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Wednesday 9th

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  • Wednesday 9th

    Morning all still cold and foggy, which yesterday only cleared about 4pm.

    Have put my Folksy shop on holiday, the post is taking so long and stressing me out when I get an email saying not arrived yet. Delay currently 12 days and will only get worse. Breathe a sigh of relief, may lose out on sales but my well being is more important. Have a lot to do before the 1st, change all the postage rates out sort old stock for sale or charity boxes and make some new items.

    Talking of new items, today making a start on one of the project boxes, just not sure which one. The plan to make for the next 4 mornings then have a break but then again may do the boring computer work first otherwise in the back of my mind all the time.

    Linda how is George? Shiloh’s fur is growing back on his ear, his neck taking longer as so thick but because if his mane cannot see the bald patch.

    Dave what are your plans for today?

    Shelley warm and toasty with the coal Simon picked up? Our heating is now on 21, seems the right temperature to keep the house warm, on 17 overnight then at 4 goes up to 19, then 5 to 21. Never gets very cold, cavity wall insulation and extra thick in the loft. Because of the eco town we got the lofts topped up free of charge a few years ago.

    Off to get a coffee, HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Woke up to the sound of heavy rain; it has eased off a bit and it's a bit nippy outside. Can't see any breeze blowing in the willow tree but it's still a bit dark to see much.

    Yesterday - the George saga is on yesterday's thread, but other than that I did the paperwork and finances hanging about on the desk, managed to stitch and glue two small book blocks, did a final check and proof read, then print of the pocket sized diary (for 2022) and have got that folded and punched ready for stitching. I did try and get some blackwork done, but with various interruptions every 5 minutes I didn't get very far.

    Today - another day where I'm not planning to achieve anything specific, so anything will be a bonus. It would be nice to get the next stage of the small notebooks done and start on the diary stitching, but not desperately important. I have a couple of parcels to gift wrap and package for posting and as I have to go out again tomorrow it would be handy to get them done ready for posting tomorrow.

    Caroline - I think it is a wise decision to put your shop on holiday if it is causing you too much stress; it will make it much easier to get on with the stocktaking etc. Thank you for asking; George is much the same this morning although he doesn't seem to be nagging away at his fur so much so hopefully the new flea treatment is working well. Glad to hear Shiloh's coat is getting back to normal - Herbert's bald patch on his leg (anaesthetic for dental treatment) is still visible but not obvious, not sure it's because he has a thick coat or in spite of it!
    Dave - hope you are pleased with the plastering job - does it smell rather damp in there now as the drying out process progresses? I hate the smell of damp plaster. Are all the bits of furniture, machinery etc back in place and ready for use?
    Shelley - did you get the fish & chips for tea? Lovely eating them out of the paper in front of a roaring fire. I hate driving in the dark too, but have to do it because OH's eye condition gets worse in bad light levels. Just have to be extra careful and not go out unless absolutely necessary. Any plans for today? Have you got any more cards on the go, or even designs milling around inside your head?



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      Morning all.
      Cold here but clear. No real plans for today after walking the dog. While the loft was being plastered I cut some baubles for the neighbs for something to Sue wants some for my sisters family and hers...🙄
      Loft is all back to normal, painting it in the new year, yes Caroline, first coat will be 3:1, water to paint, get a nice base coat on it first. Don’t blame you putting Folksy on hold, the post is hit and miss on delivery times due to volume and staffing levels and people are so impatient. That’s why I won’t sell online...the fickle public!
      I sent a paper package to the U.S. and it only took 3 days more than something I posted inland here.

      We live in an old 1930’s house, none of your modern insulations but its not that bad at all, it was built in the days when coal fires and black cast iron ranges ruled and central heating was for the rich. The loft is insulated because its converted but not the rest of the house apart from new windows, doors and the conservatory floor. We just put the heating on as and when but hate it warm through the night. Sue is very warm blooded, I’m the opposite, like a reptile, never warm enough, my hands and feet are always like ice....

      Hope all of the cats and dogs and their owners are ok
      Have a good’un, be back later,



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        Evening all,

        Dry, sunny but cold here.

        Caroline, sounds like a good plan, I may follow suit and put mine on holiday becuase if someone orders a christmas card it needs to get there in good time for them to send or use. I am also going to have new stock and some of the old stock will have gone. I noticed etsy and not on the high street are advertising on tv, does Folksy ever do this? It would be very helpful to its sellers as now people have those 2 on their minds and won't look further.
        Yes we are toasty warm, thank you. Ten bags will be delivered on Saturday and should see us through till mid January.

        Linda, did you get anywhere with the diaries? Parcels wrapped and ready for the post office?
        Yes, fish and chips, feet up in front of roaring fire, snooker on the telly, it was yummy. There was loads and didn't eat even half of it. Its been so long since the last time I bought any that the price of £6 for a cod and chips was a bit of a surprise.

        Dave, thats the trouble with creating something as popular as the baubles That was quick, all back to normal in the loft.

        We sort of have central heating here. We have a wood/coal burner with a back boiler and radiators upstairs, 3 in the bedroom (biggish room), one in my sewing room and two more in the hall, the rest of the house has no heating except for electric fan heaters, there is one of those kickboard ones in the kitchen. The fire often goes out at night, so wake up to cold house, but not really cold the walls and radiators are still holding some heat. I have a fan heater in the office till Simon lights the fire, it was his idea - he can do all the work The whole system is gravity fed so no pumps needed so even in a power cut we can be warm, it will burn coal, wood, and peat.

        Today again didn't go to plan. After taking my pills I came over all queasy and felt rotten. The last pill is huge, well I think so and often makes me gag which sets off the nausea, its also the water, I never drink water, it makes me sick. I must find something else to take my pills with. I sat around feeling grotty for awhile.
        I put off going out and when I checked my emails one of the craft companies sent an special offers email so I thought I would give it a look. Well surprise surprise, I found exactly the card I was going to HC to see if they had anything. 25% off and my member's 5% and no P&P made it a very good offer. So I ordered it and stayed home no point going now

        I had a very good afternoon in the office paying bills and sorting out some things with one of our major suppliers. Did some work on a quote for some equipment for a restaurant/club for January install.
        Got a strongly worded letter from the old credit card processor becuase I had stopped the DD becuase they were still taking the money. Rang them and spent ages on the phone but the chap was really good got it all sorted so no more to worry about from them.

        Tomorrow out for fuel and air and Sainsburys, then home for the rest of the week.

        Take care all,



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          If you feel nauseous Shelley is the water too cold as that can cause that effect when it hits your stomach. I take mine with weak squash but am a big water drinker though.

          Good bargain on the card. I use he but get free shipping as always spend the minimum.


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            Originally posted by Caroleecrafts View Post
            If you feel nauseous Shelley is the water too cold as that can cause that effect when it hits your stomach. I take mine with weak squash but am a big water drinker though.

            Good bargain on the card. I use he but get free shipping as always spend the minimum.
            Can you take them with food, will that be easier on your stomach to digest?

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