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Sunday 8th

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  • Sunday 8th

    Morning all. Wet here today but have a list of things I want to do. Sort and wrap DS & BIL gifts, make them a card for Christmas, then hunt a postal box.

    Had an order last night one of my Steampunk handle bags, must sort that out and label, pop in post box when out walking.

    Pleased to see you back Shelley. Have missed you, hugs for recovery.

    Finished the second scarf, posted to F. Started another and seem to be getting quicker, now have the 8 pattern rows in my head so easier.

    Shiloh still in the cone of shame but now covered in tape to hold together, looks like a tramp on his walks but he is such a bruiser and not spatially aware with it on. Our legs are covered in bruises.

    Feeling more upbeat now about the Doctor. A lady on F explained it in more detail as she had the same and her cousin is a dr. Now makes more sense.

    Off for a shower, HAGD & BBL x

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    Just booked an appointment at the dump to drop off he leaves. Odd to do this but started with the lockdown, you also have to register your car and that you live in Hampshire, otherwise charge £5 per car.


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      Morning all! Misty and dull, feeling damp despite the supposed rise in temperature.

      Yesterday was mainly wool work after the usual clearing and getting my desk sorted and cleared. Idiot next door but one was letting off fireworks in the evening without consideration that they were too powerful for the restricted area in the gardens here (gardens are very long but not particularly wide). Younger cat was, surprisingly, a little on edge when the loud bangs sounded; flashes and bangs went on for over half an hour so dread to think how the dogs and other cats along the road coped.

      Today, clearing up done, laundry in the machine. Stories on the village fb page about animals having fits, cowering under furniture, barns on fire (with two horses inside) and fears dutch barns will go up in flames along with the straw inside last night. Just had an email from someone in the extended social circle about the sudden and unexpected death of another member of said group - he lived about 40 miles away from here so we saw him quite often. Didn't have a good night and overslept by over an hour and still feeling tired, so won't be doing much more today. Will see if I'm alert enough to do any of the stitching - lots of thread counting required on both projects.

      Caroline - you're keeping busy with various tasks, and good news on another sale. Poor Shiloh! How much longer does he have to wear the cone of shame? Glad you've had a more detailed explanation about the health issue and are feeling a bit better about it.
      Dave - the plated scalpel looks very posh! Have you had to do anything to protect the plating against the constant handling, acidity and friction of skin? Hope you've had a good walk with Flo.
      Shelley - sounds like your recovery is going well. Glad you are feeling so much better and more energetic, but don't push it! What a nice young man you have doing the grocery deliveries I'm with you on the political situation - usually leave these subjects alone and keep opinions to myself, but on occasion................



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        Morning Linda. Shiloh has the stitches out Friday but the cone had to remain on for another week. Oodles of stitches and the holes have to heal and stay clean. The cone currently aids as his larder as he drops food then finds it later. Has ton keep being washed.

        Sorry about losing a member of your group, found out from a
        Lions newsletter that my old boss had passed away in May. With COVID no one was notified.


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          Morning all. Damp and dark here. Just watched the Queen standing alone for the Remembrance Sunday service.

          Not much on today, cutting probably after walking the dog. Last night wasn't too bad, she was behind the settee for about an hour. Hardly any fireworks locally but sound travels for miles through the valley to our end, she obviously heard something.

          Yes Linda, I’m going to give the scalpel a few coats of clear diamond lacquer or nail varnish to seal it. I just need to put a few bits on the knurled end, due to the pattern the adhesive doesn’t seem to take very well without a lot of fiddling around but for a first attempt, I’m happy with the rest of the house to cover 😂

          At our dump Caroline, you can have a van and up to 10 visits a year before you have to pay. We went last week, a bit regimented which is annoying, if you drive past a skip you can’t walk back to it you have to drive around and get back in the queue...don’t know why, it’s all outside 🤷🏻‍♂️.....also fly tipping is on the increase according to the local group 🤔

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