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Sunday 6th

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  • Sunday 6th

    Morning all, up dark and early blooming cold outside the back door.

    Today starting the snippet roll on a vintage style spool. These should be fun as can use up scraps, beads, charms in fact anything fabric related.

    My mood board is looking good, still a long way to go and need to start a strict record of what I am making as well as tracking what sells. Normally just make, post and that is it. Gradually want to reduce my stock levels as well.

    Have you seen the images of the idiots round Harrods last night, they think there will be a spike in COVID now. I don’t know what with the Covidiots and Russia the world I’d going mad.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all.
    Cold, dark and misty this morning.
    Yesterday I went to the craft centre outlet and dropped a few more cuts in, quite a few around. The girl that I cut mounts for is renting a unit there too, opposite the one I’m already in, she has offered me free wall space and wants nothing if any sell because I save her a fortune in mounts. That said, she’ll get the same commission as the other one, I don’t do the mounts free of charge.

    I went to HC at the retail park after that....what tier restrictions? There were people everywhere. HC was limiting it to 36 in the shop but many others were not.
    I grabbed six frames, a roll of framing tape, a roll of paper tape, £81 later I was out of the door, passing a queue of about 15 people all stood nice and close together 🤷🏻‍♂️. If that is a sign of things to come, the cases will rocket again between now and new year!

    Got home, Sue was doing something with our latest foraging collection, I’d got nothing to do so I went upstairs and brushed the ceiling with pva/water ready for the plasterer on Tuesday. Gave me an excuse to get rid of a couple of bottles of craft pva because I now use conservation Ph neutral stuff instead.

    That’s about it. No doubt Amy and Daniel will be round later to shatter the peace.



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      Morning all! (just!) Brightened up since first thing, very chilly out and damp atmosphere but not actually raining.

      Popped in earlier, but couldn't type as I had a lap and a chair full of cats

      Yesterday - another day of unpicking stitching (actually there was so much I ended up cutting it out). I've given up trying to find the source of the 2 thread error and am just unpicking as I go round with the cross stitch part of the design and will place the blackwork from there.

      Today - decided I had to make progress with the 2022 pocket diary - eventually got there when George got off my lap, but another proof reading brought a few more minor edits needed to my attention. Started pulling bits together for a couple of A6 notebooks but had to stop when I got hungry. Frustrated with the cats as they won't eat any of the food I've put down - three different flavours of meat and two different flavours of fish - all of which they've been happily eating for months. We are going to have some very fat crows and magpies and some very skinny cats if this carries on.

      Caroline - hadn't heard of snippet rolls, but having looked up I'm sure whatever you finish up with will be beautiful as always and your "left over from other projects" pile should shrink a bit. Think the spike in Covid infections is a definite - and will get worse over the Christmas period too. January is not going to be easy for the NHS.
      Dave - Sounds like HC was a nightmare! Noticed last time I went to the supermarket people were wearing masks, but seem to have forgotten about the distancing. I'm wanting to go to the Scrap Store in Hull, but hanging back because I think they will have been inundated in the few days after they opened. I'm hoping to go Wednesday or Thursday this coming week depending on weather.
      Shelley - we had a very heavy sleet shower yesterday - sounded like stones hitting the back door and windows. Sloe gin looks a bit pale so not sure the flavour is intense enough; I'm sure it will get drunk in due course. Well done on completing the quilt project and hope you enjoyed your tea.



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        Yes Linda, exactly. Most wearing masks but now too close together. Our village (or small town depending on who you speak to 🙄) is getting busier, the empty shops due to CV19 are now occupied again. Common sense has deserted people. One is an all year round Christmas shop which has queues daily and another is a big toy shop but the sort of toy shop that looks Victorianesque by theme, wooden toys, large wooden soldiers inside etc so that’s busy too. I’d love to go, its a 10 minute walk but it can wait!

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          Afternoon all,

          Dry but cold here.

          Caroline, I had to look up snippet roll too, they are right up your street, perfect vintage style for you. I have to agree with you, they just don't seem to understand. Covidiots - made me laugh, not heard that before, perfect description.

          Dave, another bunch of covidiots I have decided to go on Tuesday as the weather will be 5 or 6 degrees warmer and the sun will be out. Tomorrow grey and cold so not appealing as I need to petrol up and put air in one of tyres before I go to HC. Is the toyshop new? Can't imagine you haven't been yet, sounds like a wonderful place.

          Linda, oh how frustrating with the blackwork. I hope the cats start eating soon, it can be worrying and annoying. I can't put cat food outside, the rats would have a party. So in the bin it goes. Hope the notebooks and diaries progressed well.

          Today had a nice Sunday lie. Got up and developed terrible heartburn and indigestion, it did go mostly after an hour or so but I just ended up sitting around. Shop open at 4-4:30, watching the snooker, its the final, looks like its going to be a good match.

          Not sure what to do for the rest of evening, might feel normal after some food. I should get my new machine out and have a play, I realised I have been making the mistake of expecting something finished and perfect first time, so have been putting it off becuase I haven't got the right colours of card (hence one reason to go to HC) but I should just try with what I have got or I may become too scared to try it.

          I need to go and do something to eat, not sure what yet, I have a rummage round the cupboards and see what takes my fancy.

          Take care all,



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            Yes Shelley, it is a new shop relocated from Shrewsbury about 25 miles away. Judging by the snaps on their page it is more like “ Mr Magoriums toy emporium”.
            Too busy for me just yet, too many covidiots not giving social distance. Might go as soon as they open one of the mornings before the hordes descend.
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