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Thursday 26th

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  • Thursday 26th

    Morning all, dry, frosty and cold here atm.

    Off to the post box this morning, walk mutt at the same time. Have to wait until Waitrose arrive though, then if timed right can come for a lovely hot cup of coffee or maybe even a hot choccie, yumm!

    Going to sort out my next project today, I promise. I am getting so bad good job my shop is full but a few things would like to clear before '21. Need to configure some USBN sticks on the embroidery machine then can download some designs to go a project box. Crinoline ladies first I think.

    Need to also crack on with this scarf, will be pleased to see the back of them doing 6 maybe was not a good idea, apart from the fact know the pattern off by heart now.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Daylight still not quite here, damp but not raining, cold, but very little breeze. Just noticed the vague mist that was around is gathering depth and encroaching on to the garden from the field next door. Hope it doesn't get much worse - it's only just about up to the hedge tops but that means it will be swirling around on the areas where the air gets disturbed - ie roads.

    Yesterday - not quite sure what I did apart from a few hours on the wool embroidery (made quite a bit of progress, but it doesn't look like it), and did do the final bit of the two A5 diaries (not totally happy with them, but will retrieve them from the "press" - boards and heavy books - later and see what I think). Watched some recorded TV programmes. Had a phone call about hair appointment - was booked for a couple of weeks time, but the lady who does mine has sadly lost her husband recently after a heart attack and several days in ICU in Hull. They are now short staffed for the re-opening and it's still a busy time of year, so I have cancelled and will re-book in the new year at a time when things are more settled.

    Today - need a trip to farm shop, and have a parcel of stuff to take to brother's house; laundry already on the go, still thinking about change(s) to labels on the jars for the stall but also seriously considering setting up a couple of diary templates for 2022 - start now and it means I don't have to rush and have time to hopefully make some decent books during the year.

    Caroline - sounds like you're in a "sort out and clear up" period at the moment. Sometimes it takes quite a bit of willpower to get such a situation sorted, but so good when it is done. Hope you and Shiloh enjoy the walk.
    Dave - getting on very well with the sign language - hope you can find find somewhere to practice it and benefit others once the lockdown situation allows some sort of normality. Glad to hear Flo has got plenty of grub in house
    Shelley - jars do go in the dishwasher, after they've been through the washing up bowl, inspected for integrity, considered for suitable size and shape and had labels removed Unfortunately most of the jars I re-use have labels which are stuck down with a strong adhesive and any plasticising of the paper means water can't penetrate to work on the glue so it requires time and physical effort to remove all adhesions (keeps me out of mischief for a while). Sounds like you are back to normal and cramming in more tasks during the day than I manage in a week! Hope Simon's vehicle gets through its MoT OK.

    Off for more coffee


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      Morning all....really hard frost here, should brighten up later.
      Got the dog poem mounted and framed up ready to go.
      Part way through the hawk cut, can crack on with that now...need to frame the bridge cut.
      I think Amy is coming around later, that’s peace gone...
      Shopping all done so that’s clear
      Bit of a ”Meh” day today.



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        Evening all,

        Dry, clear but colder here.

        Caroline, did you go for hot chocolate? It always sounds so delicious but it never tastes as I expect. I may just be using the wrong things. I don't like milk so maybe its the water that makes it odd. USB sticks done? projects sorted? all go again

        Linda, hope it cleared up a bit for you. Hair is not important as long as its clean Anyway there is nowhere or no one to look fancy for at the moment. I never go to the hairdressers, no need, my hair just is and we have a hairdresser right next door!
        Did the dairies look better than you hoped?
        What a lot of work, washing, scrapping, washing again checking and finally the dishwasher, mind you can't be too careful with food. Good plan with the dairies.

        Dave, did you get some time to yourself before the peace was shattered? You are keeping busy again.

        Today more laundry!! I can only wash when I have somewhere to dry it, drying takes a day or so over the bannister and radiators then in the dryer, it feels like its going on for ever

        Simon's car passed no problems, yeah, he went and collected it, then I popped out to the Sainsburys to get the things I forgot yesterday- coffee and cat milk but decided as I was there to shop for the next few days. I decided to do a roast - beef and all the veg. So we can have beef, gravy and bubble&squeak and sandwiches for a few days. One day of work = several days of easy dinners. So hopefully lots of time for sewing and crafting. Will do that on Saturday, today cauliflower cheese.

        Organized my coloured sharpies in to a round thing I had for paint brushes and ordered a fab looking acrylic stand for 96 pencils, so my coloured pencils can come out of hibernation and get used more.

        Have a good evening all and take care.