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Monday 30th

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  • Monday 30th

    Morning all late again to the party, lol.

    Cold but dry here. Postie collection a parcel for the sales from yesterday later. Remembered should have been at the Christmas fair on the 28th, still had some online sales last week so happy.

    Looking at The Packhouse in Farnham with a friend possibly to rent the summer house next year for a day or 2. Mid week is best as get all the yummy mummies rolling up in their Mercedes sports, bentleys etc. For lunch and shopping. Something to think about and a beautiful setting.

    Have to sort something for me to do downstairs, may add some stitching and lace to the felt for inchies, cut into inch square and do some hand embroidery etc downstairs. Blanket stitch the edges. Thinking of doing them as seasons starting with winter but not Christmas.

    Postie has arrived, HAGD & BBL x

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    Wish I knew what was going on round here - I typed my usual morning blurb in a new post about an hour ago, but it's disappeared into thin air! Anyway..........

    Morning all! Very dull and dark, temperature about the same, fine mizzly rain, wind more noticeable than yesterday.

    Yesterday - was very good and had a walk to the farm shop for spuds, spent a bit of time on the blackwork project (Bert was stretched out on my lap so there was no room for the wool work), Checking emails I accidentally clicked a button on something in one of genealogy sites I signed up for years ago, but rarely use - it triggered a message to someone who responded and it looks like I may have found another cousin (shared great great grandparents) but I don't know yet if she's in UK, Canada or USA. A long soak in the bath in the afternoon, then watched old episodes of Salvage Hunters and Repair Shop while I did some wool work. OH had spag bol (home made sauce from the freezer and I had bacon, mushroom, onion and rice. Another early night.

    Today - horrified at the accidents at the GP, but pleased both drivers seem to have escaped any major damage - can't say the same for the cars. Sleep still disrupted and overslept by over more than an hour this morning. Usual clearing up done and one load of laundry on the go (I think Shelley's laundry mountain has moved to my house!). Don't exactly feel bright and chirpy as have a touch of cold and sneezes, so it will be another "see how it goes" day.

    Caroline - how far did you get with the decorations? All done, or the last bit to do today? What "do it downstairs" project did you decide upon?
    Dave - have you recovered your life at home equilibrium after Saturday's change in routine? Did the holly get put to good use?
    Shelley - I, too, will happily spend more time organising than doing - was bad at it in the office at work too, but I can't work with a messy desk and need to clear stuff before I can start the next job so the places for things need to be efficiently organised.



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      Morning all....cold and clear here.
      Roll on retail opening, both printers are on their last drops of ink and need frames.
      The coracle cut is about 2/3 done, just the river part to cut now.
      Yes Linda, equilibrium is indeed restored once more 😁
      Learned some more sign language words, starting to link it all up now. The BSL (British Sign Language) on Youtube is such a great way to learn it all. Very slow, precise, all in sections of use e.g. greetings, retail, education etc.
      Amy has just messaged, needs some scanning doing so is on her way down...again πŸ™„
      Need to walk Flo before a Morrisons delivery at 1-2pm.

      That’s about all for now.


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        Evening all,

        Grey, not rainy but wet air, mild though.

        Caroline, had to look up the Packhouse, very interesting, should be a great day out and I hope you do well. Its only about an hour from me, might come and see you Did you decide on something to do downstairs?

        Linda, how odd, I must admit none of my posts have ever disappeared. Maybe I have that pleasure to come Yesterday sounds like you had a good time, walking, sitting, soaking, eating and sleeping I wondered where my laundry mountain had gone, I have to admit it is now down to a mere hillock so winning. Just a couple of loads more and we should be back to the normal cycle of about 2 loads a week.
        Hope your relaxed day went well.
        Ah that fellow, the one responsible for alot of our images and traditions of christmas, made me laugh. Makes sense but not that the forum should ban it, its really very old fashioned.

        Dave, Well done on the coracle cut, that didn't take long A4 or A3? Did the scanning get done? Glad you are enjoying the BSL and getting on well with it.

        Today was a productive day for HW, got another load of laundry on the go and one load drying, cleaned the bathrooms, did the bins with Simons help. Made some roast beef sandwiches for us and then watched quizzes on tv.

        Tomorrow no HW last day we are closed before the end of lockdown reopening on Wednesday so I am going to empty the cupboard in the table and see if Simon and I can carry it down stairs so I can sort my desk out and feel happy to get on with some crafting, sewing velcro to start with then cutting a multilayer mandala with my new machine.

        Take care all,



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          Yes Shelley, completed the cutting today, framing tomorrow. Only want it A4. These people have three of my portraits and the owl, that is the only A3 one.
          Scanning done...I’ve been talked into putting up a coat racky thing up on her wall tomorrow...always a hidden agenda πŸ€”
          Yes, really enjoying BSL.



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            Oh well done, another one done. Thats the trouble with be able to do things, you get asked Not too difficult, a coat rack. Enjoy.



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              Will let you know if and when we do the Packhouse Shelley, would be good to see you.

              Yes decided on Inchies, will do the machine bit today (Tuesday)