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Monday 16th

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  • Monday 16th

    Morning all, no rain and the wind has calmed down almost bending trees in half yesterday.

    Thank you Shelley will look at Shpock, not for my craft but have a lot of crystals I want to sell and eBay just does not do it for me now since those problems.

    Finished the 4th scarf, need to photograph and post to Folksy, get another ball out to do another one. Think will be glad when finished as can then make a start on the project boxes all ready to go. Found 1, items already made and posted just need to put the bits away. Will do that today after cleaning downstairs.

    Shiloh is back to normal and no letting out during the night, hence we slept very well.

    iMac updating atm with something but did not bother to read what it was, dare say will find out when we next go in.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Dry, but still quite breezy. Temperature up on that expected for the time of year, still nowhere near light, but some sunshine forecast for today.

    Yesterday - it's a good job my plans aren't fixed - I had a day of constant interruptions from cats, phone calls (not short conversations either), OH, and HW needing to be done. Did get most of the sidelined jobs done, but gave up on the fine tuning of the diary insert as couldn't concentrate, and also on the wool work - had to unpick a couple of bits which I really don't like doing with wool. Very early to bed - was asleep by 8pm, and awake by 11pm! But did get more sleep on and off after midnight.

    Today - already run the dishwasher, got laundry on the go, fed cats, cleared kitchen, redone some label files on the laptop. Still need to email/text a few people to check they are OK, kitchen floor needs sorting out (one of the jobs that got missed yesterday) and vacuum cleaner needs some exercise. I may have some time for crafting later on.

    Caroline - didn't realise you had done so many scarves: there will be a lot of smart looking, warm people around Glad to hear Shiloh is back to normal and you're getting some decent sleep again.
    Dave - family are certainly keeping you busy with the cutting - you're probably knee deep in confetti by now
    Shelley - your Sunday sounds like a heavenly day, glad you enjoyed it. Pleased to hear you are well enough to get back into a regular routine - I agree it is far too easy to slip into bad habits, and also not so easy to get out of them unless you have bundles of willpower!



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      Morning all, dull, dry.

      Egg run day today, we had our last four yesterday.
      Last night I had the unenviable task of digging the boxes of decorations out from the storage space in the loft conversion. Not the best as I’ve got frames, boxes, work all stacked up in front of the doors.

      I spent about five hours cutting the extra on the side of the cut to make it full size, I just need to spend another four or five doing the other side. Sue was sorta right, it will look better with the river banks in.....only taken a week up to yet 😩😆.

      We need to go to the outskirts of town to do a few essentials, won’t be there long.

      That’s about all from me.



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        Evening all,

        Dry - sort of here with patches of sun.

        Caroline, for your crystals Shpock sounds ideal. Glad Shiloh is letting you sleep through, and you are making good progress with the scarves. It will be nice for you to get on to the project boxes.

        Linda, all that before 9 in the morning although it might be 8 o'clock because the forum clock is still an hour ahead - confusing. Hope you managed to fit in some crafting

        Dave, nooo way too early for decorations, at least a month too early for me. Glad you are happy to have decided to do more on the cutting. When you said egg run I thought oh no it really is way too early for Easter, but then the penny dropped

        Today had to go out to the post office to deposit a cheque, from the VAT man so need to get it in quick Also had to pop in to Sainsburys as the delivery on Saturday the extra thick double cream arrived split and leaking, the driver credited me for it but still needed it for the meal I had everything else for. Bought a few extras while I was there, a new hat (standing in line for the post office my ears were cold), some more plastic filing dividers and a new stapler

        Going to cook supper in a moment and then some colouring in front of the telly, quiz night

        Take care all and have a good evening,



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          Lol, best laid plans and all that, egg run tomorrow now, xmas decs still boxed, she was “just checking”🙄😆...then I got talked into spray painting the fence, got about 90 mins left on the bridge cut.



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            Oh well, wasn't spraying the fence a job you had planned to do after removing the vegetation? Oh good, was a bit worried about the decos.

            Amazing how you can guestimate the time left.



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              Planned yes but I kept trying to put it off, then It started to rain.......then it stopped 😂😂
              It’s only a small bit, 90 mins should do it, not much detail in that bit.