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Tuesday 8th

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  • Tuesday 8th

    Morning all. Still cold and yesterday the fog never lifted until about 7pm. Looks like more of the same today. Shiloh refused a walk, sat on the doorstep hugging the front door so gave up as we were getting cold!

    Hope George is okay Linda and you did not have to go to the vet.

    You are speedy with the mounts Dave takes me ages to do.

    Hope you feel better Shelley, indigestion is horrible luckily on Omneprazole so a thing of the past. Good luck on your trip out today.

    Still sitting in bed drinking coffee, on the iPad with dog snuggled in between us, so warm and cosy.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all. Nice and frosty here this morning, blue sky to the right, pink sky to the left.
    Sue is off to do a morning at the Sams shop, plasterer is coming here at around 11am.
    I’ll grab a few things that I can set up downstairs so I can cut while he does upstairs.
    Yes Caroline, that’s the beauty of having a full size mountcutter, you just work out the aperture size, set the border width on one scale, set start and finish end stop positions for the blade, a mount takes 5 minutes to cut.

    I too am sitting up in bed, tea on the go, on the Ipad, dog curled up right next to ....its a retirement thing 😂



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      You are so right Dave retirement can be sooooo good. People taking about Monday morning feeling, what is that! A distant memory. Now cannot remember what day it is, lol.


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        Just checking in quickly - off to do the weekly shopping before it's too busy out there. Will do the usual drivel when I get back.



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          Morning all! Bit of a breeze and chuffin' cold, but the small amount of mist we had first thing has lifted and it's reasonably bright.

          Yesterday - had to let some air out of the heating system, went to add water to get the pressure up and couldn't turn one of the taps. Phoned the plumber but got his voicemail so left a message. Phoned the vet's just after 9, explained my concerns, appointment at 9.30 so mad rush to get sorted, find George and get him there on time (15 minute car trip). They took bloods, and after discussion we've changed their flea treatment - apparently the fleas round here are getting resistant to Broadline, so they're on a different chemical family treatment. It's every three months, but doesn't cover worms so that needs to be treated separately. On the way there George regurgitated his breakfast, so I cleared the cloth from the bottom of his travel cage. On the way home he operated the orifices at the other end - to the full! Got him out of the car, but before I could get him out of his cage he wiped his tail through the very soft and smelly "solid" expellation. Dumped everything and rushed to get water and cloth and catch him before he spread it around; then had to get the plastic coverings out of the car and clean them along with the plastic sheet in the bottom of the cage and the cage itself. One unhappy, very smelly and hungry cat, one puzzled other cat, one hot and frazzled human and a cold house! George then insisted on sitting on the chair with me for next few hours - stinking out the room.
          I did eventually, after a couple more attempts, manage to get the heating system topped up so heating went back on. Rang the plumber to tell him to ignore my previous message (which he hadn't picked up). He's going to pop in next time he's round this way as we think there's a minute leak from one of the radiators.
          Did manage a bit of the blackwork later on in the afternoon, but nothing else got done.

          Today - weekly shopping done, kitchen still to be cleared. Had a call from the vet's - George has an overactive thyroid and needs medication for life (twice a day and orally), blood tests at 3, 6, 12 weeks then 3 monthly intervals for life because of the danger of it hiding kidney disease/failure. Hopefully it will have a positive effect on his rapid heart and respiration rates.
          Still some kitchen clearing to be done, I have some paperwork to get on with and want to do some more to the books I started. Not holding out hopes of anything going to plan.

          Caroline - hope you enjoyed your cosy cuddle this morning.
          Dave - expect you're up and the plasterer has arrived and got to work by now. Hope it all goes to plan and you can make progress with a cut or two while someone else does the work.
          Shelley - hope your indigestion has cleared up and your trip out into the big world is comparatively straightforward and stress is minimal.



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            Afternoon all,

            Dry, sunny and warmish in the sun.

            Caroline, lovely thought - snuggled up in bed with a cuppa but at that time of the morning I am still fast asleep My indigestion was gone by yesterday evening. I was on Omeprazole made me so queasy and nauseous that I couldn't eat, tried it for about 5 weeks in August, Sept. they changed it to Lansoprazole even worse so now I don't bother. I get indigestion once or twice a year, heartburn maybe 3 or 4 so not difficult to live with, much better than feeling sick all the time.
            As we are closed on Mondays I too never have that Monday morning feeling, its a Tuesday morning feeling Ah but I can't complain, semi retirement is ok too

            Dave, by now plasterer has been and gone and you are now cleaning and sorting his fallout. Hope it went "smoothly"

            Linda, oh my what a fiasco, so hope you and poor George are getting over it all, at least you had plastic protection. I have often worried they will do that on the way or home, becuase its not like kids that you can tell them - right everyone off to the loo, car ride coming At least you are warm again.
            Welcome to the thyroid club, Pepper was a thyroid cat, just over 2 years of daily meds, but only once a day, not twice. It does improve their quality of life as it affects their breathing a bit. Another reason for the regular blood tests is to ensure the correct dose is being given, Pepper had to go once a month for the first 3 and then 3,6. They had to be done at the same time approx for each test.

            Well today has been a complete loss, rang up to order more coal, expected a cheery "yes no problem, tomorrow ok?" Instead I got " Next Tuesday ok for you?" What? My gast was flabbered Its not getting any warmer, Is that the soonest? I asked. She said "I could squeeze you in on Saturday." Ok it will have to do. She then suggested I could come and collect some.
            Well we had no choice really, so I had to forego my trip out and get Simon up and out to collect some coal. As he took his time dilly dallying about the place before he left, I decided to give up going out as I hate driving in the dark and rush hour. So postponed till tomorrow, have to admit don't want to be without coal. He is out now.

            I have had a hankering for fish and chips for a couple of weeks, we have chippie a stones throw away, might have that tonight.

            Not sure what else for the evening, is so cold I just want to sit in front of fire and not move I must motivate myself more.

            Take care all.



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              Yes indeed Shelley, been gone, cleaned up, set straight again, sent the Shark in to clean the floor, all went very “ Smoothly” 😁😁

              Yes Caroline, every day is like a......” day” now and that's about all 😂😂

              Ooh Linda, an “exploding both ends” cat, our Flo was like that on Monday, luckily I’d still got Bens Vax carpet cleaner, soon fixed it 😁



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                Oh Linda poor George and poor you to have to deal with it all. Lee does not get involved with emissions from either end of Shiloh that is my job! Hope George settles down.

                I expect you’ve got to do the normal paint wash before painting Dave, once dried out.

                Shelley hope you get your coal tomorrow. Noticed a lot of houses have had wood burners put in round here.

                Done a lot of nothing, faffing around all day. Lee us playing records tomorrow so may get into the sewing room.


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                  Caroline, same here, I have the pleasure of dealing with the emissions from all ends.

                  No coal tomorrow, that was the whole problem, not coming til Saturday so Simon had to go and get a few bags to go on with.

                  I can understand the faffing about, seem to be a lot of it about lately.



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                    Linda, oh my what a fiasco, so hope you and poor George are getting over it all, at least you had plastic protection.
                    Ooh Linda, an “exploding both ends” cat, our Flo was like that on Monday,
                    Oh Linda poor George and poor you to have to deal with it all.
                    Thank you all - we were all sorted fairly quickly. I always put plastic coverings on the cloth seats in the car before trips to the vets (it pays to do risk assessments ) - both cats hate being in the cage and the car, and get very stressed out about it. George did get inside the house with his contaminated tail, but we have an easily washable floor covering in the kitchen so got that bit cleaned up quickly.
                    Fortunately we have an outside tap, so the plastic was rinsed off fairly easily.
                    It's always me that deals with things like that - always has been all my life. Can't say I enjoy it at all, but suppose I have a stronger stomach and more determination than some people.
                    George seems to be settled at the moment after a lengthy cuddle this afternoon - he dribbles as well so I ended up with cat dribble all over my hands, and a wet patch on my jeans.

                    Glad you (Simon) managed to get some coal Shelley - it's miserable when you get cold and even worse when the house gets cold this time of year (done that for a number of winters with the last boiler we had that kept breaking down).

                    Having an evening watching TV and doing some stitching.


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