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Tuesday 3rd

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  • craftdancer2
    Morning all! Weather much more calm and dry outside, but we're paying for it with cooler temperatures. Had heavy rain and winds during the night so pleased that OH went up on the low roof and cleared gutters again yesterday.

    Yesterday, apart from being outside, steadying ladders and handing equipment up and down to OH while he was doing gutters, I spent the morning getting my new laptop going - except for Office and the genealogy software which both need a dvd drive (OH trying to cobble one together from bits to be connected by usb for me). Rest of the day was mainly stitching - managed to have a go at all three current projects and also spent time being George's new favourite lap.

    Today, still need to clear and clean the kitchen, but have done the weekly shopping and taken OH's laptop in for some new hardware to be fitted. Slept slightly better last night, but still quite tired, so probably be an armchair day again once essentials are done.

    Caroline - poor Shiloh, he must wonder what on earth is happening Have another gentle day.
    Dave - probably doing your missive as I'm doing mine. Glad the change in regs re the blades won't make too much of difference to you - at least you can still get them. Sounds like you had a busy day yesterday; hope you get a nice long walk in with Flo and have time to please yourself today.
    Shelley - guessing you're still in hospital as not heard from you for a couple of days. Hope things are OK and it's just that they're keeping an eye on things until they settle down. Doesn't look like you're going to make it to HC this week though

    Stay safe and HAGO

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  • 3dDave
    Morning all....bright and dry here.
    Feeling the effects this morning of hauling a mower through thick grass and washing the car yesterday.
    Got a bit farther With the cut.
    Got to go to moms to pick up a birthday card for Marc, no.2 son, take it to his, pick up stuff from his, take back to moms....all doorstep stuff as high risk areas.
    Got someone picking up mounts around 4pm.
    That’s my day done.

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  • Caroleecrafts
    started a topic Tuesday 3rd

    Tuesday 3rd

    Morning all, slept well and just seen a unique yellow blob on the sky.

    Shiloh had an accident this morning, hard to tell him off too much as the steroids he is now back on can cause this sort of thing. Another 9 days of this, just have to be more aware and let him out during the night.

    Did think would do some sewing today but really cannot be bothered. Tidied my sewing room, done a bit of ironing and that is it. Reading and knitting. Just so glad do not have the Christmas fair this year as not sure could have coped.

    Hope you are all okay and Shelley is getting there.

    HAGD & BBL x