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Thursday 3rd

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  • Thursday 3rd

    Morning all! Dark, cold, wet, breezy. Nowt else to be said.

    Yesterday - erm........... apart from clearing the kitchen and one load of laundry I spent the day adding several hundred more people to the family tree, and still haven't finished. All from one Scottish line and centred on a tiny island in the Outer Hebrides - only about 10 family names and around 3 or 4 dozen given names between them so masses of duplicate names. I suspect there is a great deal of cousins marrying, or siblings from one family marrying siblings from another, but that's a different matter to try and investigate that. Spread with emigration is the whole way across Canada and quite an area of USA, a small area of the Scottish mainland, but very little ingress into England.

    Today - must do a bit more HW, really want to finish the current adding data to the ft, but need to do other things that don't tire my eyes quite so much. Not planning on going out in this awful weather.

    Caroline - hope Shiloh's digestive problems haven't recurred. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the inchies so hope you made good progress with them yesterday. Have the awaited parcels arrives?
    Dave - glad to see you posted and absence was just because you were busy. Would have been a bit worried if I hadn't seen your posts on fb. How long did you spend thinking that once you'd retired life would be less busy and tiring? - Me too! ROFLMAO
    Shelley - the sale of condiments has been a regular occurrence to R&J for a few years although they only moved to the farm about 2 years ago - the house is still being built and it's a very small acreage, but I think they are hoping to have a sales point some time in the future. Will see how it goes. You are the queen of reorganisation and re-ordering! Glad the shop opening routine came back to you so quickly


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    Morning all....right wet old day today, sorry Flo, dog walk will have to wait.
    Nothing much on today, bit of framing maybe. Not much on today now the two commissions have been collected, bit of framing or a couple of mount only jobs. The people that bought the coracle one, that was the fifth of mine they now have, the lady that bought the poem one, their second.

    The plasterer coming Tuesday will give me a good excuse to tidy the loft. I’ve already put about 25 framed ones away. Today I’ll put small boxed stuff in a big box, get that out of the way then I’ve only got to move big stuff. T.V’s, printers, mount cutter etc. Most stuff, paper, glues, blades etc are all in boxes or containers, much easier to deal with. The storage unit can stay, I’ll just throw a cover over it. There isn’t much plastering to do, just one side of the pitched ceiling, a few hours worth but the dust and splashes get everywhere so I won't tempt fate, I’ll move it all.

    Thanks for the concern when I didn’t post. If anything was up I’d definitely have told one of you so no one worries, just life in general sometimes and early starts, I tend to get a bit waylaid or forgetful when I’m busy and sometimes I’m just “all social media’d out“, still, it’s nice to be missed 😁

    Yes Linda, the day before I retired I had visions of taking it easy and just pottering around, even work put me on a phased wind down over 12 months so as it went on I did less and less days, a week after I retired I was painting it, building it, digging it, lists every day, two years later, four more grands in the mix too.....nothing has changed 😂😂



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      Morning all, late again getting up later and enjoying a cup of coffee in bed. Opened the back door for Shiloh and he got a slipper up his behind, went flying off the step. Not standing there in my pj's freezing while he hesitates, lol.

      Still waiting for the beads Linda, should be here by tomorrow but getting on with the inchies, very tiny stitches and have to blanket stitch round 25 of them. Vreaking it up with adding the charms at the same time, that will leave the beading and embridery.

      Postie just collected 2 more parcels, going to my sister. He said this collection business was one of the good things they have done lately. On that note postal prices going up on the 1st Jan.

      Enjoy the HW but do not do too much, will always be there tomorrow.

      Pleased you are okay Dave as do worry when one of the gang does not appear.

      HAGD & BBL x


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        Evening all,

        Rain, rain all day, then bright sunshine in the afternoon.

        Linda, two good jobs done the kitchen and laundry then some productive FT, sounds like a lot of relationships to sort out. Don't blame you not going out. I had to, luckily Simon did my tyre yesterday while the sun was shining, I have a little pump that runs off the cigarette lighter so can be done on the forecourt where the car is parked.

        Dave, glad all is well and it was just your busy post retirement life got in the way I would be the same, clear out or cover everything, no point risking it. Plaster is such fine dust it gets everywhere and when wet is messy too.
        Yes, sometimes the day just gets away with me too and before I know it I have missed posting, but I don't let it stress me anymore, I just have more to say the next time

        Caroline, I know just what you mean, it certainly is the weather for longer snuggles in a warm bed with a cuppa, luckily the cats have flaps and trays.
        I went to the post office with my parcel today, it was to my friend in Spain (contact lenses, they still send them here) I thought about getting a collection but as it was to Spain I just wasn't happy to do it myself, apparently the post service out there is rubbish and I didn't want to risk doing anything wrong and have it disappear into the ether. I will use it for my next UK delivery.

        Today it rained all morning and the best part of the afternoon, decided to go anyway and as I got to the post office the rain stopped, the sun came out and the glare was horrendous, just after 3, sun low in the sky, roads wet. Glad I was going home the other way and not into the sun, popped into Sainsburys and did a shop to last the weekend and hopefully till Tuesday. We had beef sandwiches tonight and one more round left for tomorrow, but the bubble & squeak yesterday was delicious, really enjoyed it, ate loads, felt fat, lolled around on the sofa for ages

        Now so glad I am now home for the next few days, I have had a month of having to go to the docs, the c h e m i s t, the shops, the vets and more. Now for some sewing, and playing with paper

        More laundry, of course and maybe some vacuuming upstairs if I can fit it in.

        Take care all.

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