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Wednesday 25th

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  • Wednesday 25th

    Morning all, 1 month until Christmas love this time of year.

    Samples not here yet I don’t suppose a priority. In my sewing room this morning, have some projects not yet started so time to think ‘do I do them or not?’ If not empty boxes, remove labels and start again.

    The planning is going well starting off slow and the first new year project will be sleep masks with a bag to keep safe plus sleep pillows with lavender. A gift set. Think this may be the way to go ny as seem to be very popular, may even add a gift card. The lavender sachets with initials you tested went down well so may reintroduce them.

    So funny about the wrong cat Shelley easy to do though.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Still more dark than light and not sure how much better it will get during the day - rain forecast for most of the morning followed by cooler temperature but hopefully the wind speed won't be too bad despite the change in direction from SW to NW.

    Yesterday, after trailing around Grimsby etc then dealing with the groceries, butchery produce etc I did almost nothing. Did finish inputting the last couple of pages of data on the preserves document (except the one thing I forgot to add), had an hour soak in the bath and washed my hair. Evening spent with a cat occupying my lap so no space to get the embroidery out. Went to close blinds in the extension only to discover George had "chucked" on the floor of the office - not much bulk to it but he had managed to spread it over 3 or 4 large carpet tiles, so a bit of clearing and scrubbing to be done there.

    Today, no plans to go outside (maybe just all of three steps to the dustbin), there's a bowlful of empty jars which has been soaking for a couple of days so label scraping off is one chore to do, and I really am going to try and get the two A5 diaries finished today. I've had an idea to re-jig the labels on the jars of preserves in the store room, but that would be a very big project as it's fiddly printing, cutting and overlaying and there are several hundred jars. It would look better but I'm not sure if it would be worth the time spent. Other than that, I'll see about getting some stitching of some sort done too.

    Caroline - sounds like you're back to 100% on the planning, organisation and doing of projects. I'm sure your sewing room will look a lot tidier after you've had a session in there this morning and your mind will be organised for getting the projects done.
    Dave - did you get the poemy thing completed? Customer will be delighted with it no doubt Hope there's now plenty of dog food in house, so Flo won't be going hungry any time soon, and well done on the increasing sign language knowledge. Any digging done?
    Shelley - yesterday's stress was created by having to be around and communicate with people - think I could quite happily be a hermit (best part the way there already!). Had to have a little chuckle about getting the wrong cat! Easily done, as the vet said, but pleased it's nothing more sinister than a urinary infection for MeiMei - think they're usually cleared up quickly with ABs. Poor Flo though - the ignominy of it all when she was fine all along Fingers crossed you get time for some crafting today.



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      Morning all.....been raining here since last night, forecast to stop before lunch.
      Sue and I went to the retail park yesterday, pretty empty. Stocked up on dog food and biscuits, I grabbed more baubles, Sue grabbed outdoor tree lights. She likes to decorate the bushes with them. No digging, was dark by four pm.

      Got most of the cut done, just some paw prints and dog bones to cut then framing.
      Nothing else on today just housework and knock up a “bulk to freeze” curry. Indian or Thai, not sure yet.

      Last night I learned the” who, why, where, when, what” signs plus a bit on sentence construction.
      For example, you don’t sign “ Do you want a drink?” You sign “You-want-drink?” the facial expression and eyes make it a statement or a question. Just like the please and thank you sign are the same but the lip pattern is the difference. All very interesting.

      Shelley, wrong cat is funny, reminds me of the the old joke “Put it back quick, that’s not our pram”
      ”I know but it’s a better looking baby” 😂😂

      Just had a DPD delivery for Sue. Guy said “ Surname please?” I told him. He said “That’s a different surname to what is on the bag” I said....”So what, I’m obviously not Susan either?” 🤷🏻‍♂️🙄🙄



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        Afternoon all,

        Dry mostly and a bit of sun, not too cold.

        Caroline, sounds like a lovely day - in the sewing room Hope you made some decisions and got things sorted. Sleep masks and pillows sound good.

        Linda, hope you had a good day, I am surprised you don't put the jars in the dishwasher, the labels just fall off. Ah isn't that just the way, not just one spot but spread all over as much of whatever the carpet, the bed, or both your slippers One of the cats when very young had a bit of an iffy tummy and managed to get it on the bed right in the middle by the pillows so got both sheets, the quilt cover, the quilt and all the pillows. Better though than peeing on the bed
        Difficult, knowing it would look better but whether or not worth the effort. I changed Icons logo and sticker designs, went through the same dilemma so decided to do the changes as the were needed, printed out supplies and if I sell a card I put it in a clean new cello bag and use the new stickers. May be a way to go for you?

        Dave, did you make a decision about the food? Glad you are making progress with the cuts.
        Its very similar in chinese, any statement can be turned into a question by the addition of the word ma. So you could say "You eat." meaning I see you eat. or "You eat ma?" meaning do you want to eat. Thats very basic but understandable, a more grown up sentence would be You want eat ma? The use of tones in chinese mean you can't really express a question by the sound you make.
        Ha made me laugh -twice - babies are usually not very good looking (in my opinion) and the DPD driver probably didn't even think when he spoke

        Today did some more paperwork in the office and finally cleaned the tacky mat for the new machine, its air drying till tomorrow and I will test its stickiness and if not good enough will re stick it. Have downloaded a free svg to cut, a multilayer mandala, so now need to choose some colours.

        Popped out to collect my repeats and also to Sainsburys for some bread, milk and a few top up bits.

        More laundry, its going to be my mantra for the week Going to make roast beef sandwiches for Simon and ham and cheese for me, got a lovely fresh loaf of bread

        I came up with a plan to increase my storage space in the office for all my machines and lots of little bits and pieces that are hanging around cluttering my desk, we have a lovely old dining table that is a gatefold and has a cupboard in the middle and a drawer at each end, its about 15" wide and can go along the wall next to my desk, I can store/hide lots of clutter and make good use of the drawers. It just needs emptying (the stuff in it can just go in boxes) and moving downstairs, will need to wait till we can have our bubble friend back to help with the carrying.

        Simon has taken his SUV for a MOT today it will get done tomorrow morning, hope it goes well.

        Take care all,