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Wednesday 11th

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  • Wednesday 11th

    Morning all! Dull, cool and breezy but dry at the moment; no rain forecast.

    Yesterday - much of a muchness - did the shopping in the morning and managed to get there during one of the quieter periods in the shop so didn't have to queue to get in. 20 minutes or so clearing leaves from the low level gutter on the side of the extension which is next to the twisted willow - was quite pleasant out and sun came through for a while. Back on the family tree stuff - following another, fairly distant, branch of the family but only in general terms so far. Finally got round to making a start on the slimline diary prototype, but only as far as cutting, sorting, folding and punching the signatures, then put them under the heavy books overnight. Got a couple of hours on the wool work in the evening and that was it. Had a call in the evening from community paramedic/responders to say they were at MiL's again and would be taking her to hospital because a sneeze had triggered a nose bleed that wouldn't stop (warfarin probably the reason) - big hooha again as she never wants to go, but had finally agreed. Waiting to hear the outcome and assuming no news is good news.

    Today - no fixed plans. Have managed to Broadline (flea and tick treatment) George, but Bert was too quick for me and got away - for now! Once I've finished the morning clear up I'm hoping to get on with the diary project but no other plans for the day, and waiting for news of MiL.

    Caroline - hope you are OK as didn't see a post from you yesterday.
    Dave - hope the muscles and joints have recovered from the decorating and good luck at the party today!
    Shelley - Yes, new laptop - it was more a case of taking what was available than what I wanted and much more expensive too! Ended up with an HP machine but it's got Windows 10 on and I'm not keen at the moment.
    Didn't realise you also had a wound that needed in-depth treatment as well as the cardiac medication - have I missed/forgotten something? No wonder you're struggling with tiredness - which is not likely to change overnight. Take it easy, it could be a few weeks before your body has recovered to normal levels.

    HAGO - back later

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    Morning all, posted a long spiel yesterday now realise gone again!!!!

    Your MIL is a worry Linda, we all go through it and only get's harder. Hope ou got your laptop working to print properly.

    Dave you are a brick but agree you must be careful and you cannot be expected to do everything you used to.

    Shelley I hope you begin to feel better again and the c h e m i s t could help you. So much advice that contradicts others and hard to know which is right.

    Marcia walked down to drop off the black crochet cat keyring, I am giving to Christine as part of her Xmas gifts, so pretty. Also in the bag she had crocheted me a rose with a pretty card tag to help me feel better with all that has gone on the last few weeks. She is a good friend and thoughtful. We chatted socially distancing her down the drive and me on the doorstep.

    Today cleaned the fish tank, packaged sister and BIL's gifts in boxes, weighed and ready for labels beginning of December to be collected by Postie. worked out cheaper to send as 2 parcels, fingers crossed they get there. Wrapped another gift for Lee that is it for him, this time a Frank Ifield EP. Card written on the mantlepiece. That leaves Christine's gifts to wrap and pack. Lee's cousins will be a direct order for a hamper form Hotel Chocolat, again will do the beginning of Dec. Cards for everyone else to be written and posted.

    Waitrose order done for this week, scarf finished called Splash and starting another. Defo getting quicker with this pattern.

    HAGD & BBL x


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      Morning all....

      Bit dull here but dry.
      Taking it easy today, feel a bit stiff but a couple of tabs will sort that out.
      Little Daniels birthday today....nope, no kids party this year, too much of a Covid risk, it doesn’t need a party with Amy to make the place “Birthday busy”....we are making the most of it before they turn up here and shatter the peace.

      I’ll be cutting later, not got much done as I’ve been too busy since Monday, still got the baubles to design and cut.....that’s when the cursing starts 😂😂....good job I’m up in “The Gods”

      No Shelley, thank goodness the painting was over a day and a half.

      Something interesting popped up in our local group. The Black Country Living Museum which has lots of old buildings that have been taken down from around the area that I was born and rebuilt a replica of it in the museum have rebuilt “Conway garage”.
      This old garage was just up the road from where I was born at Fighting Cocks junction. At the front was a pertol station, the old sort where you drove over a lead that rang a bell in the house.
      It was owned and run by Mr. & Mrs Broome. When I was 18, I used to go for petrol, either one would come out, both absolutely bent double with old age, and fill up for you. Why it is of significance is Mr A.W. Broome...(Alec), was one of the chief mechanics for Sir Donald Campbell on the Bluebird land speed project and is seen with him on many photos. He could tell by listening if your car needed tuning etc just by listening. The Sunbeam factory was about a mile away, I walked past it and the Villiers factory every day going to school. My mom used to tell me that her dad worked at the factory and was in a group of men that had the job of manufacturing the wheels for the Bluebird.

      There you go, bit of trivia 😂
      Hope you feel better soon Shelley
      Linda, you’ll be back as far as Adam one of these days...
      Is Caroline ok?

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        Evening all,

        Wet and rainy on and off all day.

        Linda, I remember that game only we used frontline, once one had been done the others knew and hid Now they get a pill becuase they developed an allergy to the spot ons.
        Glad you got started on the diaries, I have been resisting Win 10 for ages but soon banks will stop giving you access if they detect you are not using an up to date browser, so one day I will have to grasp the nettle. My hardware is Win10 ready and I have a copy just need to take the leap.
        Oh the wound has been ongoing for ages, I forget about it, but now I am better I will concentrate a bit more on. Swabs were taken in hospital and there is no infection just slow to heal, might change now the cardiovascular system is working better.
        Hope all is well for MIL.

        Caroline, I am glad that you are ok and it was only technology messing up again. How do you go about getting the postie to collect? We have a letter box across the road, but if it won't fit it might be useful. Keeping busy again, you will wonder where you found the time to squeeze in making, although knitting still counts

        Dave, thats not too bad then, I had visions of you flying through the painting in an afternoon Thank you for the interesting tidbit of fact. Its always amazing when you discover history on your doorstep. Our local motorbike shop for years was run by Alec Bennett, he was a many times Isle of Man TT winner and other races. Your Alec Broomes reminded me. Enjoy the baubles

        Today was still a bit sluggish but things eventually got moving and now feeling loads better. Plans for tomorrow included re sticking the mats and seeing if I can finally complete a project with my new machine. Now looking forward to also spending some time finishing off sorting my craft/sewing room as it got abandoned for various reasons and is now in a right pickle.

        Tonight plan to get a good night's sleep and bounce out of bed full of the joys of ....well something we will see

        Take care all and sleep well.



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          Just as an aside Shelley, I worked for a guy in Stafford that once won the I.O.M TT, I told my mate April that goes every year. I have no idea who he is but she was suitably impressed 😂..I need to trawl through messenger with her to find his name again.

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            Its often the way, reminds me of a line from a movie, "What do you mean you don't know who he is? Why back in Wichita he is world famous"



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              Shelley you go to the Royal Mail website scroll down and a large box shows parcel collect. Just enter the weight and address etc as normal then book a collection day. He will collect 5 parcels a day but that is more than enough. Worked perfectly and as not able to go to the PO myself atm could not be better. I think they had to do this as losing parcel collections to courier. I would prefer to send by RM anyday.