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Saturday 14th

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  • Saturday 14th

    Morning all, very dark and raining plus feels cold out.

    Shiloh has had his stitches out and looks good, a few sore spots but needs to wear the cone for a few more days until the holes have healed. Already looks better this morning so fingers crossed will not be long. He is a healthy dog very, very cold nose etc. No charge for that visit phew!

    Today have catching up to do on the computer, Lee is currently playing Led Zeppelin atm, so all windows shut and the volume turned down, lol.

    Ordered my planner inserts should be here early next week.

    Linda meant to tell you about Crossbow Printables, you can also have downloads which are cheaper, may be worth a check what they do as sizes etc can be adjusted to fit your notebooks. I have downloaded the diary pages before adjusted through Pages to fit the notebook I have made.

    Have a pile of stuff on part of my cutting out table, need to sort out and find a home for this, if not into the charity box.

    Looking a Splock for selling but confused how much it costs, need to concentrate or ask the question, Prices seem better than EBay though.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Dull, drizzly, windy and lacking daylight.

    Yesterday, started off the tomato and chilli sauce, printed the first (very rough) draft of the diary insert - correctly expecting the back to back pages to be in the wrong order! A long lazy bath in the afternoon, then started fine tuning the data order in the diary. Did manage an hour's stitching in the evening.

    Today, nipped into Barton for milk first thing; after cleaning the cooking area I need to finish and bottle the sauce then labels to be created. Then it will be back to the diary, hopefully some stitching and watching the GP qualifying.
    Caroline - thank you for the link - I hadn't come across that site in my searches before I decided to have a go at creating my own document. I will go and investigate
    Pleased to hear Shiloh's wound seems to be healing up rapidly. Good luck with the sorting and packing away, to the accompaniment of Led Zeppelin. I hate it when web sites don't give clear and full information about charges - I need to know how much things are going to cost me, not how much individual items are ex VAT/fees/p&p etc etc.
    Dave - how did you get on with the cutting yesterday? Expect the bridge is nearly completed and you have a vast stock of baubles ready to go on the tree by now
    Shelley - MiL home safely thank you. I'm using odds and ends for the diaries, until I am happy with the method of construction and binding. I have decided that the slimline print I have done is actually going to be too big for me (I like handbag size) so after the A5 is sorted I will be looking at doing a reduced height slimline version.
    Gutter - not clearing but inserting and clipping a brush, similar to a ginormous bottle brush, to stop leaves clogging it up and causing overflow (look up hedgehog-gutter-brush . co .uk). We've had a plastic grid in there for a couple of years, but the very narrow twisted willow leaves still get in, clog the gutter and the downpipe so we still had waterfalls every time the rain was more than drizzle. We also have a length of guttering which entails being on the roof to reach it - would have been the back of the house before the extension was built and can only be seen from above the house, but causes major problems.
    Hope the mat sticking and the colouring went well.



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      Morning all....bit dull here, the odd shower.

      Not a lot on today, going for a walk in the woods in a bit.
      Bridge cut is coming along ok, just starting either side of the centre panel, need to be careful now, not a lot holding it together, probably 75% done. Cutting some baubles later today, Sue keeps adding more to the list. I went out yesterday for some tape, grabbed more baubles and bubble wrap while I was out.
      Got some frames to spray, they tend to get marked from moving them around.

      Chap who was plastering next door came round to mine to quote me for re-boarding and plastering the one side of the sloping ceiling around the new Velux’s in the loft.

      Caroline, glad Shiloh is getting back to his old self.
      Linda, you sound as busy as usual.
      Catch Shelley’s post later.



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        Evening all,

        Wet,dark and dreary here today.

        Caroline, glad to hear Shiloh is doing well, he will be happy without his cone soon. Did you mean Shpock? it costs nothing to list and sell. I sold Simon's old tablet on there and bought quite a few dies in the early days of my die cutting adventure. You do all the communication with customers, but now they also have paypal built in and can arrange carriage. Download the app and have a read all about selling and buying. There is also a desktop version.
        Its sort of ok, I tried selling cards on there but it is just not the right place to sell crafts IMHO. Its more for second hand anything. Your posts disappear chronologically, ie they move down the list the longer they are there so no one sees them. I believe you can have a shop but still I don't think people go there looking for handcrafted things, they want washing machine, cars, toys, clothes etc. But don't let me put you off.

        Linda,sounds like the sauce is doing well and you are making progress with the diaries. Glad to hear MIL is home safe and sound. Oh I understand now about the gutter things.

        Dave, bridge done? or nearly? Baubles hanging around yet? Thats handy when the trade you need is next door.

        Mind you next to us they put up huge scaffolding and did some repairs on the roof. I heard thumps and bumps on the plastic stores roof one day and went out see what was going on. He leapt up, started going on about the moss falling and sorry sorry it won't hurt the roof and then chucked a bit at the roof to show me !!! Said he would clear my gutter that was filling up with moss and he would take pictures and everything. He then mentioned that the tiles on our party wall were all at an angle and he could sort it out for me at a reasonable price. Come up my scaffold and see. No thanks I said, these feet stay firmly on the ground.
        I told Simon and he went up his ladder (semi-permanent fixture for his satellite dishes) and told me it was all ok. They do try it on sometimes.

        Today not much planned, not much happened. A load of laundry in and a load drying. Stripped the bed and changed the sheets etc. So more laundry Need to buy another quilt and mattress topper, takes too long to wash and dry in a day in the winter. Have more than enough sheets and things.

        Mat still tacky, so will try tomorrow. Not much crafting done today, all about the bed and laundry. I can only do one big job a day as I have to stop and rest.

        Take care all,