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Sunday 13th

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  • Sunday 13th

    Morning all, miserable day, dark, wet, windy and cold. They talked about it getting warmer think they must have a different gauge to us.

    Finished the last two cuffs but too dark to photograph, will have a go later and post to CC. Happy with how they have gone, I know not everyone’s cup of tea but they style of me.

    Went for a walk last night, yes it was dark delivered all the local cards, the. Walked down the roads looking at all the decorations. Some are fantastic and must have taken an age to do. Loved seeing all the different styles.

    Sorted the next project to do some two inchies to put onto quilt style pins, should be a bit easier as bigger, I hope.

    Hope you are okay Shelley.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    It's happened again - I posted four hours ago on a new topic and it was in the list of posts when I checked a bit later and now it's disappeared! So frustrating! Anyway, this is my morning drivel.....

    Morning all! (I think! - more like middle of the night). Dark, chilly edge noted when I went out to empty bins, heavy rain forecast for most of the afternoon, and breeze picking up a bit.

    Yesterday - morning whizzed by with lots of finishing off jobs, tidying bits here and there and doing quite a number of five minutes jobs I'd been putting off. Afternoon spent being a cat cushion, making a start on sewing up the cardigan and doing a bit of knitting when I actually wanted to watch what was on the TV. Got George's medication down him OK in the morning, but for the evening dose I had to sit on him on the kitchen floor and get his head in a good grip - he complained loudly and wriggled as much as he could but we got there; friendship is on the line! Only the fact that I feed him is keeping the link

    Today - carry on with the sewing up now I've got started on it, continue research into making leather bound journals (I have leatherette to practice with), GP to watch later but otherwise go with the flow.

    Caroline - more warm and cosy snuggles this morning? How is the project making going - do you need to start creating more project boxes ready for your continued creativity?
    Dave - hope you got your deliveries done OK. Loving the card with Flo and the goose on it ​ And great news about another outlet for you display your work.
    Shelley - glad you popped in last night - I spent the evening checking to see if you'd posted. Not so glad to hear that you are still poorly - look after yourself and hope you're soon improving.



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      Poor George just so grateful that Shiloh had his pills in a bit of bread with butter and jam, straight down and does not touch the sides. The same with his ear drops lies down head on one side, drops in turns over so the other ear can be done, he even reminds me if I forget.

      Re pills Golden’s are pigs in fur coats.


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        Morning all....pouring down here.
        Cards and baubles delivered yesterday, all well received.
        I photographed the toy shop, might cut it. I messaged them out of courtesy for permission to use the image although its my snap which they happily gave.
        Can’t do a lot until the rain stops.

        I’m not sure Linda and Caroline if there is a time limit on posts that they expire if you haven’t posted in x time after writing them, do you see a “restore“ button under the text box which pops them back up again....🤔
        I used to get this on other forums if I wrote War and Peace sized posts, they would disappear on sending.

        Have a goodun’ all


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          Are you insinuating we talk too much, lol?


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            Originally posted by Caroleecrafts View Post
            Are you insinuating we talk too much, lol?
            No, no, not at all.........yes 😂
            Just a suggestion, try highlighting and copying the long posts just before you push the button so if they disappear you can just paste and resend, saves writing them out again?



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              Are you insinuating we talk too much, lol?
              ROFLMAO - he wouldn't dare!

              I’m not sure Linda and Caroline if there is a time limit on posts that they expire if you haven’t posted in x time after writing them,
              I don't think there is Dave - it's not uncommon for me to start a post and get distracted then come back to it half an hour later - it's still there although the site has kicked me out (without telling me) and I have to log in again, but it does that frequently. I've tried the "keep me logged in" thingy and that doesn't work either.

              do you see a “restore“ button under the text box which pops them back up again....
              There's usually something like that when I get back to where I was, although I only discovered it a few months ago. I must admit I usually copy the drivel I've posted to a clip board before I start closing windows and working my way back into the forum, then I can just paste it if it doesn't appear.

              Computers are fabulous machines, but like everything else they do have their down sides and things like this are on that list as minor frustrations



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                Tell me about it and FB is boiling my nut my DTD Papercuts page message section Keeps saying, “Page might not exist, I might not have permission to view it, Might be a problem, link expired etc” so I can’t get in to read new messages to it 😡😡. I’ve reported it, re-installed it, run an update, still the same. I’ve had it with FB, its totally useless lately!



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                  I’ve had it with FB, its totally useless lately!
                  Have to agree with you: my newsfeed is 85% irrelevant adverts and sponsored posts, 8% "this is what your advert would look like" (what advert? I've never even tried to do one), and remainder is posts from people I'm not interested in seeing. Seems to be total failure to notify me of posts in groups and from people I want to see; the select your notifications option doesn't seem to have any logic to it. Add that to the Monday full of business posts and private selling (which I thought wasn't allowed) on the village "community" page and it's all very annoying. Only the CC group and a couple of other hobby groups keep me on fb.



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                    Exactly. I don’t get any ads at all to be honest but notifications from friends posts I mostly don’t get, IG notifications I don’t get but then I get hammered with FB telling me I can boost posts for £5, £10.....why? They have shortened my reach so far, my posts have an echo! I don’t use it to sell, I could get by with just messenger and CC and the cutting groups, Korries etc to be honest....likes have never motivated me much, I can take the rest or leave it 🤷🏻‍♂️