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Thursday 29th

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  • Thursday 29th

    Morning all! Weather is cool, breezy, dull and dry at the moment, but expecting about 5 hours of heavy rain any time now.

    Yesterday was a day of anything other than crafting. George's visit to the vet's was OK, apart from the fact he chucked up his breakfast on the way home, but that's soon dealt with. We have no major worries about his health and any deterioration can by put down to old age. Then I went back to Barton to do the shopping and collect the defunct laptop. Meanwhile OH got the scaff tower out and has managed to do a temporary fix to the guttering high up over the front door. I cleared some leaves while he was doing that (don't like him to be outside climbing things when I'm not around), then helped carry the dismantled pieces of scaff tower to the garage - it's finally been found a place there and is out of the house, yay!!!. Pizza for tea then a couple of hours with feet up.

    Today, general clearing up inside the house and then onto some crafting. More research for a suitable laptop - found a couple of contenders yesterday, but there's zero availability on them at the moment, then wait and see what else happens during the day.

    Caroline - how is Shiloh this morning? I hope all is well and the bandage and cone are still in place - he's probably grumpy but that's not unusual! LOL! Maybe you can have your birthday tea today?
    Dave - another busy day yesterday, and another very satisfied customer. Also got something to give your brain a bit of a challenge before you start the cutting
    Shelley - did you get all the business stuff completed yesterday? Hope the visit to the Post Office is stress free and the VAT man is kept at bay for another few months . Enjoy your trip to HC.


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    Morning all.

    Collected his nibs from the vets, the tried another sort of dressing, off in 5 minutes so ended up doing a Blue Peter job, fine until now and his bad ear is hanging out at an odd angle. Going to see Annedine this pm and she can sort him out then. They said if came off with the cone there not such a problem, just oozes a bit and have to clean it off the cone. He will have mucky fur for a few days but one of those things.

    Slept downstairs with him as he would not go upstairs with the hood on, not taking it off! He and I were fine. My back is bad today but nothing to do with the sleeping think to do with trying to lift him places yesterday. Today he can wander but doe not want to go far from me. Lee hand fed him his kibble as couple not quite reach the bowl, water is fine.

    Just knitting and reading. Dyno rod aka British Gas due this am to sort a plumbing problem just waiting for the phone call to say on their way. Will show him the bathroom and leave him to it.

    Poor George they hate the vets with a passion.

    HAGD & BBL x


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      Evening all,

      Well today did not go to plan at all, don't know what the weather is doing. I ended up in hospital last night at 3 ish in the morning. Been here since.
      More troubles with my heart. When I went for the CT scan the phone appointment gave me the all clear for cancer. But when the letter arrived confirming that, there was also a note to say "severe coranry aortic calcification" What? Spoke to heart nurse , don't worry, carry on, they will arrange the next step.
      Long story short, about 10 days ago I got some new pain left side, not very bad at all, a twinge really, went on rest. Last night got very breathless and heavy chested. Called ambulance, and now been poked and prodded.
      So, it seems to be angina, procedure to inject dye and check heart function. If needed sent/s fitted.
      Good news in a way, often not found until a heart attack, so bypassed that and should have a much better quality of life.

      If I am not about for a day or two, don't worry, should be home by Saturday.

      Will try and drop a quick note to let you know I came out the other side.

      No other news😺

      Glad all animals and owners are well.

      Take care all.



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        Oh lor! That's not good news Shelley - especially as you seemed to be doing quite well and getting back to some sort of normal life. But as you say it's good news the problem has been discovered and can be treated before you had a heart attack.

        Will be thinking of you - take things steady.
        Linda x


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          Thank you Linda, nice to know there will be a few on my side 😺


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            Stay safe and well Shelley at least they caught it and can help you. Hugs x


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              Get well soon Shelley. Sue’s dad had similar problems, had a stent fitted which is was a quick operation. He really improved after.



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                Thanks Caroline 😊 much appreciated.
                That's reassuring and encouraging, Thanks Dave.