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Thursday 19th

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  • Thursday 19th

    Morning all, very cold out but dry.

    Today will try to concentrate on some more card making. Off to surgery for a blood test, petrol on the way back and repeats. Will then do some more knitting did not do that much yesterday. Taking Shiloh which means I sit in the back with him, where he thinks he is a lap dog!

    Still getting messages from sellers on Folksy to remain, so sweet of them. Will start posting after the weekend.

    Not much else to report.

    No Shelley yesterday hope all is well.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all....Looks soaking wet here, looks like it rained overnight.
    The forecast for today should be bright and dry, no doubt be doing some more spraying.

    Yesterday did four of the six baubles for our tree. No fiddling around with them this year. Last year I was Printing them out at 70mm because that was on the card template that comes with them which was actually making the diameter wider than the recess they sit in. This year I have set the diameter to 68mm and they just sit nicely, no buckling of the paper when you snap the halves together, must be a 1mm lip.

    That’s about it, catch up later.


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      Morning all! Much cooler today although still breezy, but dry and possibly some sunshine this afternoon.

      Yesterday - well, it came and went! Vacuum cleaner had some exercise in OH's "pit" while he was in the bath, I got the outer casings done for two slimline diaries and got everything put together. Not overly thrilled with them, but that's due more to my printing (paper feed is just about shot) than anything else. Got an A5 insert printed, and noticed a couple of minor corrections needed - may look at making a casing for that today. Had a few hours on the wool work - did I say I'd sorted all the minor errors? Wrong! One bit was only one stitch out but the fall out was bad enough that I had to take out a complete flower motif and re do it. Hopefully sorted now (fingers crossed).

      Today - Noticed George was limping very badly when he came through for his second breakfast, but by the time he'd eaten and returned to the current bolt hole it wasn't noticeable. He's already had his painkiller/anti-inflammatory for arthritis, so I hope the limp was more of a momentary twitch or he's laid a bit awkwardly - it did look more like the muscles around a joint were giving way than something was actually hurting him; need to keep a close eye on that for a day or two. Otherwise, I have some sloe gin to bottle and need to look up method for making sloe port with the fruits. Also need to make some bread - we're back on shop bread at the moment. Will try and make a start on the A5 diary casing, then more stitching. All flexible depending on what happens during the day of course.

      Caroline - hope the blood test results are as expected and nothing concerning shows up. Looks like the admins and community of Folksy are caring people and nice of the lady to be so concerned.
      Dave - paint sprayer!!! The Forth Bridge Fence reduces in size (theoretically for time to paint!). May have forgiven you for banning me, but don't be too sure that I've forgotten!! ROTFLMAO! Keep producing beautiful cuts like you do then I'll forgive you almost anything
      Shelley - did you get time with your new crafting machine yesterday? Hope you haven't been overdoing things in the house and shop and time is absorbed by learning new crafting skills.



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        Afternoon all,

        Dry most of the day, rain has just started.

        Caroline, hope the blood taking went well, I have to go tomorrow for a blood test, they are slightly worried about my thyroid, first I knew about it today with a telephone consultation, I thought the blood test was to do with my new meds. Oh well we will find out.
        I saw one of the messages on Folksy encouraging you to stay, I hope you do becuase you do well and I think you enjoy it. Did Shiloh enjoy his lap ride?

        Dave, did the weather hold? Its nice when you figure out things so that they just fit nice and snug - according to Douglas Adams of Hitchhiker fame - when things fit just so- nice and kentucky. (from his Book of Liff)

        Linda, saw the finished pictures of the diaries, very lovely. The counted thread work is going to keep you busy, I just can't get on with counted work, so I always paint the design on the canvas, I recently started using sharpies, works so well and doesn't bleed if you make it wet. I just enlarge the pattern to the size I want and then put the canvas on top, use masking tape to hold it all down to a board.
        I have done a few for friends and sold a few tapestry kits years ago.
        Hope George is ok and it was just a bit of early morning stiffness.

        Yesterday was an interesting day, Simon went out to a club early afternoon to sort out a quote. Not long after he got back the chimney sweep turned up, I wasn't sure if they would what with lockdown. They are considered essential because if they don't clean your chimney and something happens its not good. He was well PPEd up, I guess he does it most of the time to keep clean. Chimney done and I had to give myself a small pat on the back for putting off the hoovering again and now can do it knowing its 2 birds with 1 stone. Although they do a good job some soot gets everywhere.

        Later in the afternoon about 5-6 pm I began to feel odd, got a real queasy tummy and just ended up slobbing on the sofa for the evening and went to bed really early for me 10ish.
        Got up stairs and nearly into bed when we discovered Flo had been sick right smack dab in the middle of the bed arrrgh. Only just changed it all on Saturday, didn't have time to wash and dry the first lot so had to bring out the old summer quilt and older but serviceable sheets and quilt cover. Now I literally have a mountain of laundry. The quilt will probably get bined, its super king and will not fit in the washing machine and I am not washing it in the bath.
        So tomorrow off to Sainsburys after the docs to stock up on quilts etc. I am going to buy 2 singles and sew velcro to them and join them together, I have done it before and it works well, you don't notice the velcro but you can fit a single in the machine. Sometimes only one of them needs washing so its easier.

        So no crafting for me for ages, determined to set aside some time, once I have scaled some of the laundry mountain, hoovered and done the bins.
        The laundry is easy just need to actually do it

        Today felt a bit better but still not 100%, not sure what it is, maybe something I ate? or just adjusting to the new meds? Started on Laundry Mount. Simon got up early so no hoovering arrgh, I may have to get up early to fit it in.

        Did some more office things, ordered a new part for the fire and organized sending back one ordered in error, not much else really, just hanging around feeling odd, not really ill, just not right.

        Hoping tomorrow is better and I get some energy back.

        Take care all,

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