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Tuesday 10th

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  • Tuesday 10th

    Morning all! The light mist I noted when I first got up is now more dense and closer to the house. Hope it clears soon, but at least the day is forecast to be dry and warm.

    Yesterday - as usual didn't go to plan. Went to print the pdf file and printer wouldn't do it - said it was doing a print but nothing happened. Very annoying because it had happily printed an Excel file minutes before. Ended up having to ask OH for help and even he was perplexed and couldn't sort it. It did eventually work, but we have no idea why or what changed for it to do that. So a two minute job took over 2 hours grrrrr! Had no enthusiasm for doing anything further with the diary project after that, so spent the afternoon catching up with Strictly and on the wool work project.

    Today - weekly shopping, general clearing and cleaning then will see what happens.

    Caroline - disrupted sleep again - catching up with the ZZZzzzzzzzz's?
    Dave - how did you get on with the decorating? Arms and shoulders aching this morning?
    Shelley - glad to hear that you are OK, but tired. Sounds like you tried to do a bit too much too soon but hope you recover your energy quickly.


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    Afternoon all.....
    Weeeell....decorating 🤔
    Yesterday I the ceiling, two coats and the lounge, two coats. That took all day, then it got dropped to me about the stairs and landing. The landing was easy enough, if she wanted white walls and ceiling it would be okay as you can cut in the corners without worrying about over paint as its all the same colour but no....pebble grey walls. The stairs are open at the bottom and a banister at the too so I had to extend the steps as high as possible so I’m hanging off a ladder at upstairs ceiling height with a full drop below then wedge them into the bannister, up and across the stairs then climb over it, up the ladder to do the ceiling and cutting in above the stairs.....yes, aching muchly more now.
    I soaked in the bath, couple of Ibuprofen, eased it overnight. All done now.

    I’ve had that before Linda when it won’t print a PDF but I’d got a Windows update i pending action. Ran that, seemed to clear ot.

    Got someone picking up mounts tonight, that’s about all.....for now.
    Little Daniels second birthday tomorrow....another busy one no doubt.



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      I’ve had that before Linda when it won’t print a PDF but I’d got a Windows update i pending action. Ran that, seemed to clear ot.
      Hmmm! I'd be very miffed if my 5 day old laptop had to do that! I think it's something to do with the fact that the printer is quite old in IT terms, not in my terms! Hopefully, now it has actually realised what was needed I hope it will do it again quite happily next time

      That took all day, then it got dropped to me about the stairs and landing
      Not the most considerate thing to do. I know you're still relatively young in today's terms, but clambering about and balancing on ladders and boards isn't the safest thing to do at any age. The number of serious accidents that occur during home DIY is beyond belief! Very pleased to hear you survived and the aches and pains were relieved with minimal remedial action.



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        Evening all,

        Dry and sunny here.

        Linda, I gather you got a new laptop, what did you get in the end. Hope the printer problems resolve themselves. Hope today went better and you got things done that you wanted to do.

        Dave, all that painting in one day?? wow it would take me ages to paint just the walls in a small room nevermind all that ladder juggling. Glad you still ticking over with some small bits of business. Arrgh 2 year old birthday party, a blessing in disguise that you can't have large gatherings.

        Caroline, you ok? or did you post and then it disappeared? Hope you are ok.

        Today went out to the post office, ch e m i st and hardware shop. All nearly next door to each other. Had to post a parcel, drop off some unneeded meds now they changed them and buy a bucket to soak my wound in.
        I have a bucket but eeeww never could be clean enough it gets used for all sorts. At the hospital the tissue viability nurse (first time I spoke to one) says its a fallacy that you need to keep it dry and it would be best at this stage to soak it and let the dead tissue soak away. Then when pink start drying it.
        I have had as many different ways of dealing with my wounds as nurses I have seen, so taking the advice of one who should know.

        Lungs and heart are feeling fine but feeling the effects of not getting out of bed in the hospital for nearly a week (attached to heart monitor), hospital food and whole slew of drugs, another reason to go the ch e m i st☹ Not feeling my usual bouncing self, hope it all changes overnight. Not done much of anything really.

        Take care all,