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Saturday 5th

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  • Saturday 5th

    Morning all! I have checked three times and can't see a morning post from anyone else, so......
    Weather is cool, barely a breeze, damp from overnight rain and dull as ditchwater.

    Yesterday is best forgotten. Apart from bottling the sloe gin (and I'm not particularly happy with this batch) I stitched an area of blackwork, only to find it didn't finish up where it should; took it all out and did it again and another part wasn't right so took it out again. I spent ages counting threads from all directions but couldn't figure out where the error was so have given up. I will go at it from another direction and do the outlining first and maybe I'll see what else is out of place. I did catch up with last weekend's Strictly and the nightly programmes.

    Today - another don't know day, but I'm hoping it will be more productive than yesterday. FT has been abandoned for the moment - not managed to make any progress for a couple of days so I'm bored with it for the time being LOL!

    Caroline - how is the mini-stitching going - are you googleyed yet?
    Dave - weather looking a bit wet and even snowy over your way - hope the forecast is wrong and you and Flo can get out for a good walk.
    Shelley - sounds like you were busy again yesterday, well done on getting the first part of the quilt velcro done. The new Sainsbury delivery system sounds like a good idea.


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    Morning snow here (yet) just light winds, light rain.
    Yesterday went out foraging for more foliage etc for Sue to make a wreath etc.
    Not much to do so I mounted and framed Starry night and the bridge one, they go to the outlet today. The bridge is near the outlet so fingers crossed.
    Need to nip to Morrisons for some salmon, grab some printer ink and cartridges and do an egg run then its feet up and a Christmas film probably.



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      Morning all

      Oh how annoying Linda and the trouble is with black work has to be right.

      Finished the Inchies, framed and posted a pic on CC.

      Today finished the last 3 Inchies, framed, walked the dog blooming cold out there and got caught in a violent shower with wind and rain, yuk. Copy of coffee and a shortbread biscuit feel more human. Tidied the sewing table and got out the beads to make a start on. The beads I ordered can be used but a bit too small ordered some 12mm ones, paid extra for first class so should be here by Tuesday.

      Taking of post see the charges are going up again in January another job to add to the NY list, may put the shop on holiday over Christmas and do then as can be a pain to update listings. Should really do a stock take but not sure can face that as took so long this year.

      The samples of linen have arrived, perfect colours and added to the mood board for 2021.need to complete the project boxes ready first, sort out fabric in stock either use or put on Folksy to sell. So much to do and I cannot be asked, lol.

      HAGD & BBL x


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        Oh how annoying Linda and the trouble is with black work has to be right.
        Extremely annoying Caroline as it is quite an open overall design, but divided into four quarters which are all reflections of each other so anything out of place will shout - very loudly!



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          Afternoon all,

          Its been raining ice, its like frozen rain, not really sleet. The weather forecast said sleet, rain and a gentle breeze, made me laugh, gentle doesn't really fit in a forecast like that. Its also been cold, lovely fire going here so nice and warm.

          Linda, I like your checking - thrice. Sometimes yesterdays are best forgotten What was it about the sloe gin you didn't like? Shame you had to unpick so much blackwork. Did you find where you were going wrong? Not a bad idea to give FT a rest, a lot of new info to assimilate. Hope today went better

          Dave, interesting shopping list reminds me I need some salmon, for salmon and scrambled eggs on toast mmm. Good place to get a sale, near the bridge itself, hope it goes quickly.

          Caroline, nothing worse than a drenching, glad you recovered so quickly. Its nice when you finish one project and clear the decks for the next. Mood board coming along
          Post charges going up, no surprise, apparently they are having a hard time with all the competition, which is why I think they have started collections, good thing too, put all those carriers who will remain nameless but we know who they are, out of business!

          Today sorted out more laundry, one load in washing, one drying. More to hang out in a bit.

          Finished the other quilt with the velcro. Simon took some pictures of me sewing the quilt, will post a couple in CC. So now sewing machine away and scan n cut out for some playing after dinner.

          We are going to have fried spam, eggs, beans and B&B, don't ask me why except there have been ads on the telly for it and Simon said, mmm I could go some of that, so I said really? Ok we can give it a go, must be more years than I care to remember the last time I had spam. Will let you know how it went

          Take care all,