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Tuesday 24th

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  • Tuesday 24th

    Morning all, very cold out and cars not garaged are all frosted up.

    Had 2 sales yesterday, off to the post box early. The PO are putting more larger parcel drop bins in situ. Not sure if we will get one or not in the village, fingers crossed as would be useful. The collection works well though, I know 72p but worth it. Rather them than myhermes.

    Today? Have not got a clue, will just go with the flow.

    Ordered myself a new jacket yesterday from Kaleidoscope should arrive tomorrow. May hate it when it arrives and must be warm enough or going back. My old Per Una jacket is losing its warmth but it is 10 years old, shame but M & S don’t seem to make them like they used to.

    Hoping my linen samples arrive today, want to add them to my mood board needs to be filled up. Could draft some patterns today ready that will keep me occupied and need to crack on with the scarf.

    Started to watch call the midwife on Netflix. Have avoided before as 1 actress I cannot stand but the storyline is good. Also love the 50’S and earlier. Although grew up in the 60’S and can remember when young, Dad used to drive us at night to London to see all the Christmas lights, so magical. Knew the Kings Road, Sloane Square and Walton Street shops well. Memories.....

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all...mild here, no frost today. Yesterday was very “ Atmospheric” the way the cold mist sat low in the gorge and the trees and towers etc could be seen rising above it. We took Daniel for a long walk...he never shuts up, he’s at that stage where he can’t talk but repeats things. He points, you say it, he repeats it. For a child just two this month he does really well. Amy had forgot to pack his gloves so he wore mine for about a mile back 😂.

    This morning popping to the retail park, need a box of trays of dog food, I’ll pop in and grab more baubles. Did I see plans to open non essential shops again?
    I need ink cartridges, frames etc.

    Cracking on with that ladies poemy cut, about 2/3 through the verse, I’ve got a frame in for that one. The hawk is coming along but on the backburner for this one.
    Sign language words are increasing, I can do the alphabet, days of the week, some colours, greetings etc, It’s quite a pleasurable experience learning it, lots of online video resources, more interesting so than learning a spoken language. The word and a visual action are a great way get it to sink in. Its a bit like mind mapping principles where words, groups are written down in a map form then the words are illustrated and “Illuminated” to make you remember what they are, groups they are in etc. The mind remembers interesting things above less interesting things even when both are the same, so mentally pictures and actions win out above plain words every time.

    Got a dry day ahead apparently, might dig the back over if I get chance.



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      Afternoon all! Weather is dry but breezy, wind coolish but temperature not too bad otherwise.

      Yesterday - got all household jobs, including some unscheduled ones, done, spent quite a bit of time on the document I'm recreating - nearly complete, but I am limited on time because typing bothers my neck and shoulder muscles. A couple of hours of stitching, fitted around disturbances and interruptions by demanding cats. Didn't get to the bookbinding so diaries still not finished. Sad to see Caroline leave Strictly, but there really isn't a great deal to choose between those remaining and someone had to go.

      Today - out of the house by 7.30am to get to Grimsby - big shop done in one supermarket after I trailed round trying to find what I wanted because they'd moved things since I was last there. Then driving across town to another supermarket to get some bits specific to them, passed on going to the big Tesco there just for milk because of roadworks at one of the busiest junctions between the two shops. Drove to Barton for a couple of chores and got milk there, called in butcher's for the pre-ordered stuff on the way home but decided against farm shop as I was exhausted from being out and about for three hours - not used to being around people and the amount of traffic I encountered! I'll have to go to Barton again on Thursday so will do farm shop visit then and get some veg for my brother at the same time. Not sure what I'm doing for the rest of the day but it will probably involved some typing and some stitching, and may even encompass a soak in the bath at some point.

      Caroline - more sales is good news. Hope you enjoy your go with the flow day.
      Dave - hope the trip to the retail park was successful, but go steady with the digging if you get out there - don't need you damaging your back.
      Shelley - hope the vet visit with Flo is worthwhile and doesn't bring any unwanted results. Good news that your wound seems to be improving - maybe all it wanted was to be allowed to do its own thing and let the body heal itself



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        Evening all,

        Dry, sunny, no wind and actually warm in the sun.

        Caroline, the R.M. seems to have just realised they need to up their game to keep up, they should be able to do it well, they have been at for years and have all the infrastructure. Never use anything but R.M. or one of the bigger ones like DPD, UPS etc.
        I like Kaleidoscope's things but not my style, get a lot from Cotton Traders.
        Did your samples arrive? hope going with the flow went well.

        Dave, yes they did say all shops would open, I will finally get my trip to HC but not as soon as they open, I will go on the Monday, need some supplies to see me through to the new year.
        Glad you are making progress with the poemy thing and the sign language is coming along well. Its quite fun learning a whole new way of communicating, thats why I learn chinese.

        Linda, a good day yesterday by the sounds of it. Your day today sounds like one huge driving expedition. I am not surprised after 3 hours you had had enough A hot soak would be just the ticket

        Last night as was dropping off to sleep, I realised that I had the wrong cat!!? I worked out the timings and the fact that we caught Meimei trying pee under Simons computer table and the fact that she had already done it that it must have been her. No doors are ever shut completely the cats can go where they like, even have a catflap in the living room door so they can get through to the kitchen and the outside flaps. So no reason why Meimei didn't wander upstairs and commit the crimes during the day when I am not always aware of where they are. She has also been off her food a bit, not eating as much, but still eating. Simon mentioned she looked a bit thin. So slowly all the pieces fell into place.
        I rang the vets in the morning and explained I had the wrong cat, she laughed and said often happens in multi pet homes, no problem I will just change it for you.

        We turned up and he took her off and examined her, turns out she has a bit of a temperature, nothing else sinister going on, so a urinary infection was diagnosed and she had a long lasting (2 weeks) injection of AB's. I think she has perked up a bit already. The litter box has been used

        More laundry, had a delivery of a new part for the fire, fitted and now working well. A collection for the part ordered incorrectly a few weeks ago. A couple of business calls in the morning and some paperwork. Feeling tired now as I didn't get to sleep early thinking about the clues to the Whodunit cat crimes
        Will sleep well tonight.

        Tomorrow need to pop out for a few bits from Sainsburys, not much else planned, maybe some crafting - shhh (don't want to jinx it).Oh and more laundry.

        Take care all,