on here as my post has gone again.

    Have a rest today Linda and just go with what your body tells you to do. I find the day after a sleepless night I am in a daze.

    Happy Birthday Shelley and hope you are okay.

    Dave busy as usual.

    I am card making with a box full of goodies from the craft box.

    HAGD & BBL x


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      Morning all.....quite dark here today but dry. Showers forecast until teatime.
      Well yesterday Sue was at Sams so I could crack on with things.
      It started off well cutting bricks again for the new toyshop. Then Lisa’s message about the mounts popped up with the usual “no rush”.....which she always puts but knows what I’m like. I was straight on it, not only do I want them done and bagged up but its good customer service. Just like when I was at work, I never gave appointments for days down the line, I wanted to be back in tomorrow. It is what people expect.

      Next I get a message from the outlet, what price was on Starry Night?...someone interested in it.

      Then I get a message from one of the village residents, last year I did a
      “Christmas at the .....” for Pete and his hubby, they posted a snap of a Covid bauble next to mind which got an incidental mention, she asked if the covid one was by me....”No, mind is the wordy one next to it”
      ”Ooh, lovely, can you do me two?” 😂😂 so I designed those up, cut, mounted boxed, they get collected Thursday. After all that, Sue had got home, the shop cut was on hold for the day.
      Today Amy and Daniel are coming here, we are going to buy a Christmas tree or two 😩😩😂. I’ll have great fun there with littl’un, he says so many words now but most of the day is a write off cutting wise again.

      Caroline, Linda, feet up take it easy (for once 🙄😁)
      Hope Shelley is doing okay