Morning all, dark and mizzly here atm.

Got to go to the postbox before 9am tomorrow as had some sales yesterday. 5 from my old school friend and 1 through Folksy, happy sale dance. I have added a 25% discount across my shop as feel shifting would be a good idea.

Finished the penultimate scarf, will start the other one later and need to photograph etc.

Ordered some samples of a lightweight linen, need to see the colours and feel the weight. Hopefully they should arrive next week. Good when shops do this as I have been caught out so many times when the length has arrived.

Seen a lovely vintage line stitch design of crinoline ladies, baskets of flowers etc plan to make some lavender sachets with them on, they are also quilted and very pretty.

Love the baubles Dave.

Linda hope you got everything done yesterday. I got woken up at 4 by a heaving dog, he decided to steal the dental floss and ate part of the plastic container, only a little bit but knew would make him sick. Always during the night! Wide awake so sat in be and read.

Shelly do not over do the housework, I have stripped and remade the bed plus linen in the machine. Dryer later and exhausted.