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Wednesday 18th

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  • Wednesday 18th

    Morning All! Overcast, very breezy, starting to feel cooler, heavy rain forecast for mid-afternoon.

    Yesterday, usual hw and essential chores done, caught up with Strictly (some good performances but Bill Bailey was definitely the most memorable), some time spent on wool work and hopefully I have now worked past all the minor errors and am not making any more!

    Today, having finalised (I hope) the A5 diary insert a final draft print to be done and if all is well a "real thing" to make into a gift for someone. Probably more on the wool embroidery, or may even get to the blackwork if my eyes wake up and clear enough, and maybe a bit of time for reading later on.

    Caroline - hope you are feeling more like your better self today and are managing to put matters behind you. How did you get on with the scarf and the photographing? Hope your time on the treadmill had a positive effect.
    Dave - hope you made more progress with the fence and got more of your jobs done. That Bridge cut is something else!
    Shelley - looking after Flo is far more important than vacuuming the living room floor. Glad Flo's visit went well - know what you mean about handing them over in the car park, it's the same at our vets and I'm on edge until they come out and we can get home. Sounds like you're back to 100% doing so much. Be careful not to over do it!


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    Morning all....dark here, rain threatened for later.

    Yesterday, went out, took the dog for a walk first, got back home, in the car, over to the farm for a couple of trays of eggs. I found out a while ago that this farm is one that supplies one of the big supermarkets with free range eggs...I buy much cheaper 😁

    Decided to get the sprayer out and do the long fence at the side. Sprayer is great. The paint came out like custard but sprayed like water, very fine mist, not clogged once, overspray washes off with water. I did about 50ft x5ft of feather edge fence in an hour! Just looked, no second coat needed as I sprayed in strips, each overlapping by half then a quick over spray, surprising as its not been done for 10 years! The sprayer washes back to spotless, can’t fault it 🤷🏻‍♂️....last one I tried, an electric one was a nightmare for clogging up. This one is a manual pump, charged up to 4 bar.....not a lot stops 4 bar of pressure 😂

    As you saw, cut finished, just needs mounting and framing, I snap them against black Just to get the detail out in the photo. Baubles and commission next along with Korries hawk portrait.

    Linda, glad you are at the “finalised” point...been there many times, been at finalised #2, #3 many times too 😂😂

    Caroline, hope the Folksy scenario is a fading memory, “yesterdays bad news is todays chip paper”...and that is about it. You weren’t told by a person, you were told by a bot, an algorithm, what do they know?🤷🏻‍♂️
    I b**ls things up all the time online, I even banned Linda don’t forget....then had to tell her 😂 😂.... maybe a lot worse in consideration being more personal but hey, once I got back from A&E ...she was fine about it again 🤷🏻‍♂️😆
    Just have a good old chuckle at yourself, get on the treadmill, get crafting, its worlds away.

    Shelley sounds almost back to full speed again, hope Flo is ok.
    Our Flo is getting a bit slower now, chases the ball less, groans as she stands, lies down. She still walks miles and loves a scrap now and again🙄...but on the whole, she’s a bit like me lately 😆



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      Morning all, wrote a long spiel but gone again!

      Feel better today, Camilla one of the admin contacted me as she saw the fall out from it. She looked and could not see I had done anything wrong. Confirmed sent as automatic by the hosting site did point out to her that in this age to ‘be kind’ this email was far from it. Sent her a copy and they will look at contacting the hosts to say not acceptable and they want it changed. So many others have had the same and felt the way I did so not alone.

      Saw your cut Dave fantastic as always, your patience amazes me. We thought of getting a sprayer but seemed to be so many negative reports what make is yours? Takes Lee days to Paine all ours.

      Linda keeping busy with you diaries. I have just made 1 card, 4 more to do and photograph the scarf.

      HAGD & BBL x


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        Thanks very much Caroline.
        My sprayer is the Cuprinol one, £20, Wilko online. Very good reviews on their site. I used Ronseal fence life Plus, B&Q.

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