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Friday 6th

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  • 3dDave
    Morning all....
    Misty here, no frost.
    Yesterday didn’t go to plan. Did all of the usuals, walked the dog, brunch etc first. Made a curry to freeze in batches. Washed Sue’s car then her Sister and BIL turned up and were here for around three hours so that killed the jobs list. I did about an hours cutting but so had the intention to do any more. By then it was 7pm. I’ll catch up a bit today and over the weekend.

    Today as well as doing my stuff which isn’t that important, I just hate things going out of sync, we need to get the ivy off the fence so we can spray it all for the winter. I need to get it out of the way because Monday I’m at Amy’s helping her to paint her lounge diner. No doubt I’ll be feeling it days after.

    Linda, your day sounded as pear shaped as mine.
    Caroline, I’ve never had a normal result from any test, “blood pressure a bit high“, “blood count quite low”....I think generally if they say “ nothing to worry about” and haven’t given a plan B or diet plan’s nothing to worry about.


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  • craftdancer2
    Morning all! Very misty this morning - can just about see the edge of the garden but not the field adjoining. Obviously feeling cool and damp, and daylight has gone on holiday.

    Yesterday - routine completely wrecked with vet visits etc but I did get some more done on the wool work and yet more recorded TV watched in between car trips. Finally watched (sort of) the Strictly results show from Sunday, but no surprises there. Just need to catch up with It Takes Two now.

    Today - despite the very early night am feeling too tired to do much today. Got some laundry ready to go as soon as dishwasher finishes its cycle, and kitchen needs a general tidy up. Lots of leaves to be cleared outside - more leylandii than willow now, but just as much! External dvd drive arrived yesterday so hopefully getting Office and the family tree software loaded onto the laptop then I can look at getting data files recovered from the external hard drive. Then back to stitching in some form probably.

    Caroline - not good news from the blood tests, but probably explains the ups and downs you seem to be having. Is any treatment being offered re the enzyme levels or does it need to be diet adjustment? Don't go mad on the treadmill.
    Dave - busy day as usual yesterday - did you get it all done?
    Shelley - hope you're taking things steady today; have fun playing with your new machine


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  • Caroleecrafts
    started a topic Friday 6th

    Friday 6th

    Morning all, very cold but dry. Up early to let Shiloh out be pleased when he is off these steroids.

    Had a migraine yesterday, then had pain in my stomach caused me to feel faint just getting over it all and the Doc rings. My latest blood test shows a slight elevation in the enzymes in my liver, felt so sick. He told me not to worry but yes I am worried.

    So pleased to see you back Shelley.

    More of the same for me today, already unpicked the knitting I did wrong yesterday, hope to finish the shawl today. Dog walking, treadmill etc.

    HAGD & BBL