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Thursday 5th

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  • Thursday 5th

    Happy Fireworks Day, without the fireworks. Several went off last night around us, so grateful Shiloh is not worried but know a lot of pets that get distressed.

    Today Waitrose delivery, my first collection by the Postie as had a sale last night. Wrap up the tree fern, knitting, reading and catching up with programmes. Went to watch Taken last night and Lee was fast asleep. He had been in the garden most of the day.

    Feel more relaxed now am putting a hold on making. I have so much stock, you are right Linda. Could get away with no making for a good year. Have done a ‘To Do’ list of all the things left to do before Christmas.

    Saw a beautiful gift tin and threads from DMC, Lee has ordered for next Christmas already, nothing like starting early, lol.

    Worried about Shelley now, will wait a few days then ring Simon.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Cool, but dry and very little wind around,.

    Yesterday - chauffeured OH around and household tasks done. Brother and girlfriend visited - brother decided to start making his own fruity alcoholic spirits but needed some muslin and sloes that I've had in the freezer since last year. Also asking for tips and advice. After that I had a soak in the bath, spent a bit of time reading, then got on with some of the wool work until tea time.

    Today - Bert (youngest cat) taken to vets for dental surgery and nail clipping; as I was nearby filled car with fuel, came home via butcher's and collected the order. Just sat down with my first cuppa, then bacon and sausages to be sorted, bagged, labelled and put in the freezer. Usual clearing up to do but not planning anything else. Need to ring vets early afternoon to see how Bert is and collect if he's OK; pop into farm shop on the way into Barton and nip to supermarket for more milk, will save me having to go out over the weekend.

    Strangely, none of our cats have ever been bothered by fireworks and George and Bert usually insist on going outside in the evening when they are being let off!

    OH has a chronic eye condition which is usually OK, but if he gets an infection of some sort it sometimes brings on an acute period and affects his distance vision, which affects his confidence to drive. He's currently fully of cold and catarrh, but hopefully as that clears his eyes will improve.

    Caroline - sounds like you've got plenty planned to fill your day, but glad you are feeling more relaxed. Assume Shiloh's ear is well on the way to full recovery and no doubt that has relieved some of your stress too.
    I think Shelley is OK - I saw a like from her on one of Mo's fb posts last night - possible she's still in hospital and can only look at internet stuff rather than type up long missives on whatever device she is using.
    Dave - another busy day yesterday. Did you get round to trying the gold foiling/leafing? Sounds like your artist friend is a great mate and very generous. Well done on the BSL, sounds like you're getting on very well with it.
    Shelley - still thinking of you and hoping you're doing well.



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      Morning all...
      Glorious day here, no frost.
      Order of the day....Cut Amy’s initials stencils out, design baubles with the kids names in for the tree, cut some more of the bridge, have a dabble with the gold foil, might try it on a scalpel for a lady that I taught about four years ago (and is now a very successful self employed paper cutting artist), wash Sue’s car in between and pull some Ivy from the fence so I can start spraying it....that’s the plan anyway 😁

      No fireworks here so far Caroline...I hope Shelley is ok.
      Linda sounds busy as usual with shopping and pets..

      Have a good’un all


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        Evening all,

        Yes, thank you all I am fine.

        Caroline, thank you for your thoughts and really like the idea of you ringing Simon, would have confused him. Although I tell him about all of you he might not remember. So you may have spent some time clarifying things. Glad you have decided to take a break from making if thats how you feel, no need to over do it and end up with loads of stock.

        Linda, thank you for reaching out on messenger, you are right, in hospital the wifi is iffy and its not easy to type loads on a tablet stuck in bed with wires and pipes and things getting in the way.
        Hope Bert is ok and is now back home. Get well OH

        Dave, you are certainly keeping busy, the gold leaf work sounds fun. The scalpel idea is good.

        I came home Tuesday evening, quite tired, fell into bed and slept for hours. Had a lazy day yesterday and went to bed early and slept well again. Today got up at normal time and felt fairly well. Went out to the shops in the afternoon, Sainsburys, not busy at all, shelves full, all normal. I did an online shop on Monday in hospital, first slot was Saturday so needed to pop out for a few bits to keep us going, so not too much stuff to lug about. Got back ok, put it all away and sat down and munched a pork pie with english mustard. I lost a bit of weight in hospital (they weighed me every day) so need get back to my normal weight. Its hard to eat that hospital fare, especially when you are not well.
        So now I am on lock down for a month, got my "clinically extremely vulnerable" email. So have been and registered not that I need anything now but who knows?

        Looking forward to spending some time learning to use my new machine, still need to clean and restick the mat. But slowly does it.

        The first doctor I saw thought it was angina and was going to perform an angioscope and if needed insert stent/s. Second doctor said no no its fluid on the lungs, we will get this under control with meds and no procedures needed. Well he was right, feel better than I have in ages, no more swollen ankles, but now on diuretics for the foreseeable future (very low dose) He tweaked and change my meds for my AF, heart rate better than it has been for ages, so all good.

        Still a bit tired, so slowly does it, but I should be back to normal next week, lockdown couldn't have come at a better time for me, shop shut, days are my own and resting when I need to.

        Glad to hear all the animals deal with the fireworks ok and Flo didn't have any which was perfect. We had loads last night from when it got dark to midnight. Our two don't pay any attention, sleep blissfully through it all.

        Have a good evening all and take care.

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          Hi Shelley - so pleased to hear that you are home and well on the way to recovery. Good news that doc no. 2 was apparently correct in the treatment needed and things are already improving generally. I'm sure you will feel tired for quite some time, but at least you have the opportunity to sleep/rest when you feel the need for the next four weeks.

          Thank you, Bert is back home safe and sound - no extractions needed, just scale and polish. He's still sulking but will get over that soon enough.

          OH says thank you for your kind thoughts