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Monday 9th

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  • Monday 9th

    Morning all, not sure what it is like today as still in bed. Dog woke us to go out at 4.30 and can not get back to sleep!

    Housework upstairs for me today. Did well yesterday wrapped some more gifts and made a card. More knitting and reading.

    Lee cleared 8 sacks of leaves and not finished yet. We are surrounded by listed oaks, beautiful apart from Autumn when all the leaves fall.

    HAGD x

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    Morning all..
    Not a lot on. Going to Amy’s to help her paint the through lounge/ kitchen.. I don’t know why I said yes, I’ll be in pain with my back and shoulders for the next two days, especially doing the ceiling.

    Didn’t do much cutting yesterday, didn’t feel 100%, just the time of year, sealed the gold leaf with clear nail varnish.

    I was awake really early too Caroline, probably dreading the day ahead 😂



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      Morning all! Misty, dull, dry but comparatively warm.

      Yesterday, usual clearing up, got quite a bit of blackwork done then had a couple of hours relaxing and reading in the afternoon.

      Today, no particular plans for anything after the usual clearing and cleaning. Did receive a pdf of a slimline 2021 diary to print out yesterday, thanks to a generous member of an fb bookbinding group, so may see if I can get that to print properly then try binding it. If it works that will be a couple of Christmas gifts sorted.

      Caroline - you're well organised with your Christmas activities - you'll have it all completed within the week!
      Dave - take things carefully with the decorating; I hope you're not planning anything major for the next couple of days to give your muscles and joints time to recover. How are you getting on with the sign language?
      Shelley - hope you're still continuing to improve and have found time to have fun with your new machine.



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        Evening all,

        I am ok, just a bit tired. I wanted you to know I am ok.

        Back tomorrow with more news.