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Wednesday 2nd

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  • Wednesday 2nd

    Morning all, enjoyed our Chinese lunch yesterday but felt stuffed after, long walk and better did not eat for the rest of the day. Porridge this morning with cinnamon and sultanas.

    Shiloh was not sick, he did start salivating gave him a charcoal biccie and fine. When he does this always has a problem at night.

    Stitched some random stitches on the felt, added lace and cut out the inch squares have 25 of them. Got to blanket stitch around, add the charms and then embroider the rest. Sort some backing board and stick in the frame. A vintage oak style so think will fit well. When done will post a pic in CC.

    Still waiting for the glass beads for the silk wrapped beads. Bead caps arrived and tassels again something I can do downstairs. Just have to watch sir and the seed beads if he sneezes or sniffs!

    Got an email from Lee’s cousin, they were told her DH had at least a month on Tuesday, yet died on Thursday. She had written to the CEO of Coventry hospital for answers. He knew things were not right in March with the lump on his neck but they dismissed it and only bothered when it got to the size of a melon. Operated on him 2 weeks ago to enable him to speak then tests showed all over his body. He had been going regularly since his lung was removed last year. The worst time of year for a death although no time is good.

    Booked my blood test but feel happier now, thank you Shelley looked up about the Vitamin D, wonder why this year is bad as I was outside a lot.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Dark, cold, but not raining although there's a bit of breeze around.

    Yesterday - shopping done and curiously some people in the supermarket seem to have forgotten about keeping their distance from others, although all wearing masks. I was pleased to get done as the shop was getting busier as I was there (door control on and small queue by the time I left). Forgot to go through town on the way back and pop into opticians, so rang them when I got home - appointment next week. Finished adding the current group of people to the family tree and found out the lady who triggered all this is living on/in Vancouver Island. She's actually a closer relative than my distant cousin in Basingstoke!
    I had a sale! The people who rent the field behind us have a small farm and raise turkeys, sheep and cattle. As the meat is ready they make up packs for sale and like to include a small jar of some complementary condiment. The turkeys are ready so I have sold my full stock of cranberry red wine sauce - all eight jars of it I've also got a forward order for some horseradish mustard too, but probably not needed until the new year.
    And I've finished the pattern part of the border on the wool work piece, now ready to start on the main panel.

    Today, I was thinking of going over the river to the Scrap Store today, but had second thoughts as it might be so busy I'd have to wait some time to get in and would feel under pressure to rush round and get out so someone else can enter. Not good because I need to browse - their stock changes daily and I go so rarely I'm not familiar with what they are likely to have, plus they've opened up another area with more stuff in it. It's the sort of place where you wander round four or five times before even deciding what to buy!
    The last two batches of laundry should be dry and aired so need to be packed away and the next batch put in the machine.
    Think I might have another look at the web site and see if I can figure out how to do things - I could be communing with Google a lot on this matter

    Caroline - very sorry to hear Lee's cousin has been through such a traumatic time; I hope she gets some answers from the hospital trust management. You've been busy with the inchies, but it sounds like there's still plenty to keep you occupied.
    Dave - no post yesterday - did the coat rack take all day, or did visitors disrupt your plans? Hope all is well.
    Shelley - we ended up with pizza and salad for tea - and very nice too It will be like a new experience for you being open again today, but I'm sure you'll cope very well. Exciting having a new working space to organise and good that it's placed where you can do stuff and keep an eye on the business side of things. Did your car tyre get sorted?



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      Afternoon all,

      It has been drizzly on and off all day, cold.

      Caroline, glad you enjoyed your chinese and your porridge for breakfast. Can't cope with porridge, my dad was scottish, Dundee, and we had to have glutinous porridge with salt. eeewww. I was not allowed to leave the table till I finished it or I was made to sit under the table to finish it. So all the cracks in the floorboards and skirting got stuffed with the vile stuff It was so sticky I bet that house is still standing due to the porridge holding it together I was about 5, strangely the porridge disappeared from the menu about a year later, wonder if they ever worked it out
      Those inchies are quite sweet, looked some up online, a bit like fabric ATCs.
      Glad Shiloh wasn't sick, bet he just wanted a biccie
      Sorry to hear about Lee's cousin, medical things are always difficult, made worse at these times. Hope they get the answers they want.
      I am not sure why so many people need Vitamin D especially as there were so many beaches full during the "lockdown" I probably spent more time in the garden this year than any for ages.

      Linda, people just aren't behaving very well at all, masks under the chins, noses hanging out and not keeping apart. Oh well as long as we do it some of us should be safe. Interesting the further away relative is actually more closely related.
      Well done on the sale, happy dance and orders for the future, maybe some sort of future partnership? Does he have premises that you could put a few jars in for sale?
      Nice to finish the border and now to get on to the main bit
      Our scrapstore has very odd hours, it is 100m behind our house as the crow flies but I never go becuase I can never work out if its open or I can't go becuase the hours clash with us being open.
      My techie friend contacted me and I was able to remind him he was going to set up a barebones website that I could add pictures and words as needed, this was in return for us sending him some music recording equipment, Ah yes he said and we have agreed some things, I have to send him a list of the basic things I need.

      Dave, you ok? Now beginning to worry.

      Today opened at 10am, strange how it all just flooded back, turning on things, booting the PC, starting up the credit card tablet, unlocking the door and turning the open sign around.
      Another load of laundry done, one drying.
      Spent the afternoon pottering around filling up the cupboard and drawers in the table, put my manual die cutting machine on the top along with my 2 Xyrons and my A3 light pad. Filled the drawers with all the fiddly bits that had collected on my desk yeah, clear space. The drawer near the door to the shop and out to the front door I put all our masks and the infrared thermometer - our corona drawer Handy though.
      Reorganized the pencils, hard to see the difference but its better.

      So now reorganized and reinvigorated I opened the software Canvas for the scan n cut and studied how it would cut the layers and how to send it to the machine and what order I could choose to do in it and so choose coloured card. Might have a go after dinner, or might wait till tomorrow morning and do it on my own when Simon is still in the land of nod so I don't feel stressed and can take my time.

      Bubble & squeak tonight with gravy mmmmmmmmmmmm can't wait. Off to make a start now.

      Take care all.


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        Evening all.....Not posted, all good at the ranch, its been a busy couple of days. Yesterday, the coat hanger thing was easy enough. I was up and about really early, intentions of posting went on the backburner. I ended up clearing out a load of large boxes etc from her garden after littl’uns birthday, skip run, back home for a cut collection etc.
        Today pretty much the same, another collection. I was looking forward to it easing off a bit, plasterer just messaged me, he is coming Monday or Tuesday to plaster the loft so now I have to empty it 😩😩.