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Friday 13th

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  • Friday 13th

    Morning all, oh no Friday the 13th and taking Shiloh to the vets for his stitches out mid morning. Hope he can then lose the cone of shame, well what is left of it. He now realises that with all the battering and splits getting weaker. So now he bashes even more and getting very grumpy with it on. Wish us luck, last time he got the cone stuck on the roof of the car inside and could not move! I should write a book about his antics as he is a real comic cuts.

    Starting a new planner today for 2021. Ideas of things to make etc, colour palettes, swatches of fabric and more. I want to make sure 2021 is organised better and that I plan ahead with makes ensuring I have all the bits and pieces needed.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Was very dull and dreary when I got up but has brightened considerably in the last few minutes. Sky still looks thunderous and the breeze is causing major movement in the trees. An hour of heavy rain is forecast for about now, but it hasn't happened yet.

    Yesterday - plans? What are they? LOL! I did get the next stage of the diary inserts done and put on one side for yet more glue to dry. Then I decided to try and create a basic template for an A5 week to view diary (The one I have is slimline A5 folded lengthways). I've done booklets before, but when you have to break it down into four page groups for the individual signatures it complicates things no end. I made good progress but spent virtually all day on it. Did have a break this morning for a phone call from the hospital to say MiL would be going home early afternoon and transport had been arranged - that explains where she's been then! Then the hedgehog brush for the gutters arrived. Big surprise that OH got on with doing the low level gutters - maintained he didn't need any help outside, so I stayed inside keeping an eye on him going up and down ladders. There's another bit of gutter to be done before winter if possible but he'll need to get the roof ladder out; the higher level stuff can wait until next year. Rang MiL late afternoon to check she was home safely.

    Today, need to pop out to the farm shop for a couple of bits - have decided on tomato & chilli sauce but lacking a couple of things. And I am going to get the diary insert template sorted. If I have I have time I'll make a start on measuring up and cutting bits for the slimline diary covers. Think that'll do for today - something is bound to crop up and interfere with the plans anyway.

    Caroline - getting organised well ahead of time as usual. Hope Shiloh's stitches can come out and the remains of the cone of shame can be discarded.
    Dave - hope yesterday was enjoyable - extra nice dinner and a glass or two or something quaffable in the evening? Any progress with the baubles designs?
    Shelley - how are the energy levels? Did you manage to sort the sticky mats and get a bit of time playing with the machine?



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      Morning all.....bright blue sky here today.

      Yesterday was very enjoyable. I’m no one who like any fuss, drama etc.....I hate being in the spotlight, Amy announced she was coming round with babba. Can only mean one thing.......all of the above.
      She made up an afternoon tea (she is always out with her friends at one somewhere or other..,) which had absolutely everything plus the obligatory cake and candles...and that song πŸ˜‚. That was about 3pm, come teatime Sue and I were still full. Later in the evening we put a few dents in a few bottles, had a great day, thank you for the birthday wishes.

      I’ll start to cut the bauble designs today, do a bit more on the bridge cut, the whole of the centre panel is now cut, just the sides to do.

      Caroline, good luck at the vets, my youngest was born on Friday the 13th, he’d drop out of a plane and land in golden hay....πŸ˜‚

      Linda, that diary sounds tricky

      Shelley, hope you are feeling better.



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        Afternoon all,

        Dry sunny and mild here.

        Caroline, how did Shiloh's vet visits go? Is he cone of shame free? I am sure your planner will help a lot keeping you supplied with all you need to make wonderful things I did that last year for christmas cards, swatches of colour and texture and basic design shape, kept me on track and no faffing about wondering what to do next.

        Linda, hope MIL is home safely and better. Tomato and chilli hmm sounds nice but too spicy for me. Enjoy making up the diaries. Have you got some wonderful papers/fabrics for the covers? I hope the gutter cleaning went well, we have a gutter that is impossible to reach without some fancy bendy ladder arrangement, might get done next year in the spring

        Dave, Glad to see you enjoyed the drama with cake Hope the cutting goes well and calms the soul Had to laugh at falling out of a plane and laning in golden hay. One of our great friends we lost too early always said he has all the luck - fall into a bucket of thumbs and come up sucking t i t ( no offence meant) he was a builder so his language could be rather fruity but with no malice.

        Today not much on except had to go to the doctors to check my leg. Not unduly concerned, came up with a plan of action - yet another one, so we will see how it goes.
        Overall my general health is good, my breathing is better, my heart rate is now around 90 - 100 from about 125 resting.

        Going to finally clean and restick my mat in a minute, just thought I would pop in here first so I wouldn't get involved and it got too late. It needs to dry for 24 hours after resticking so then see how my first project goes tomorrow. I am going to do some colouring this evening with my new pens and relax.

        Have a good evening everyone and take care.



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          Haha Shelley, your falling version was a staple comment at work πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ»



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            Glad it made you laugh, it always made me smile.