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Saturday 21st

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  • Saturday 21st

    Morning all, don’t know what the weather is doing as so dark! Someone woke us at 5 again! He has been on and off the bed all night.

    Sorry Shelley should have read that Lee had a text from the doc and has to take his bp and pulse rate twice a day for a week, then email the results.

    Surgery rang me last night re the blood test the day before! The liver enzyme reading is better but now have a tele appt with the Doc on the 1st Dec. Not sure what else can help just hit more meds.

    Back on Folksy have had so many pm’s of support and feel more confident now. Heard from admin yesterday the are looking at getting the wording changed as agreed too harsh.

    More planning, knitting and reading for me today.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Just about light here now - hate getting up in the dark, it's too easy to stand on cats! Willow tree is blowing around quite a bit, but it's less cold than yesterday and not raining.

    Yesterday - had a walk to the farm shop and back, but despite it being late morning their delivery hadn't arrived so no bananas and not quite so much veg available OH went to Barton later so fruit from Tesco this week. Other than that, I started getting things together for two A5 diaries, punched the signatures and put them under weights overnight. More done on the wool work, and a bit more knitting - on the final bits of that, just button band to cast off (248 stitches) and neck band to do. Went down the extension to close blinds etc and came back to find OH scraping his tea off the kitchen floor - only lasagne, but he'd caught the baking sheet on the oven shelf as he was putting it in and it all over balanced and tipped off onto the floor.

    Today - kitchen floor needs a proper wash (OH has a chronic vision problem so even when he cleans up something I have to go round afterwards and do it properly because he doesn't see everything clearly!). Think the dirty laundry bin is nearly full again so will check, but after that I'm planning on sewing the two diary blocks and may make a start on the casings.

    Caroline - glad there's better news from the blood tests, and also from Folksy (nice to know there are caring people there and not just machines )
    Dave - what is the situation with the fence? Did you actually reach the end of the run ready to start again at the beginning? Any progress on the hawk cut?
    Shelley - pleased you're taking things steadily (despite what I might think!). Hope you can get your head around the HW conundrum and make a start on one of the tasks - I get in that sort of situation and because I can't make a decision things just don't get done (I'm usually an instant decision or just can't decide person).



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      Morning all. Dry here so far, mild.
      Might be a Good day to get the “Forth fence” finished, about 30 ft left to do, probably around two hours, just need to cut a few chunks of ivy from it first. I did most of it two weeks ago.

      Fitted three of the names in the baubles to acetate yesterday and refitted them. It takes as long to cut a piece of acetate to fit as it does to cut a name. I asked Sue if she wanted maybe a star or snowflakes adding but she said not, just the name which is fine but less anchor points to the edge so more chance of wonkiness...trying to get her to alter her original idea by me is a futile attempt (as you ladies know 🙄😆).
      Shelley, she has put them with the Christmas decs so I’ll dig them out and snap them, also last years ones that are left over.

      Caroline, glad you are back at it on Folksy
      Linda is probably typing at the same time as me...
      .....Yes she is....the fence hopefully finished today, the hawk was started yesterday after I’d calmed down and stopped cursing due to “Baublegate“ 😁

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        Evening all,

        Dryish but grey and cold.

        Caroline, so glad they have all rallied round and you feel happy enough to return to Folksy. No need to apologize, I was just unable to decipher it so I asked, I can be a bit forthright. Gets me in trouble sometimes, More front than Brighton has been said of me Glad you got some good news from the docs, I am now playing the waiting game from my blood tests. Hope it all goes well for Lee.

        Linda, a good bit of exercise even if it was a bit fruitless... ha silly me fruitless Diaries, knitting and wool work all on the go. Shame about the lasagna, was there more? or did he go hungry - highly unlikely I assume

        Dave, thanks for the photos, nice to see what you have described. They look lovely and will look good on the tree. At last, the end of painting the Forth fence for awhile, good job too, weather is not going to get any better.

        Today was much of the same. We had a coal delivery so now basking in the glow of a lovely fire, last bucket used last night so didn't last the night.
        The new bird feeders arrived, much better design. Made of metal and polycarbonate, so should stand up to all comers. The old ones were plastic and the lid attached with flimsy plastic tabs that would eventually snap off. These new ones have a threaded bar and you unscrew the top with the hanging ring and it so easy to fill and open and close. Well worth it.

        Went shopping for a few bits today. Came home and grasped the nettle and got stuck into the HW. Decided to deal with the rubbish, or at least as much as I could as it had got dark, then the dishwasher next, emptied washing machine and refilled and set going. Put all the shopping away, made sausage sandwich for Simon and I had ham and cheese. Must have been in the kitchen for about 2 hours, feel much happier I have at least made a start.

        Tomorrow must do the actual bins, then just keep at the laundry mountain. Next week is going to be a hoovering marathon, a room a day. I also have some work to do towards the install quote, not difficult. Somewhere in all that I must do some crafting, once I start I will be happy.

        Take care all,