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Sunday 1st

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  • Sunday 1st

    Morning all! Wild and windy again, temperature staying slightly higher than usual and the heavy rain forecast for middle of the day has been revised to lighter rain from late afternoon through to tomorrow morning.

    Yesterday - got bread made, then spent most of the rest of the day on woolwork and blackwork, making some progress with both, and a bit of reading time in the afternoon.

    Today - likely to be much the same as yesterday without the need to make bread.

    Caroline - hope all is OK and you're just have a bit of a lie in (hopefully not on the sofa!) after your bad night.
    Dave - hope you had a useful and productive day yesterday with a bit of time for yourself.
    Shelley - sorry to hear you're still in hospital but good news that the surgical procedure is probably not needed. Hope the new medication regime kicks in quickly - and they've got it right - then you can get home and relax a bit.


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    Morning all, wet and wild here and due to be set in all day. Yuk!

    Still on the sofa Linda but have told Lee 5 nights is enough. We have put up the baby gat at the top of the stairs and will be dragging dog upstairs tonight. So tired all the time and know because not sleeping as I should.

    Lee has cleaned downstairs for me this am and I am just reading and knitting. Did get some washing done and must iron my jeans, will do that next. Had a discrepancy on my business bank account, small but those are harder to find. Discovered I had put through postage that came out of the PayPal balance before the funds were transferred, so input twice. Then had entered an amount in dollars which should have been pounds! All balanced now.

    Got to ring my bf later and thank her again for my gifts last week. She rang me on my Birthday but we decided would talk more today. We always ring alternately every 2 weeks.

    Enjoy whatever you decide to do today Linda, don’t know about you but these dark days make me lazy.

    Shelley take care, I get pleurisy and hurts like hell, so appreciate what you are going through.

    Dave how is the cutting going, you seem to get through so much in a day.

    HAGD & BBL x


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      Morning all....nice and bright here so far, might not last.
      Oh well, lockdown on the way....again. The shops here are a majority of tourist shops, they didn’t fare too well in spring, five or six have closed up this year. A new “All year round Christmas shop” that opened last week had a queue all day long most days, they seem to have done well and also sell what is in the shop online too. Good luck to them, they have two shops in the village now, live opposite us.

      Sue did a shift at the Sams shop, bought a shedload of shopping back “ Just in case” then a lorry load from “ Iceland” turned up......” Just in case”...of what? Armageddon? 😂😂

      Spent a good few hours on the cut while she was away, tested out the new Shark vacuum cleaner up and downstairs, cleaned both bathrooms while I waited for the rain to stop so me and Flo could get out and about.

      Had no “Trick or treaters” this year or last. We are on the quiet side of the village plus most of the local kids are no longer kids so thank the lord for that.

      While looking for another “interest” that takes my fancy but one that I don’t need to shell out for supplies....was watching a CBBC type programme with little Daniel and Mr. Tumble popped up. I’d watched this a few times but not realised he also speaks in sign language as he plays his part and also does a few words each time for very young deaf children to learn. Got to say I’m pretty hooked and I’m learning quite a few words by watching BSL ( British Sign Language) on Youtube when I’ve got ten minutes, its actually very interesting and fun to see how some signs actually act out the word if you know what I mean. The hard bit is thinking of the word and matching the action and remembering them together. For me, repetition and adding a second word and its action is the key I think.
      I used to have an aunt that lived near who was deaf but she only lip read so from a toddler almost, I was taught to silently over emphasise words as I spoke so she could understand. When I was older my mates thought it really odd if she came to our house when they were there too as we’d all be mouthing sentences for her, over emphasising, no sound from any of us except her and she was either very quiet or very loud as she couldn’t actually hear herself 😂😂

      Shelley, get well soon,
      Linda, mild here too but heavy rain on the way,
      Caroline, can’t beat your own bed!

      Have a good’un all
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