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Sunday 15th

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  • Sunday 15th

    Morning all! Daylight is definitely very sluggish at getting going, looks a bit breezy out there. Some sunshine forecast for this morning after an hour or two of rain, then getting dull and cooling down rapidly this afternoon.

    Yesterday, finished off the tomato & chilli concoction which has ended up being more of a relish than a sauce. OH has pronounced it "very nice" - even before it got anywhere near the bottles. It is now just waiting for labels, which are all ready to print. Afternoon spent on editing/creating various documents (now looking at a redesign of my labels) and a couple of hours on the wool work in the evening. Most of the foregoing done with a large heavy cat thinking it has more right to my lap than the laptop does.

    Today, Didn't get much sleep last night but I have some chores to do which got sidelined yesterday and Friday. Then once the various documents are printed the next stages of those projects will be ready to go. GP to watch - could be interesting as was the qualifying yesterday - Strictly to catch up with, and more fine tuning of the A5 diary insert data.

    Caroline - how is Shiloh's ear? Hope the wounds are continuing to heal well. Did you manage to complete all your computer catch up jobs yesterday?
    Dave - hope you had a productive day yesterday. How is the weather your way? Still OK for some nice long walks with Flo?
    Shelley - glad you're being sensible and not overdoing the heavy duty household jobs. Hope the stickiness of the mat reaches the correct level today.


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    Morning all......bright here so far, very mild.
    I just looked at the date on this post, thought it was Monday 😂
    Well, the intention to narrow the cut and be finished early doors has been scuppered, Sue said as I’ve done that much I might as well do the whole lot to get the full effect of the river and trees. That’s added yet another day of cutting to it 😆
    Got Amy’s stencils done, then she tells me she forgot a pair of initials 🙄 so that’s the first thing to cut, get it out of the way.

    Went for a long walk with Flo along the trails yesterday, ok for the most part but muddy in the dips so we’ll probably stick to the railway walk for a while until it dries out a bit.

    Nothing else lined up for today apart from maybe cut a bauble insert or two.



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      Afternoon all. Shiloh is now without the cone of shame. His ear is so much better and he is a happy boy now he is free.

      Just knitting and reading for me today and it much else. Computer work all done.

      Enjoy the go Linda.

      Dave busy with more cutting.

      Shelley hope you have a good day.


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        Evening all,

        Its been another wild and wet one here. Glad I had nowhere to go.

        Linda, high praise indeed from OH, always the hardest to please Shame you didn't get much sleep, hope you got your sidelined jobs done and have had some success with the printing. Wow the GP was wet, I am surprised there weren't any serious accidents.

        Dave, well I sort of agree with her, might as well do it justice. It doesn't look like drying up any time before May Looks like you will have to keep to the high ground for awhile. Monday? well you have gained a Sunday.

        Caroline, sounds like a lovely Sunday. Did you have a look at Shpock, did you see what I said about it yesterday? So glad Shiloh is coneless and recovering well.

        Today had lovely lie in, got up and pottered around doing morning things. Around 4pm I ran a deep hot bath and spent ages soaking, washing hair and just having some me time. Now wrinkly and clean enjoying a evening relaxing, some colouring after dinner.

        The weeks ahead need to be more structured, I am now not recuperating and with lockdown and us being closed I have slipped into some lazy habits. Need to get up earlier, do paperwork in the morning or computer things, pick one HW job for the early afternoon and then spend the rest of the day crafting.
        I also need to sort my craft room, as I said for various reasons its in a mess, sad, so many people don't have the luxury of a dedicated room for crafts it feel wrong to see it like that.

        Take care all and have a good evening.