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Wednesday 4th

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  • Wednesday 4th

    Morning all, a beautiful day but very cold. Been for a dog walk and has to wear my thermal scarf and gloves, brrrr!

    Waiting for the plumber aka Dyno Rod today have a loo which leaks water into the bowl all the time. Then out leaf raking this pm.

    Have decided to give making a break and could do without the pressure. Still knitting but that is easier. The plan to sell what I have in stock where possible.

    Had an email newsletter from a friend must write back before I forget, the time just slips away now.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! A welcome return of brightness with much less wind than of late. Temperatures not too bad and no rain predicted for today.

    Yesterday - shopping done early, OH's laptop taken in, sorted kitchen, all set for more stitching but suddenly decided it was time I got the dry ingredients in the store room sorted and ditched stuff that was too far past its best before date. That little half hour job took over three hours, but shelves are cleaned, rearranged (won't be able to find anything now!), some jars emptied and ready for washing and a trayful of stuff to be emptied in to the compost bin when I get there. Rest of the afternoon and evening spent catching up with Strictly and doing a bit of knitting. Call late afternoon to say OH laptop done and ready for collection.

    Today - OH's eyes not working well so I'm chauffeuring him to post office and laptop collection, brother and girlfriend visiting later, bed to be changed, laundry to do, then I might just stop and breathe for a while. Can't see much crafting getting done.

    Caroline - how is Shiloh doing now? Hope the ear is improving rapidly. Not a bad idea to have a break from making now and again and it's not like you are short of stock
    Dave - plans for today? Making progress on the cut? Hope you got all the outside jobs done and everything now sorted for the winter.
    Shelley - how are you? Hope you're home by now even if you aren't exactly up and about.



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      Morning all....white over frost this morning.
      Got to do a skip run this morning, fit a dog walk in.
      SIL and BIL coming this afternoon before lockdown kicks in.
      Saw no2 son yesterday, he’s ok, also dropped by moms.

      Went to the gallery to pick up an order of mount boards.
      Had my artist mate come by for some mounts and acid free buffer board, she is taking on a solo unit instead of a shared one and has offered me free wall space commission free because I save her a fortune on mounts....I’ll still do some type of payment.

      Got the top part of the bridge cut done, name plaque and trees, that’s taken four days up to yet....startIng to work on the water and frame next.
      Might try a bit of gold foil on something.
      Got the Sign language days of the week and Halloween words under my belt, Alphabet next.



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        Hope your DH’s eyes improve Linda.

        Just bleached Shiloh’s patch, swept up a load of leaves and done some knitting.

        Good about the new gallery space Dave.

        Still waiting for the plumber! Hate waiting for people but should get a phone call when on his way.

        Recycled bin and glass box emptied early.

        Listening to the ‘Home Fires’ music, loved that series shame it was pulled with no ending in place.