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Monday 14th

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  • Monday 14th

    Morning all. What a day weather wise yesterday, poured with rain most of the day, gusts of wind blowing the letter box open. The letterbox also has the brushes in etc so should not happen. Plus cold, brrr. Went to use the treadmill and had to put a coat on.

    Finished the 2 cuffs just need to photograph.

    HW this morning including stripping and washing the hard floors. Takes an age will have to have a lie down after all that.

    Not much else planned today.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Breezy but not raining and slightly warmer again. Forecast is for a bright morning and no rain today.

    Yesterday - like you, Caroline, we had a dismal day and rain for much of it. I spent most of the day in the chair being a cushion for the cats. Internet search found a few options for using leather/fabric etc for book covers and I spent a lot of time c&p info and pictures into a document so I can look it up while I'm in the extension where there is no internet signal. Still getting to grips with differences in how Word etc behaves and discovering I can use the version of Paint that is on this machine but a slow learning curve. Afternoon spent watching recorded TV, a bit more sewing up on the cardigan and a bit more knitting while the GP was on. Pleased to say George is showing definite signs of improvement so the fight to get the medicine into him is worthwhile.

    Today, think I'm going to make soup for tea - got some left over veg and a couple of slices of cooked bacon to be used. I need to photograph the recent book makes, get on with putting the covers and block of the diary together and do a bit of general tidying up. No fixed plans apart from the twice daily fight with George.

    Caroline - looking forward to seeing the latest completed cuffs; don't over do things with the hw and take a break from it as and when needed.
    Dave - thanks for the mutual grumble about fb! Any plans for today, apart from a walk with the lovely Flo?
    Shelley - no post yesterday - are you OK?



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      Morning all...dry here today, no rain yet although forecast until lunchtime.
      Apart from walking the dog, nothing planned so far. I might print out and have a think about doing the toy shop cut. It’s a mix of positive and negative cuts, buildings nearly all are but it will be good to get my teeth into another biggie instead of baubles, I did about 16 in the end.

      Linda, I love a good exchange about FB etc. I’ve seen quite a few posts about the additional page messages problem, not good enough.

      Caroline, don’t wear yourself out
      Shelley will pop up at some point I’m sure.